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Butkovich and Crosthwaite Company, LPA
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Butkovich and Crosthwaite Company, LPA
Daryl Crosthwaite

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Butkovich and Crosthwaite Company, LPA

The law firm of Butkovich Crosthwaite & Gast has helped to pursue the rights of injured workers for over 30 years. The firm has five attorneys practicing full time in the area of Workers’ Compensation, Social Security and Personal Injury and along with a dedicated, well-trained staff, Butkovich Crosthwaite & Gast is uniquely qualified to handle all matters relating to Workers’ Compensation injuries, Social Security and Supplemental Security Income Benefits.

Our office has years of experience and knowledge in the area of Workers’ Compensation and issues related to temporary total compensation, permanent total disability, wage loss compensation, permanent partial disability awards, vocational rehabilitation, full and final settlement, safety violations, intentional tort and any litigation matter in the Common Pleas Court, Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Ohio.

Butkovich Crosthwaite & Gast also represents individuals in the pursuit of Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income Benefits. Butkovich Crosthwaite & Gast will work to obtain all benefits that you are entitled to receive under your claim.

Butkovich Crosthwaite & Gast also represents individuals who have suffered a serious personal injury and will work to protect your rights due to the negligent or wrongful act of another. We will aggressively pursue compensation for pain and suffering, emotional distress, permanent disability, or other ensuing injury from the person, company, or institution believed to be at fault.

November 13, 2007

How Can a Lawyer Help You With a Workers' Compensation Claim?

Over the years, the workers’ compensation process has evolved from a simple government program with good intentions into a complex maze of forms, guidelines and rules.

This is due to ongoing efforts by competing political interests across the state of Ohio to maintain a program that is fair and equitable to all workers. It is a bureaucratic system that is complicated and often overwhelming for an injured worker to navigate.

What average person knows or understands the meaning of cryptic initials like MCO, TTD, PTD, LMWL, or ADR dispute? The reality is that most injured workers are not at all familiar with these terms.

Dealing with the stress of an injury and all the worries and hardships that come with it make it even more of a burden to try to maneuver through the tangle of policies, procedures and paperwork that a workers’ compensation claim entails. A Licensed Practicing Attorney is a valuable advocate for the injured worker.

Evolution of Worker’s Compensation
In the 1930’s, when legislation created the “no fault” system of Workers’ Compensation benefits, the structure was simpler than it is today. Claims processing was far less intricate and injured workers were able to apply for and receive benefits without having to hire a lawyer. Injured workers could promptly get the medical attention they needed in order to safely return to work.

Today, the political interests of labor and business are so strong that the Workers’ Compensation system receives constant legislative attention. Elected government leaders have passed a half dozen Workers’ Compensation reform bills over the last 20 years and they continue to revise and amend and adjust the rules and procedures as time goes on. The end result is a system that is unwieldy in its breadth and unmanageable by most individuals, who have little or no experience dealing with the intricacy of the legal system.

Worker’s Compensation Today
In a perfect world, injured workers would not need a lawyer to protect their rights. However, today’s claims are administered by private insurance entities, called Managed Care Organizations (MCOs). Similar to the traditional health insurance company, these organizations have the responsibility of approving or denying requests filed by injured patients’ doctors for medical care. Managed care organizations (MCOs) are motivated to deny approval for treatment because they receive bonuses from the State government when medical costs are reduced. As a result, rehabilitation programs designed to assist the injured worker in getting back to work are routinely denied. An injured worker has to be very persistent and diligent in proving their need for treatment. It is imperative that workers seek counsel from an attorney to help them do this.

Protecting the Rights of the Injured Worker
A lawyer can also help the injured worker in the pursuit of awards for any permanent residual impairment after an injury. If an injured worker has to return to work at a lesser paying job due to permanent residual impairment, an attorney can work to obtain supplemental wage loss benefits.

Under the existing system, Counsel is necessary to assist the injured worker through this complex process so they are assured access to the best medical recovery available before returning to work.

There are many excellent, caring attorneys who practice in this area of law who are ready and able to help injured workers obtain the best financial and medical recovery possible. I encourage you take advantage of their guidance to achieve the most beneficial results, protecting your rights to ensure the system works for you as fairly and equitably as possible.

Written by Joseph A. Butkovich, Esq., managing partner of Butkovich Crosthwaite & Gast Co. L.P.A. Please feel free to contact Mr. Butkovich at (513) 621-1414.

Please Call : 513-621-1414

Please Call : 513-621-1414

Cincinnati OH Social Security Lawyer

Main Page  The Staff  Contact Us   Joseph A. Butkovich  Stephen Paul Gast

  Daryl A.W. Crosthwaite

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