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Law Office of J. Paige Frampton, P.C.
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Law Office of J. Paige Frampton, P.C.
J. Paige Frampton

120 North Church Street
Suite 206
West Chester PA 19380
(610) 918-4760

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Alt. Phone: (888) 918-4760
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Law Office of J. Paige Frampton, P.C.

If you’re considering applying for social security disability benefits, you’ve probably heard that it is virtually impossible to receive benefits or that it takes a very long time. It is true that applying for social security disability can be frustrating and time consuming. The rules and regulations are complicated and it is difficult to get a straight answer from the Social Security Administration as the offices are overburdened with cases and understaffed. There are often many changes in the laws and procedures that can further obscure your goal of obtaining benefits. Aside from these obstacles, if you are applying for social security disability benefits your health should be your primary focus, not the bureaucracy involved with pursuing a social security disability claim.


If you have made the decision to seek a qualified professional to represent you in your social security disability case, you should make sure the attorney has sufficient experience and expertise in these kinds of claims.  Most attorneys charge nothing for an initial consultation, so speaking with different attorneys about your case should cost you nothing. Ultimately, you need to feel comfortable with whomever you choose to represent you in your case.  As a claimant you are entitled to an honest assessment of your case including likelihood of receiving benefits based upon your specific facts.  You should not feel embarrassed to approach your attorney with any concerns you may have about your case. Your attorney should keep you posted on any developments made in your claim and should answer your questions in a timely fashion.

How can I help?

The Law Office of J. Paige Frampton is dedicated to representing claimants residing in Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey and Maryland. I encourage you to contact me if you have a question about social security disability benefits or you have already received a denial letter from the Social Security Administration.

If I represent you in your claim, it is my commitment to ensure you are receiving the best representation in your social security disability case. I promise to give you my honest opinion on your case and work with you to develop the strengths of your claim. In a technically advanced age, it is vital to stay on top of the latest changes the Social Security Administration employs in order to facilitate its adjudication of cases. On my part, I pledge to stay focused on the latest technological developments made by the Social Security Administration to ensure expediency in my law practice. I promise to continue to educate myself on various medical impairments so that I remain knowledgeable and well versed when speaking with judges and medical professionals.

I understand that claimants applying for social security disability benefits are in a fragile situation as they have sustained both health and financial losses. Claimants deserve to be treated with respect and compassion during this trying process. To the extent possible, I will direct my clients toward other social or support groups that may be able to assist them with issues beyond my area of expertise.

I welcome your call or e-mail.
Please contact me at 610.918.4760 or

Please Call: 610-918-4760

Please Call: 610-918-4760

Chester County PA Social Security Disability

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