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San Diego, CA, 91978
I am currently going to 3 different specialist, Cardiology for hypertension, n their is a strong possibility I have congestive heart failure. UCSD orthopedics sports med, and Neurodiagnostic.

Cook, IL, 60612
I have 2 Childrens who have been diagnosed with asthma and it's not under control children both have nebulous era and both children are on numerous of medication that's not seeming to keep it under control my oldest child I 10 years old ans my other is 15 months they both have been denied this is my daughters 2 nd deny and my sons 1st I've already appeased for a hearing for my daughter

Pierce, WA, 98387
I've been diagnosed with congenital myopathy. I've scheduled an appointment, unfortunately missed it due to a emergency. My father was hospitalized for burns to his face, nasal passages, throat and lungs.

Washington, MD, 21783
My bipolar disorder which played a large part in our financial downfall and my incarceration continues to get worse despite medication. I can no longer concentrate to work and find that the depression which I push away for so long in favor of mania has begun to cripple me on a daily bases. I also believe that after two stints in prison I am suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder something that my wife will attest to, as my angry and rage continues to sadly spiral out of control. In 2014 I twice attempted suicide due to mental illness. I was also hospitalized in a mental facility for several days I have not been able to hold a steady job in more than a decade

Barton, KS, 67544
Had melanoma in eye and had eye removed and a prosthetic eye made.

Rutherford, TN, 37167
1question, do you handle case that deal with the VA (Vetrans Admin)

Flathead, MT, 59911
am a vet receiving an 80% disability rating, who recently lost my job due to degeneration in my lumbar area that I have been told can't be fixed by surgery. My facet joints are closed off and pinching the nerves

Suffolk, NY, 11729
I filed for disability in 2011 , I have been denied numerous times , denied also after law judge. I am at this time waiting my appeal to see another law judge. I have Lupus, Antiphospholipid syndrome, Coronary Artery Disease (was told from lupus) Major depressive disorder/anxiety, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholestrol, brain cyst , chronic pain. also have back and hip problems

Wake, NC, 27610
has chronic pancreatitis and depression

Worcester, MA, 01475
Degenerative disc disease (cervical) with nerve impingement, IBS, anxiety, PTSD

Harris, TX, 77044
SSDI paid while married Work incentive program

Clallam, WA, 98382
S.S. is requiring my wife and my son to pay back $8000 each in legal benefits they have already recieved. WE NEED AN ATTORNEY-NOW!

Warren, NJ, 07823
23 yr old with MS and other health conditions. First ssi denied

Wilkin, MN, 56520
I have had near 50 surgeries and am in only 31 years old. I have sphincter of oddi dysfunciton which causes horrible pain making me unable to work. I will continue to have surgeries every 1-2 years for it depending on how long the surgery will help me. I have also had a multitude of other problems from fibromyalgia to endometriosis. I just had a pain stimulator removed from my spine as it was causing too many problems and did not help with the pain. I have been denied disability and have a court date set for June 23 and dont have an attorney yet. thanks for any help you can give me.

Santa Clara, CA, 95135

Johnson, KS, 66063
I just received a letter from social security saying that that are stopping my benefits because of work they waited 7 years to review my case.I don't understand why they waited so long and they said that I might have to pay some money back

New Castle, DE, 19808
I did apply last year but moved from MD to DE in the middle of the process and was unable to submit the additional paperwork DE requested in time. Below is my list of health issues. Massive MI with CABAGE 1/2008 Back Problems beginning in 2008 Depression (2001-2002, 2007/8-present with increased meds) Pain intermittently from 2008 to 2012 Chronic Pain (average of 7) since 2012 Diabetic (2000) Arthritis discovered via blood tests and x-rays in 2014 in almost all my joints (neck, shoulder, spine, lower back, hips, & ankles) Have positive ANA with high white blood counts and platelets not diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis but is suspected Allergies since child Adult Onset Asthma Polycystic Ovary Syndrome(1986) Bilateral Carpel Tunnel(2013/14) Dermoid Cyst Left Ovary (found on ultrasound 2014-have to change OB/GYN) Bilateral plantar fasciitis (1999-present. keep re-injuring it last time was found on xray in 2014) Prolactin Secreting Adenoma (2002 on MRI last MRI in 2007 did not find) Reoccurring right elbow lateral epicondylitis (1999-present) reoccurring right hip bursitis (1999-present) tendinitis of right ankle (1999) High Cholesterol (2001) Blood Pressure Meds prescribed to protect kidneys as am diabetic with slightly high blood pressure (2001) IBS (1999) Reoccurring Ganglion Cyst (1996-2005)

Harnett, NC, 27501
ive just got turned down i need a lawyer so i can appeal my claim please help times running out

Anchorage, AK, 99504
They cut my SSI check for 9 months long and I need appeal my case.

Klamath, OR, 97625
I was sent a recon package, please respond.

Kings, CA, 93245
Back surgery in 05 Dr. Says perminant and stationary. Need to be able to sit and stand at will. No climbing,no lifting over 15lbs. No working with my hands above shoulder level. Spinal stenosis at times very difficult to turn my head. Right leg goes numb. I've fallen 2 times in the last 3 weeks. Serve back pain at times.

Letcher, KY, 41537
post traumatic stress disorder, severe clinical depression, aniexty and panic attacks

Snohomish, WA, 98037
Need experienced attorney for a reconsideration case coming up. We live in Lynnwood Washinton 98037 Thank You,

Lafayette, LA, 70502
Ruptured a disc in Nov. 2011 had surgery july 2012 went back to work 8weeks later worked up to may 2014 hurt my back hooking a boat to back of truck got 3 injections and then was told that wasnt anything else he could do for me the injections didn't work he sent me to a pain managenment dr was supposed to nerve blocks but lost job and insurance befor i could get thet done. It took 7 months to get medicaid got new mri and found out i have a torn disc pushing on nerve root exiting the L3 causing severe nerve pain i have filed for ssi in arkansas but sense have moved to texas to be closer to my wifes family while trying to start college and change carrears i have already been qualified for school aid looking for help and advice to know where to go from here

Queens, NY, 11106
I have tried to appeal for social security benefits but i received a letter in the mail stating that i was denied again. I was told I have to apply for a civil case.

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