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Coos, OR, 97420
I have been diagnosed with Degenerative Disk Disease. I have been unable to work for over a year. I need help applying for SSI.

Jones, TX, 79501
I have chronic venous insufficiency with severe leg swelling that doesnt go away and makes it hard to get around and is painful. Also I have had a venous stasis ulcer for 5 months that keeps spreading even with treatment. I also have sleep apnea that has led to hypertension.

Live Oak, TX, 78071
I was receiving SSI Benifits, then went to TDCJ. I have completed my sentence and need help getting my benefits back.

Bergen, NJ, 07666
Disabled since May of last year injured March 7 2015 stopped working May of 2017

Bergen, NJ, 07666
Disabled since May of last year injured March 7 2015 stopped working May of 2017

Taylor, TX, 79602
I am 100% disabled veteran since 2013. Was told by VA that I am not aloud to work since every uear my disability will get worse.

Pennington, SD, 57703
Denied, filed appeal, awaiting hearing...moved Need New Lawyers. Need to send last year's Doctors records. Have Fibromyalgia, chronic pain, Lupus, Extreme Fatigue, Hasimotoes, Sjogrenes, Raynards,, COPD, Restricted Lung Disease, Migraines, Neuropathy, Depression, Slleep Apnea with CPAP, Insomnia, Positive SCL-70

Oakland, MI, 90210
Suck it

Oakland, MI, 85234

Grays Harbor, WA, 98520
I have been denied S.S. Disability 3 times, and the judge told me to get a lawyer. My Dr. Diagnosed me with severe degenerative disc disease, scoliosis, severe depression, anxiety, and I also have 88% hearing loss in right ear.

Sacramento, CA, 95670
I'm ready to go on disability for my autoimmune diseases and need help navigating social security

Jasper, IN, 47978
I have been out of work since last October. I filed for medical disability in April because I cannot work and am not sure when I will be able to. I have a doctor that has also written off on this. I have been sick since 2014 after a few surgeries. The past year and a half things have gotten worse. I currently have endometriosis, type 1 diabetes, neuropathy, gastropraesis, severe anxiety and depression. I currently take a lot of medicines that keep me from being able to do much as well. I have had to move in with my parents because I am too ill to be on my own. I lost my apartment anyways from losing my job by being hospitalized too often and am in the process of getting my car repossessed. I recently got denied for disability, so they already have all of my records.

Kanawha, WV, 25201
I have rheumatoid arthritis in my back , knees, shoulders, and handsAVJL

Coleman, TX, 76834
I had my initial injury in 1997-1998, with 2 back surgeries any many more day procedures done. I never was able to sustain myself completely after that depending on family and friends for help. I did have a brief few years I believe on and off between 2009 and 2015 where I was able to work again. In 2015 I was pulled out of work indefinitely due to major issues with my legs and arms, diabetic neuropathy, a fractured bone in knee, arthritis in both knees and back, and the list goes on. I had tried again to apply but the questions over the phone were confusing and was yet again denied. First time being in the early 2000s. I know I I have more issues but no insurance or ability to get. I need help..I just want to be better

Lowndes, MS, 39705
When I was 15, I went to live with me father. Month later, we was coming into my room every night...he ran his girlfriend off. He got me pregnant...I was his wife for next 5yrs.tried to get away,every time I said something, the courts give me right back.mey a man who got me and my baby away from that crazy man. Together 12 yrs. Mother and home maker of 5. Mom got sick was dying,so I came to be with her while he work, cleaning up after hurricane Ivan. He stop coming to see me...Met a cool guy,r so I thought. He went to prison. He uncle would help from time to time. One day he was working on my truck, me and my daughter just there. ...I woke up in hospital, I don't know what he did to me, only witness was my 18mts old daughter. I've been applying for today makes 9 yrs. Please somebody help me.they had to take my skull out so they swelling could go down. Lost hearing in left ear, really bad migrains for days at a time. And ibe been taking Nurotin every since, just for out brain injury patience are not suppose to have those... it's getting harder and harder to find someone to help me with my daughter. Thanks

Taylor, TX, 79601
Trying to get benefits

Duval, FL, 32266
case regarding OverPayment of disability. Been Dealing for approx 3 yrs. Amended 3 yrs Tax Returns. in Need of "Skilled Expert" in S. S. Also giving very little time !! Thanks..

Honolulu, HI, 96797
Well I filed 2012 an now it's 2018 Thursday I phone them SSI they keep telling me my out come is in the Kapolei office it's been 8 months an still waiting

Blount, TN, 37886
I d o not have a disability. am 57 years old. my employer passed away, and rather than trying to find another job because its hard to find at my age, I was wanting to see if I could get ssi without disability

Taylor, TX, 79605
Diabetic insulin dependent cardiovascular disease in my right leg had two stints put in lost toe on right foot from poor circulation can’t stand for a long period fall risk.

Jefferson, WI, 53538
I have epilepsy since the age of 8. I have tried over the years to keep a job, but I ended up having seizures at almost every single one. I have been also trying to get SSI or SSDI for awhile. I need help getting my epilepsy accepted for this case.

Taylor, TX, 79601
I've been denied 3+ times for ssi, I'm looking for a lawyer to help win my case.

Sarasota, FL, 34238
This is an overpayment case that started when we lived in NJ. Relates to my adult son. After 5 years of back and forth we finally got an accurate accounting, because thousands of dollars in checks were returned or not cashed. The net $ was $6k. We filed the form asking for this to be forgiven. Now we get a notice from Sarasota offiice that he owes $22k and there is a conference on June 8. Son no longer lives here and his mental state is touchy. Just want to get the thing settled. We need to know what our rights and obligations are

Dickey, ND, 58436
Income has not been imputed in several yrs., every yr. I am asked to provide it. SSI for my son with D.S. they are not disputing his active open status, just the amount. they want back pay, have told me I haven not complied and I have kept the past 3 yrs. of income, w2's and ticket number from office visit in Jamestown, ND. I want help with them stop harrasing my family, they always say they dont have the correc info. in and the amounts change, persons handling case changes. local office tells me to call Fargo, Fargo tells me to call local.

Sharp, AR, 72542
I have been receiving SSI for several years and am unable to work. I recently started receiving partial annuity payments from an inheritance. How does this affect my SSI?

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