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Camden, NJ, 08108
I suffer from severe anxiety and ADD/ADHD, along with OCD and depression.

Clackamas, OR, 97086
I have been denied 2 times already been doing this for 4 1/2 years alferia where all the bioducts are not all formed at birth and now I have Cirrhosis of the liver I am goin in for a liver byosp here in the next month ...

Tazewell, VA, 24630
Have been turned down two times on my case with s.s.d also have let the 60 days pass i have been on medical leave for all most two years now could you please help me ?

Siskiyou, CA, 96094
I have been denied twice, I have ulcerative colitis, with severe excema. My doctor has written me a letter stating my conditions and that I am able to work 12 months or longer.i have routine bloody, painful bowel movements that keep me in the bathroom most of my time, very depressed . anxiety and mentally losing it because of this disease

Orange, CA, 92630

Oconee, SC, 29693
Started SSA payments at age 62, rec'd 7 mont hs of payments, suspended payments, paid all "over payments"back to SSA. SSA now says that I will receive the age 62 monthly and not the age 66 payment since I did not "withdraw" my request but only suspended the request.

Los Angeles, CA, 90813
Im bi.polar on meds and im always jumping from moods to different moods my mind in consitly running about 95.miles min.

Aroostook, ME, 04736
I just got my denied letter couple days ago. I am 100% disabled vet from mental condition. I need someone to take charge and handle my case.

Smith, TX, 75702
Aug 8,1998 major brain surgery , auto accident Dec 2011 , brain trauma ,many brokenbones, 28 days at Parkland hospital Dallas tx..tried to workbut can't, suffer major headaches, constantly have twitching makes sleep hard . Etc,,,

Robertson, TN, 37172
daughter 10 yrs old Scoliosis has metal rods hoooks screws. Just had a surgery where they removed brusitis

Merced, CA, 95348
i have been trying for disability for 2 plus yrs, problems such as mental illness , rectal bleeding that requires surgery, back injury that also requires surgery in the next few months that has me almost totally immobile. i take strong pain medications that make it hard to focus , think and do most of every thing. i have been on disability previously for 5 yrs for my back and also for severe suicidal tendencies major depression and anxiety disorder. im on the brink of homelessness

Monroe, PA, 18354
My wife & I are separated & wish to pursue a divorce. I am permanently disabled and am trying to live on 1442.00 per month. No food stamps, medical benefits, or any other type of income are being received by me. I need some type of help, as my disabilities need to be considered & the rent I am paying is far from high-end, but still takes about half of my monthly income.

Salt Lake, UT, 84111
I had filled out social security disability packet and had mailed the packet in also found out my identity has been stolen I have called life lock and reported information to the Shoreacres and Laporte police department. That is located in Houston TX.

Santa Clara, CA, 95020
I was hit by a drunk driver about 1994, I suffer from major back pain, this is the second time I will be applying.

Santa Clara, CA, 95020
I was hit by a drunk driver about 1994, I suffer from major back pain, this is the second time I will be applying.

Maricopa, AZ, 85016
Ive been having Epileptic Seizures since I was 14 years of age and they are occurring more and more often. This is my second attempt to get SSI and SSD benefits. I Need legal assistance as I am appealing my case since April.

Riverside, CA, 92592
31 year old son has been on SSI & SSA since 2007. In October 2014, benefits were terminated due to SS no longer finding him disabled. Filed reconsideration & continued receiving benefits through May 2015 when hearing was held. Currently appealing decision and inquiring about your services for legal representation.

Jefferson, NY, 13603
For over 10 years I have been misdiagnosed and told my cervical spinal stenosis was mild arthritis. I was properly diagnosed 2 years ago and applied for longterm disability as I have not been able to work these past 10 plus years. I've also been diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I also deal with depression and anxiety.

San Diego, CA, 91978
I am currently going to 3 different specialist, Cardiology for hypertension, n their is a strong possibility I have congestive heart failure. UCSD orthopedics sports med, and Neurodiagnostic.

Cook, IL, 60612
I have 2 Childrens who have been diagnosed with asthma and it's not under control children both have nebulous era and both children are on numerous of medication that's not seeming to keep it under control my oldest child I 10 years old ans my other is 15 months they both have been denied this is my daughters 2 nd deny and my sons 1st I've already appeased for a hearing for my daughter

Pierce, WA, 98387
I've been diagnosed with congenital myopathy. I've scheduled an appointment, unfortunately missed it due to a emergency. My father was hospitalized for burns to his face, nasal passages, throat and lungs.

Washington, MD, 21783
My bipolar disorder which played a large part in our financial downfall and my incarceration continues to get worse despite medication. I can no longer concentrate to work and find that the depression which I push away for so long in favor of mania has begun to cripple me on a daily bases. I also believe that after two stints in prison I am suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder something that my wife will attest to, as my angry and rage continues to sadly spiral out of control. In 2014 I twice attempted suicide due to mental illness. I was also hospitalized in a mental facility for several days I have not been able to hold a steady job in more than a decade

Barton, KS, 67544
Had melanoma in eye and had eye removed and a prosthetic eye made.

Rutherford, TN, 37167
1question, do you handle case that deal with the VA (Vetrans Admin)

Flathead, MT, 59911
am a vet receiving an 80% disability rating, who recently lost my job due to degeneration in my lumbar area that I have been told can't be fixed by surgery. My facet joints are closed off and pinching the nerves

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