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Casey L. Saunders, Attorney at Law
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Casey L. Saunders, Attorney at Law
Casey Saunders

P.O. Box 2318
Ada OK 74821
(580) 622-2413

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Alt. Phone: (580) 235-1549

Casey L. Saunders, Attorney at Law

Please Call : (580) 622-2413

Much of my work consists of assisting individuals who suffer from both mental and physical disabilities, and are in need of assistance in obtaining benefits through the Social Security and Veteran's Administrations.

One of the favorite areas of my practice is equine law. My personal experience in the world of equine business transactions has made this a natural outgrowth of my practice.

Court Appeals:
Much of my work consists of appeals in federal court for cases that have been handled through the administrative agency by another attorney or a non-attorney representative. I view the process as somewhat of a team effort with the agency representative, and my role is to get a remand from the federal court. Upon remand, we send the documentation concerning the remand to the original representative for subsequent work at the agency. Occasionally, if I have been successful at federal court, clients ask me to represent them at the agency on remand. I generally refuse to do so unless the previous representative has declined to represent the client on remand. My role is limited to obtaining a remand from the court, and any contract I might have with the client is limited in scope to court work only.
     I believe that a primary reason for the numerous referrals from other attorneys for federal court work is due to my familiarity with the law and the relevant issues. I am very good at what I do, particularly Social Security Disability federal court appeals. I have worked very hard at developing an in-depth familiarity with relevant case law, and make every effort to clearly and concisely argue the relevant issues before the court.
Contractual Agreements and Fees:
     I customize my agreements with referring attorneys or non-attorney representatives to meet the needs of the representative and the needs of my firm. However, my preferred method of handling referrals is that I contract directly with the client, and the scope of the contract is limited to federal court work only. I handle all aspects of the case before the federal courts, beginning with the complaint. If I obtain a remand, we request the Court to award EAJA fees. If the claimant subsequently receives a favorable decision that results in past-due benefits, I request that the court approve a reasonable fee for the court work in accordance with 42 U.S.C.A. § 406(b), and the EAJA fees paid by SSA are deducted from the 406(b) fees.
     I sometimes write briefs for the signature of another attorney in jurisdictions where I am not admitted to practice before the federal court, but the vast majority of my court work is in courts to which I am admitted to practice, and I sign and file all court documents. However, I can make other arrangements as necessary.
     If you are an attorney or non-attorney representative, and you are interested referring cases to me for pursuit in federal court, please contact my office at (580)622-2413, or e-mail me at
I am currently admitted to practice in all of the federal district courts in Oklahoma as well as the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit and the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims.

Please Call : (580) 622-2413

Ada OK Social Security Lawyer

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