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Linn, IA, 52402
I was previously approved for disability in 2007 due to my severe bleeding disorder (vonWillebrans Disease) and mental health issues (bipolar disorder, PTSD, antisocial personality disorder, severe anxiety). I received benefits up until July of this year. Unexpectedly I received a letter stating that the social security people were going to review my claim. Two months later they sent me a letter stating that my medical condition had improved and that I was capable of working now and they took away my benefits. My condition is permanent and has NOT gotten better nor has it "improved" any. I have been to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN and the hematology clinic at the U of I in Iowa City and they have repeatedly advised me that there was nothing they could do to help me. I want to appeal this decision but I don't have an attorney. I have filed the appeal and am now at the stage where I can request a hearing before an administrative law judge. It is my understanding that at this stage I am entitled to the appointment of a "representative" or attorney to assist with the remaining proceedings.

Oklahoma, OK, 73131
I was on disability & was told I could work. Now they say I was overpaid & I went on social security in May 2017. Now they are going to take all of my SS check for the next 28 months. I am 65 & being forced to go back to work. Can you help

Autauga, AL, 115213

Autauga, AL, 111223

Lawrence, OH, 45680
I've been getting check since I was 12 I'm 30 now they took it need to file an aapesl

Randall, TX, 79119
I just received an denial letter from SSDI on the 12-2-17.

Siskiyou, CA, 96025
I was approved for both SSDI and SSI and when the local office prepared my SSDI they failed to give me my protected onset date which was my SSI application

Clay, IL, 62899
I have a learning disability. I graduated hs in May. But filed for ssi and got denied even though my denial paper said I am considered disabled they said I can work

Rockbridge, VA, 24555
I filed for disability, SSI, and Survivor's Benefits. Today I got letters denying the disability benefits and survivors benefits from my wife. A second letter saying I was approved but not for what I assume ssi however they say to wait on a second notice before any appeal. The other letter says I have 60 days. I'm confused and need help.

Riverside, CA, 92539
I need both knees replaced I also have diabetes and sleep apnea my feet have nerve damage and my vision is now 20/40

Millard, UT, 84631
Need to transfer case from Ohio asap. If phone number does not work email or call 385-321-7468.

Weber, UT, 84404
I have my hearing on Nov 6 and no representation. I cannot lose this case. Please help me I qualify a million ways.

Weber, UT, 84404
Hi. I'm 40 years old and currently only have pcn as my insurance provider. I have my disability hearing coming up on November 7th and I have no representation. I've had two lawyers turn me away in the last two weeks because my medical records show drug abuse as current as 2016. I was hit by a car as a pedestrian hit when I was 14. It did massive damage and I've had many leg surgeries as well as since than I have a leg length discrepancy. I used to get cordozone epidural injection in my spine. I worked at the IRS for 17 years and was the insurance carrier for my family. In May of 2012 me and my husband split, I have suffered from severe depression, PTSD, and anxiety since I was 11. My first suicide attempt I was approx 12 years old. When I lost my husband of 17 years I literally snapped, and I know it, and I haven't been the same since. I tried for over a year to continue to work. I stepped down from my lead job than went from full time to part time. I finally had to resign in June of 2013. My depression went from severe to extremely suicidal, I locked myself away in my room for well over a year. I lost my insurance, my husband, my job my home, and wanted to die, so I turned to drugs in hopes they would be a effective quick suicide, but they didn't and instead they became my one and only friend. I currently still have addiction problems but I was in the hospital again in Sept for depression etc and I've been clean since. I have been admitted to the psych ward since 2012 7 times at 5 different hospitals. Now to give u a list of all my medical issues here goes. Orthopedic issues ( I seriously need insurance to see a specialist as my hips need replaced and they hurt severely) Arthritis Fibromyalgia Depression Anxiety PTSD Bi polar Schizophrenia Agoraphobia PUD ( in 2005 I had gastric bypass surgery and because of that surgery I now have several stomach problems that can only be corrected if I were to get a reversal of the surgery. In november of 2010 I ended up in ICU with perforated ulcers and again in April of 2016 for telescoping bowel obstruction. I know there's a lot to piece together here but I hope you can please help me. I will be homeless in a month, I have nothing left to lose with zero income. I cannot continue on like this and o refuse to live on the streets. So are these attorney's correct, that beyond my disabilities because of the drug abuse I'm regardless going to lose my case? Court is November 6th at 8:30 judge wolf. I want to request for a continuation and don't know how. I need an attorney, I need this case to be won, I've battled pain my whole life and now I've finally come to a point where it's taken over my independence. I lost it all and still losing. I want to give up and have wanted to long ago but I'm trying to show my kids quitting is not an option. Please help me. Thanks.

