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Hardison & Cochran PLLC

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The Social Security Disability Lawyers at Hardison & Cochran can help protect your rights to compensation. If a person who has paid into the Social Security system suffers a disability that results in them being unemployed for more than twelve months, or a doctor states the person will be unable to work for at least one year, then the person may be entitled to apply for disability payments under Social Security. Evidence by a treating physician is crucial in determining whether or not you qualify.

The system is a cumbersome one. If you believe you qualify for disability, you should immediately contact your local Social Security Office and make application for disability. This can be done by a phone call. SSA (Social Security Administration) will take the medical information and obtain your records. The claim is then reviewed and will then be accepted or denied.


When your claim is denied, you will be given 60 days to appeal and ask for reconsideration. This is the point at which you need to hire a Raleigh Social Security Disability lawyer. Our Raleigh SSD attorney will then file your appeal request and start documenting in more detail why you are entitled to disability. All documentation is submitted to a Judge who reviews the record and makes a decision. If the claim is accepted you will start receiving disability checks each month plus you will receive all back disability payments from the date you file your claim.

If your claim is denied, then your Wake County Social Security Disability attorney will ask for a hearing. This has to be done within 60 days from the date your request for reconsideration was denied.

You will be required to appear at the hearing with your lawyer and a Judge will hear the evidence. The judge may ask a vocational expert to get involved. At the conclusion of the process, the Judge will then make a decision. If it is denied, an appeal can be made to a commission.

An appeal to a commission takes many, many months and nothing can be done except wait for the review.

The process from start to finish can be as little as six months and as long as two years. But remember, it all starts with a phone call by you to SSA to start the process.

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Please Call : 1-800-600-7969

Raleigh NC Social Security Lawyer

Main Page  Social Security FAQs  Social Security Disability

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