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The Social Security Disability Attorneys
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The Social Security Disability Attorneys
Sandra Mireles-Serra

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Phone: (800) 500-1985


Many clients call upset believing that a person who has paid into Social Security all their life should not need an attorney to get what is really theirs and they are right.  In an ideal world no one would need an attorney to get their benefits.  However, many deserving people are wrongfully denied.  Therefore, here are several reasons you should consider hiring an experienced disability attorney to represent you for your Social Security Disability claim.

A Better Chance of Success


Your application will have a much better chance of being approved when you are represented by our experienced Social Security Disability Attorneys.  Social Security Administration statistics reveal that, all else being equal, claims presented by attorneys have a higher likelihood of being approved than claims filed directly by claimants.




While one cannot say with certainty why represented claimants experience a better success rate than non-represented claimants do. There are certainly many good reasons. Some of them have more merit than others. For example:


Knowing What the Social Security Administration is Looking For. Most disability claims are won (or lost) based on medical records. The information doctors and other medical professionals provide in these records is generally presented from a perspective that is most useful in treating injuries and illness. The Social Security Administration is looking for information that can be useful in determining an individual’s capabilities, the extent of the injury or illness, and how the injury or illness may affect your ability to work.

 Please Call : 800-500-1985 

Fewer Errors in Filing. Claims filed professionally are more likely to be error-free. A professional who works with claim forms day in and day out is more familiar with what information is needed. Filing requirements can be tricky. Not mailing required documentation in a timely manner can be sufficient grounds to deny a claim.


Better Presentations. Experienced attorneys know what the Social Security Administration is looking for. While an ethical attorney would never mislead a judge, the same facts can be presented in a favorable light, or in an unfavorable light.


Remember that the examiners, lawyers and judges who work for Social Security do these things everyday for their living.  You can in no way match their experience, unless you hire a lawyer who has the experience and insight dealing with the Social Security regulations


It is very important for you to understand that you have the burden of proof in presenting your claim for disability. It is not the Social Security Administration’s responsibility to prove your claim for you or to help you prove your claim. If there is insufficient evidence presented to prove your claim, you will lose your claim, whether or not you are actually disabled. An attorney who is familiar with the Social Security system and what it takes to win a disability claim can make a significant difference in winning your claim.


When you hire an experienced, competent attorney, you can rest assured, knowing that your claim will be handled professionally and quickly. Here at the Law Offices of Sandra Serra we will do everything in our power to see deserving clients get their benefits.   We have the knowledge, experience and dedication necessary to make a difference.  Call The Social Security Disability Attorneys toll-free at

Please Call : 800-500-1985 




All client telephone calls will be returned within 24 hours.   We will  always respond by the end of the next business day whether by phone, email, or fax.  We treat clients as we would expect to be treated. We will respond to your questions and concerns with straightforward information.


All clients will have all resources of our firm on their side. And those resources are impressive.  We have a reputation for excellence and persistence.  We will do our best and do the right thing for you. Clients deserve a comfortable and respectful environment in which to discuss their concerns.  That is why we always strive to provide focused, compassionate and determined representation for our clients.


We will do our best to Reduce Your Stress.  Having an illness or disability is stressful enough. The bills are mounting, you're unable to get all the medicine you need and you may feel discouraged that you will never see that notification that says you are eligible for benefits. Let us help in cutting through the red tape and dealing with a complicated system.  Instead of worrying about meeting deadlines, errors in the paperwork or forgetting something important regarding your situation, let us take care of all that text for you.  We provide personalized attention to each of our clients to help navigate this complicated administration law system. 


All our clients will be treated like family.  Our law office offers client focused services in a intimate, friendly, familial atmosphere. We will take the time to explain the legal issues your case involves so you feel comfortable with the process.  We will never speak down to you.  We will treat you with respect.  You are never just another case.  We know we work for you. We have the knowledge, experience and dedication necessary to make a difference.  We are on your side! 


No one will work harder on your behalf  to secure your benefits and remember  we are on your side!


Costs for Retaining an Attorney to Handle my Claim


Most attorneys who handle Social Security Disability cases will accept them on a contingent fee basis of 25% of back benefits or $5300, whichever is less. That is, there is no fee if you lose. If you win, the attorney is limited to receiving a portion of your past-due or back benefits only. An attorney will not receive any of your future monthly benefits.


The huge backlog of cases is causing long delays for many applicants. Expert assistance in all phases of the process is critical to win your case and avoid having to start the process from the beginning when you are denied.  Read this NY Times article that illustrates the frustration and tragedy facing people already burdened with severe health and financial problems.

Please Call : 800-500-1985 

Main Page  Why HIRE US?  Our Services  Contact Us  OVERVIEW

  Types of Benefits  Disability Claim Process  FAQ

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