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Able Advocate for Social Security Claims
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Able Advocate for Social Security Claims
Rick Tolin

PO Box 1626
Kihei HI 96753
(800) 569-8777

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Able Advocate for Social Security Claims

Bendfits are available for people unable to work, for people able to work only part-time, and even for sick infants and children.  Adults disabled since childhood may qualify regardless of income or resources.  Grandchildren being raised by their grandparents may qualify for benefits even if the entire family is completely healthy!

It is nearly impossible for most people to know what benefits are available.  The government has very generous programs to help families, with cash benefits from the Social Security Administration, and MEDICARE, the gold standard in health insurance in America.  Medicare alone opens up the possibility for expert medical care at almost any doctor's office and almost any health care facility in America.

The ins and outs of the government's disability assistance programs are virtually secret.  You should NOT EVER rely upon only the advice of a government official.  The stories I could tell you would make even the most cynical person's blood boil.  Suffice to say:

  • If you have trouble working for physical or emotional health reasons;
  • If you have a sick infant or child;
  • If you are raising your grandchildren as your own, even healthy kids;
  • If you are legally blind;
  • If you are not permitted to receive your early retirement due to your income;

and of course,

  • If you have been denied benefits by the government for any reason at all;

You should call me now.  Wellness and financial assistance can begin by calling Rick Tolin at 1-800-569-8777.  The call is free and the advice may be priceless.  After over 25 years helping people fight the government for the benefits to which they are entitled, believe me, I know when to fight.  We won't spin our wheels.  If you have no chance, I'll tell you so, I promise.  But you'd be very surprised at the many ways to win, all honest and legit. I do not accept fake or fraudulent claims.

  • The call is free.
  • The advice is free.
  • The fee is free (unless we win money, and then its 25% of the back-pay, or less).  Call for details.
  • Your expense may be zero, limited to the cost of medical record copies and medical reports from your own doctors.

The government has designed these assistance programs to be complicated and frustrating.  Don't be fooled.  Call me now!

 Please Call :800-569-8777

 Please Call :800-569-8777

Kihei HI Social Security Lawyer

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