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SSDI-Vet Network
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SSDI-Vet Network
Andrew Clark

(855) 773-4838

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Fax: (855) 773-4838

SSDI-Vet Network

Please Call : 855-773-4838

We are a network of local law firms and advocates that believe in providing the best representation and care for all who are entitled to Social Security Disability.

If you are a Disabled Veteran and are unable to obtain or keep gainful employment, we can help you file your disability claim with Social Security with a Veteran's Discount for services.

Click here if you are a Veteran

If you are not a Veteran, we can assist you with quality representation and the same passion we apply to veterans as well.

Click here if a Non-Veteran

As always, you pay nothing up front and nothing if we do not win your claim.

Although our initial inception was to provide quality representation for disabled veterans, we have expanded our mission to apply our personal care to all citizens of the United States who have become too disabled to work.

The SSDI-Vet Network is not a claims mill. We are not a nationwide law firm. We are a group of local law firms that have grouped together to provide personal face-to-face service instead of a call center that might be thousands of miles away. We live in your communities and understand your issues. We believe in passionate service that will better your life. Social Security Disability is NOT a handout, but a benefit that you have paid for all your working life. It was designed to assist you when you could no longer work.

You can choose to be represented by a nationwide law firm, but you will find that many are mainly interested in the bottom dollar your disability can bring them. Sometimes they are headed by a few lawyers and the people you actually talk with are hires that have only worked at the firms for less than a couple years. They then move on to other endeavors.

We are professional, well-trained, educated, and experienced Social Security Advocates who understand that by assisting you, we are assisting our communities as well. We see this as taking care of our own neighbors.

Please contact us and see what personal and caring service can do to make a difference in your life.

Toll-Free 1-855-SSDIVET

Please Call : 855-773-4838

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