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Oneida, NY, 13309
I filed for SSI ssd and was denied I am appealing it I can read or write I don't like to be around people and I have anger issues and I can't stay on task I have been fired from every job I have had cause I can't read or write and I'm slow and I can't cook foor or do laundry cause I can't read

San Bernardino, CA, 92395
breast cancer grade 3. Mastectomy my left breast was remove totally , I'm under quimio treatment now, I can't use my left arm. My disability case was denied. Because my condition I do not have the power to do it for myselft. I have 52 yrs and I'm widow. The aplication for benefit under my husband were also denied.

Stanislaus, CA, 95354
i am 47 a diabetic on insulin who is unable to stand for long on my feet because of pain and swelling.i also suffer from panic attacks which keep me from going anywhere alone

Clark, NV, 89135
case is disability for missing 4 of the right had fingers. I had a deniel from SSC

Bernalillo, NM, 87107
I haven't applied yet. My doctor just told me not to go back to work, because of my liver.

Bergen, NJ, 07646
neck fusion and back pain

Saginaw, MI, 48722
Born with a right clubbed foot, transferred between 2 hospitals and had surgery done to correct the clubbed foot only after the first hospital botched the first surgery. Like all clubbed foots pain and stiff pressure will always meet you in the teenager years. For me it's been quite different. working 6 months for the mcdonalds down the road taught me a valuable lesson. 6000 hours of testing and hypothesis i've learned that employers do not give the breaks i would need to move past constant pressure and pain. Employers are also look for efficiency in standing jobs, something I strive for but was let go for not being fast on my feet.

Danville City, VA, 24541
I have several bulgeing discs, arthritis in my back. Bipolar,ADD,anxiety disorder

Winnebago, IL, 61102
its about my son disabity i got some questions i would like to ask

Brevard, FL, 32909
I have a now 6 year old daughter whos father ( jacob) passed away may 16,2011 in a car accident at the age of 19 ,i have applied for my daughter to recieve survivors benefits but have been told he was one credit short of her being eligible, we get no chold support, no housing, no medicaid , and no help from his parents. I am curious if age has a factor on the way they determine the" credits" earned , he had turned 19 January of that year , i find it hard to belive we have no more options . Please help us if you can my daughter and i have gone threw the tragity of losing her father and deserves to have everything she needs , with or with out her father here .

Orange, CA, 92845
I was just medically retired from the Army for PTSD tbi migraines and partial loss of use of my right arm. I received 70%army and 80% va

Hennepin, MN, 55422
I retired from the United Nations. Because I receive a pension from the UN, my Social Security is reduced by that amount on a monthly basis. Even though I voluntarily paid into Social Security when I worked for the United Nations. I believe I am entitled to my full Social Security Benefit and would like to challenge the reduction of my monthly Social Security Benefit. I am 76.

Del Norte, CA, 95531
OTJ injury 8.2010. WC stopped paying but case still going on. Forced into medical retirement. Just got notice (calpers) $300/mo! Went by SS office and they say it depends on my husbands income?????

Dane, WI, 53714
I filied two claims. claims with number of disabilitys. I have to do appeal.from april14 to june 14.

Cocke, TN, 37821
have congestive heart failure with pacemaker/defibulator. depression with anxiety attacks

Brantley, GA, 31566
ssi owes me and turned me down along with several other items of interest. i don't know why they cut me off. i was getting $675 each month because of health.plz call email is a friends.

Walworth, WI, 53190
major depressive disorder

Nassau, NY, 11510

New Castle, DE, 19720
On 9/29/12 I was rear-ended at a red light. At the time of the accident I was unemployed, due to the fact my lower back and neck were swollen. I immediately went ER in Philadelphia on 10/29/12 due to constant pain. My lawyer Lundy Law, took my case an had me in therapy on 10/2/12. The pain still persisted and an MRI WAS taken showing a disc herniation coupled with a bulging disc with signs of spinal stenosis. Conditions worsened to go to an Orthopedic doctor which suggested injections a referred a pain specialist. My condition worsen until I had to rely on parents and friends to perform daily tasks washing cooking children activities etc. I went to another dr in Delaware which recommended injections They did not help I went to a neurologist on my own after two visits to ER AND SURGERY WAS scheduled for a microdisectomy IMMEDIATELY IN Jan 20, 2014. I have had improvent except got right foot toes. I fell down my stair due to the fact I could not feel them after numerous complaints. I fell down a flight of stairs and injures left shoulder and bruised back. I unable to work now and I the near future. My attorney is Joel Greenburg. I filed in 2013 I was denied due non-sufficient paper work. I completely files 5/14/2014.

Washington, TN, 37659
Wanting to file for disability. Heart problems, depression and anxiety. Heart attack five years ago three stents. taking 9 prescription meds.

Rockingham, NH, 03833
I have been suffering from pain for years. As long as I could, I kept working. I take care of Mom full time and hoped that the pain would retreat and let me work after she dies. My pain instead has intensified. I have been recently diagnosed with osteopenia and spondylolisthesis. I cry often from the pain. I was denied Soc Sec disability in Feb this year. Can you still help?

Cook, IL, 60160
i will be 66 this sept. 66 is my full ret. age. can i collect my full soc. sec. and continuine working fulltime without being penalized?

Hamilton, IN, 46032
SSI disability is saying I am no longer able to recieve ssI because I have sufficient work. I have only worked parttime due to my illness.

DeKalb, GA, 30033
we need help for filing case for judge hearing in our case for me & my wife for denial of our s s i due to balance in our son's checking a/c who is is mentally disabled & receiving his disability benefits.i am the rep.payee of his a/c.

Saint Clair, IL, 62269
Soc. Sec. For my 16 year old son with autism spectrum

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