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Gravina Law Office
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Gravina Law Office
John Gravina

3546 N Euclid Ave
Tucson AZ 85719
(520) 795-4330

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Gravina Law Office

    This brochure will acquaint you with my law practice. I opened a practice shortly after graduating from law school. I worked for a couple of firms for experience. At times, a situation may arise where you will need an attorney; or, a consultation with good information may be all you need.
    Clients are best served by the prevention of legal problems through careful and thorough advice 
given. When a legal problem does arise, clients will be assisted in finding the most practical and 
cost-effective solution, which may include litigation.
    One of the best ways to have a successful first meeting is to be prepared. Before your initial appointment, gather and organize all important documents that pertain to the matter you will discuss. This simple step can save you time and money and will help us better understand your situation.
    Be prepared to discuss with what it is you wish to accomplish so that we can assess the chances of successfully accomplishing your goals.
    With only a few exceptions, we have an ethical obligation not to disclose information you discuss. That means that except in extreme circumstances, we will not talk about your matter with anyone else without your permission.
    It is best to be prepared to answer detailed questions regarding your legal matter. Accurate details and truthful answers will ensure that we can give you the most effective assistance.
    You will also want to make sure you leave your first attorney-client meeting with answers to important questions. The list below is a helpful start.
What is your experience in this area of practice?
How many cases like mine have you handled?
What are your rates and how will the billing be handled?
What is the estimated total expense for costs and fees of my case?
How can we keep the costs and fees down?
What are my alternatives in resolving this matter?
How will you keep me informed of progress and how often will I hear form you?
Who else in the office can I contact about my case?
What documentation do you need from me?
Approximately how long will it take to resolve my case?
    Almost everything you tell us is completely confidential. That protected communication is called attorney-client privilege. The confidentiality of the attorney-client relationship allows you to be completely honest with our office so we can represent you in the most effective way possible.
    There are a few rare circumstances in which an attorney may have to break that confidentiality. Those circumstances include revealing information to prevent a future crime.
    Our duty to keep your communications confidential continues even after the client-attorney relationship ends. 
    We will talk with you before making major cost expenditures such as for an expert or outside consultant. Let us know that you want to be kept informed about costs as they accrue and ask us to explain options you might have for holding costs down as much as possible.
    There may be other types of fee agreements or variations of the ones described above. Ask us to explain your fee agreement to make sure you understand how it works.
The people who make up the staff vary from law firm to law firm. But generally, lawyers depend on a number of legal professionals to assist with handling your legal matter.

That team could include:
- Paralegals
- Nurse consultants
- Secretaries
- Other Lawyers
- Legal clerks
- Office Managers
- Receptionists
- Messengers

    All of my staff are required to keep information about your legal matter confidential. Anything you tell them is protected by the same lawyer-client privilege.
    Check with me to determine whom you should contact for information about the status of your legal matter. Remember, only a lawyer is ethically permitted to give you legal advice.
    I am still ultimately responsible for every aspect of your legal matter and must supervise the work of other team members.

Please Call: 520-795-4330

Tucson AZ Social Security Lawyer

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