Taylor, TX, 79603
I am Bipolar & can't keep a job

Suffolk, NY, 11937
I have chiari malformation-My brain is being forced downward into my spine. Crushing my spine slowly. And causing severe pain on my back. There is no cure for this. I also have the following conditions. Spinal Stenosis, Hearing loss in one ear. Diverticulitis, Lupus, diabetics, sjogren's syndrome Angina- heart is not getting enough oxygen. Chest pain and discomfort. My case has been appealed currently in the Falls Church VA . I need a lawyer to represent me. I have been trying to get my benefits since 2013. Thank you for your consideration.

Union, OR, 97850
They denied me they want me to go to court I can't it is to stressful. I'd i To stressful to go to court. I C D Implant with defibrillator. Tachycardia syndrom included. Plus.

Rutland, VT, 05701
RN unable to work in Utilization Mgt since 3/16 due to vision loss- cant read electronic medical records /s/p bilateral cataract surgery3/16 ,scheduled for judicial review 11/13 in Burlington Vermont having been denied SS disability 3 x since 3/16, appealing but they are using vocational counselor to probabley tell me I can still sweep floors or be a walmart greeter so I am now seeking legal consultation having come this far on my own. I need a lawyer present on 11/13 in burlington to help me win this case. only 1 more appeal, I will be 65 in 2018 and due for full benefits in 2018

Columbia, WI, 53901
no case pending-wish to apply

Orange, CA, 92646
Social security reduced me benefits claiming i have been collecting Australian pension for the amount of $460.00 since 2010. The facts are I started my Australian pension when I reached the age of 65 in July 19 2016. And I qualified for $75-$80 depending on the exchange rate. I have provided all the proofs and documents to validate my claim. I was born on July, 19 1951. Retirement age in Australia is 65... In 2010 i would have been 59.... In the aftermath of the financial meltdown, i lost my business and could not find work here in the USA so I decided to temporarily join my family in Australia and work until the US economy picks up. While I was seeking employment i qualified for an employment program called NEWSTART allowance. It is an allowance to help job seekers with their expenses until they find a job. however, i was not successful at landing a job si I came back to the US. So, I was on this program for 6 or 7 months. I believe SS examiners assume this was a pension.... I need an attorney to represent me and I have more than enough documents to back up my case. I am willing to pay for your services. I am not looking for free attorneys.

Chittenden, VT, 05401
Need assistance appealing my case for social security disability income

Lancaster, PA, 17603
i did have a attorney and was denied twice by same lawyer said he is not going to fight it.i need to appeal to appeals committee

Wayne, NY, 14502
saying I have earned more then supposed when i sent in paid stubs for yrs and they never said anything til now

Autauga, AL, L9k1k
Social Security Disability Case Denied

Yavapai, AZ, 86314
Not my case, my daughter's. I am trying to help go to the bottom of an SSI issue she has, why SSI cancelled her in 2015 and is she qualified to get SSI again. She does not qualify for SSDI (not worked enough) although she is going on 40 years old. Serious (life threatening) auto accident (single care rollover) in 2001 that almost killed her. Left her with many brown bones, Grand-Maul seizures, in and out of physch, medical, brain doctors. She flew to North Africa to spend a few months with her husband, at the end of 2014 and by April 2015 cancelled her. I suspect SSI didn't like that. So now she calls one attorney and told her if she has already gotten SSI she won't qualify. I', stumped and want to help her as much as I can.

Harris, TX, 77338
My mother's SSI check was cut several years ago. The SS office sent a letter with explanations but we never fully understood it. We would like to see about recovering the lost amounts.

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