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Coweta, GA, 30263
I am a breast cancer survivor, defibrillator implantee, and my heart only functions at 10%. I have been denied social security benefits twice.

Fairfax, VA, 22312
Currently in appeal process/ was not satisfied with previous advocate terminated on 8/15/14

Carroll, IA, 51401
my daughter is 19, she has Turner Syndrome, learning disabilities, large and fine motor skill issues, social skill issues

Nassau, NY, 11710
need to speak with an SSI Lawer

San Mateo, CA, 94065
Re Son SSI they asked for a refund ?? need to find out re retro claims

Essex, MA, 01915
My X wife recently passed away. Got letter from SS saying we cannot pay monthly benefits at this time. Should I be able to collect this benefit?

El Paso, TX, 79849
my son's claim was denied and I wish to appeal if possible

Lane, OR, 97439
They stopped my payments

Coos, OR, 97420
My ex husband lied to SSI so he could get the money my son receives, and even after all the proof I had he was lying they continued to issue him the checks. His reason for the change was that I wasn't using the money for the intended purpose but instead buying drugs, there was never an investigation and I only just found out that was why they made him payee. I submitted everything I could to prove what the money was used for, even had witnesses. I even have texts of me asking/begging for help to buy the things my son needs from day to day after he became payee since his claim that he had our kids was a lie and he either denied any help or just ignored my requests. I reminded him that the support was for our sons needs and since the moment he started getting the check he basically stopped taking his weekend parenting time and in all the months he was payee he gave me $20 after asking many of times and only gave in after I told him otherwise I wouldn't be able to pick them up from his weekend visit. So I am not sure what I am to do whether it be I go after their father for fraud, SSI for not doing their job and for basically just tossing out my case with no regard of the truth because he said I used drugs. I have now as of June been reassigned as payee as I was also granted sole custody following a several month long custody hearing (due to his delaying by getting extensions claiming medical necessity till judge finally said no more) cuz he also tried to take my kids by filing for sole custody (I am assuming to be able to keep being payee) but because I had facts, truth and hard evidence against his " I have heard", his stabs at my appearance saying I am "haggard looking", and some family members of his testifying that "he loves his kids and he is a good father" and he got less parenting time for which he has also chose to not take advantage of. In all those months I managed to care for, cloth, and shelter both my sons with literally $0.00 thanks in large (basically entire) part to the kindness of a handful of people that believed in me , and my love for the 2 most amazing humans I have the honor of having in my life, or both? Any advice/help would be appreciated!

Valencia, NM, 87068
I have anxiety depressed paranoid scared to be around people thinking people following me

Milwaukee, WI, 53172

Los Angeles, CA, 91765
Denied, live in Philippines

Buncombe, NC, 28715
Ihave custody of grandaughter who has adhd and puliminary dwarfisim and have been denied ss please help

Kern, CA, 93304
Not sure.

Kern, CA, 93304
Not sure.

Lee, FL, 33913
Currently partial approval for limted term through administration hearing but not full disability. Currently unsatisfied with present firm

Miami-Dade, FL, 33142
I have suffered from depression for a long time. I have nerve damage in my legs and use a walker. I suffer from memory loss.

Letcher, KY, 41824
T6-7hurniated t8-9 loss hight t11-12 c5-6 herniated nucleus impression on thecal sac lateral change at c4-5 and3-4

Merced, CA, 95334
My son moises (6) was denied ssi he has adhd I wanted to see if I have a chance to appeal

Hendricks, IN, 46122
I'm trying to help my fiance receive SSI benefits, since he has been turned down. He has applied for it twice and he has become very discouraged. He has a visual disability that makes it difficult to see details,and his depth perception is extremely impaired. His visionis so bad that he will get migraines that will debilitate him for up to 5 hours. They come at random and I check in with him constantly to monitor his pain level. These ailments are inhibiting his effectiveness at work, since he works at the local convenience store/gas station. I would greatly appreciate it if you would help us. Thank you.

Autauga, AL, 00200
iam Kenyan , come usa in 1999 , worked there till 2010 when I left voluntarily and iam not coming back, would like to claim all my SS contribution . PLEASE ADVICE IF YOU CAN HANDLE THE CLAIM FOR ME KINDLY ADVICE

Cook, IL, 60202
My Social Security starts in November. I have a SBA loan that I defaulted on in 2012. Federal taxes are being held each year to pay off the debt. Collections are started for the bank portion and the Federal portions. I will file BK next month.Can my benefits be taken after or before the BK. Loan was written in Arizona I now live in IL. Thanks

Franklin, MO, 63080
I have been denied twice for my SSI case despite having had 2 back surgeries, being on narcotic pain meds, 2 carpal tunnel surgeries and now foot surgery too. I NEED help but can't afford to pay and am not sure how much I will get for back pay though I did apply November 2012. apparently I didn't provide enough evidence because I thought they would request records. thanks for any help you can give.

Los Angeles, CA, 90815
I recently found out my minor son is getting SSI through his father. He turning 18 next month and I have been informed he will no longer receive this benefit. I have questions about what he has been receiving, how long, how much and where the money is going. I don't know anything about the process and how his father is receiving this. I want to make sure everythig is legal as his father states he will no longer be recieving the payments.

Kings, CA, 93230
i have been denied at hearing. i have cihrosis (stage 4) , hep b , hep c, diabetes, and hypothyroidism, anxiety.

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