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Montgomery, MD, 20879
I don't have a case looking for help...

Hendricks, IN, 46123
he has congestive heart failure diabetes and he's going blind

Bernalillo, NM, 87123
The social security has denied me 2 times i need help fighting mhy case please.

Orange, CA, 90620
I have been permanent disabled my doctor gave me letters says this I getting worse can you help

Roanoke, VA, 24018
I have been denied social security 3 times. The final - today. I have done everything the courts have asked me to do. At this time - I am still unable to work because of my health.

Roanoke, VA, 24018
I have been denied social security 3 times. The final - today. I have done everything the courts have asked me to do. At this time - I am still unable to work because of my health.

La Salle, IL, 61341
I applied for disability for a back injury several years ago, you know the outcome. I cant seem to find a doctor that agrees that my back problems warrant even pain meds; I also have copd, which is to the point where I cant do anything. I recently got Illinois public aid insurance and Im starting to seek medical help for both issues. I want to make sure I have all documentation and physicians proof of my inability to work before I start this unnecessary process of getting the benefits I am entitled to; I was also seeking physicians who take Medicaid insurance who don't think that everyone with health issues are trying to make fraudulent disability claims. I am literally sick and tired of playing games with doctors and insurance companies; I haven't worked in five years now, and have had a hard time keeping a job because of my injuries. I am seeking an attorney before I start this process to keep from making any mistakes.

Appanoose, IA, 52544
I have had 2 heart attacks mini stroke & angina attack. I also suffer from hypertension. I have had 2 stints & a triple by pass

Montgomery, NY, 13452
I have a pinched nerve 4 slipped disk in my back. degernerative detioration in neck arthritis in neck and back

Travis, TX, 78741
Bipolar ptsd depression congestive heart failure acl reconstruction copd sleep apnea highbloodpressure asmath pettala fracture

Pope, AR, 72801
Been diagnosed with hepatitis C

Pope, AR, 72801
Been diagnosed with hepatitis C

Alameda, CA, 94610
I need help regarding a overpayment is it possible for anyone to represent me ?

Riverside, CA, 92586
Bipolar with hallucinations. Extreme at times. Under dr oversight. Exhausted state SDI

Autauga, AL, 945
I suffer from migraines and accute neck pain. Certian movements even m akes it difficult to drive. I see a neurologist on a regular basis. I cannot work. The past work I have done has been in an ofice. Those lights trigger the headache. Sounds and smellss will do the same.The doctor wants me off pain meds as much as possible which means I would have to tell my boss I would have to leave the environment to do whatever is needed to try to get theem undeer control. And, that is only if I can. That can be at any given time and the boss would not have any say over it. Social ecurrity's denial gave me no real explanation. The made reeference to a past job I held back in Dec. 2012. I was doing wire transferson the computer. I would get a migraine evereyday by 10-11 without fail and it would last until I went to bed. If I bend overfor at least 30 seconds, I'll get one too. I cannot stay on the computer too long anymore. Reading hurts after a while and makes my eyes blurr. Certain movements bother my neck. My right side is worse. I can't be in a posisition where I have to move it too much. I was in physical therapy, but no real progreesss was made. I just continue to see my neurologist and try to do what he suggests. It's been way over the 12 month peeriod Social Security requires that I have worked. Their letter suggestsed even part time, but I cannot predict, nor control, when the onset of amigraine will come on. I don't know what to do except to appeal and I don't have the knowledge to do it on my own. And, when I filed, the information stated said I may be able to claim SSI and/or disability. So I'm not sure which I'm suppposed to do. I am desperate. I have no income and i really some need some help. PS I get too any collectors calling. Please email to call if you are willing to talk to me. Even if it's a breif, "I saw your email about the SS claim. Call me at...." I check my my all the time as I get pop -up alerts on my phone.

Montgomery, NY, 13452
I have degenrative deteration in neck arthritis in neck and back I have a few slipped disk in back and a pinched nerve

Tangipahoa, LA, 70401
i ned hip

Weld, CO, 80631
I have been receiving disability for the past 21 years because of strokes and blindness. Now they are attempting to state that I am not disabled anymore.

Davidson, NC, 27360
I have been trying to get disability since 2008. I have heart failure, sleep disorder, arthritis in my hands and back, severe migraines, PTSD,BPD, severe case of plantar fasciitis in my feet. I just had surgery in June on my left foot and will be having the other done next month. With the number of migraine attacks and with my plantar fasciitis there is no way I would be able to work. I also have Degenetive Back disease as well. I have been denied around 9 times now but I feel that I should get it because nobody knows the pain and emotions I go through with my health problems.

Newport News City, VA, 23602
would love to meet in much to generalize

Seminole, FL, 32701
I had already been receiving benefits for my PTSD and bipolar disorder. The state sent me to their doctor during initial application process. October of 2012 received a letter stating I would no longer receive Benefits the following month. They say I am no longer disabled... How that would be I don't know. Since then I have had a child with special needs also

Yavapai, AZ, 86315
My wife recently passed away and she was drawing ss retirement. She paid into the system for 37 years and only received 4 checks and they said I'm not entitled to any of her social security because mine was more than hers. That doesn't seem right to me. do I have any legal rights to receive any of my wifes benefit.

Lafourche, LA, 70354
I was married in 1956 to Paul Huckaby. I was never divorced. I have been denied benefits since 2006 on his account. Help.

Marin, CA, 94904
I have an ankle that is blown out, not repairable, affects walking, standing, sleeping, everything in my life. Also suffer from depression, anxiety, PTSD

Belknap, NH, 03246
today i got my letter being denied yet again for ssi,also been denied ssdi.i did all required dr's appts ss asked of me.i suffer PTSD,depression.anxiety,agoraphobia,anemia,insomnia,periods that last 2-3 weeks per month.i have no income whatso ever and live with my currently seperated from my husband back in Ma.and divorce has been filed.i dont get income from him at this point either.i have been in hospitals for up to a weeks stay to a day suffering major anxiety attacks.i was on medications until may of 2013 until i no longer could afford the copays.i have been turned away from welfare as well due to owning a house in Ma.with my ex becouse they want the deed that i can not get from my husband.i dont know what else to sometimes in the apt.due to not being able to go out at times.the phone # i gave u has only 8 min.left on it until sept.1st.please get in touch by email,or address until i have more minutes on cell.thank u very much

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