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Atlantic, NJ, 08244
Pam has been fighting leukemia for approx. 8 years, then she had a stroke in Sept. 2013, which has impaired both, her physical, and mental state. She was also recently diagnosed with diabetes, which we do not know if this was caused by the stroke, or the medication she now has to take. She was just denied benefits, after a 9 month period, where she was told to see multiple state doctors. The last doctor she seen seemed to already have made his decision, before he even talked to her. In fact, he ended the conversation by saying "good luck", and did not even get out of his chair to shake hands or say goodbye !!! She has zero income at this point, and has exhausted all other means of making ends meet.

New Castle, DE, 19805
In 1999, got hurt on my job. In 2000, I had back surgery. I am now disable, can not work. I have problems standing and walking. I filed in 2005 and was denied by Social Security.

Dickson, TN, 37029
I have bipolar depression and cardio myopathy . I havnt been able to hold a job for two years .

San Bernardino, CA, 92405
need representation

San Bernardino, CA, 92405
need representation

Kenton, KY, 41015
Two hospitalizations due to severe abdominal pain, weakness, nausea, etc., work disability paid claim, since then have deterioated physically with many symptoms, I suspect additionally heart damage, and damage from strokes, which have affected my ability to concentrate, and memory. I have been living on my savings while attempting to recover, however symptoms still remain, and savings are spent. Help !!! Thank You.

Riverside, CA, 92508
i'm sick and have been for close to 5 years I have been abused by the system and need to win my case because they should not treat us they way they do. I have filed in civil court I need representation

Westchester, NY, 10801
Severe depression. Anxiety. Fear. And other issues

Autauga, AL, 96546
I am living in Thailand and my initial application was denied and I am on the appeal part. I am 100% P&T disabled from the VA. can you help, thank you. My case went to the Philippines office then sent to Baltimore at the international operations office.

Sangamon, IL, 62702
In treatment for breast cancer. Have pinched nerve in neck. Suffer from depression, bi polar, anxiety.

Lake, OH, 44077
I was denied once. I have multiple sclerosis and I recently had a flare up. I have a lot of problems with my hands, arms, feet, legs, neck and back. I have not worked since 2004.

Carver, MN, 55315
The father of my baby has never worked, he has spent most of his time in jail. He also has 6 other children from 3 other women. If he dies(he was in an accedent and is not good) will my unborn baby get Social Security Death Benefits. My mom says I can file it as a abandoned child and receive benefits, is that true.

Carteret, NC, 28516
Turned down by social security disability because it appears that my chronic back pain and other disabilities I have do not keep me from working. Since I feel that my health issues are so severe that any type of work I may be able to do will not last for any time period and therefore cannot be gainful and income producing for me.

Oneida, NY, 13309
I filed for SSI ssd and was denied I am appealing it I can read or write I don't like to be around people and I have anger issues and I can't stay on task I have been fired from every job I have had cause I can't read or write and I'm slow and I can't cook foor or do laundry cause I can't read

San Bernardino, CA, 92395
breast cancer grade 3. Mastectomy my left breast was remove totally , I'm under quimio treatment now, I can't use my left arm. My disability case was denied. Because my condition I do not have the power to do it for myselft. I have 52 yrs and I'm widow. The aplication for benefit under my husband were also denied.

Stanislaus, CA, 95354
i am 47 a diabetic on insulin who is unable to stand for long on my feet because of pain and swelling.i also suffer from panic attacks which keep me from going anywhere alone

Clark, NV, 89135
case is disability for missing 4 of the right had fingers. I had a deniel from SSC

Bernalillo, NM, 87107
I haven't applied yet. My doctor just told me not to go back to work, because of my liver.

Bergen, NJ, 07646
neck fusion and back pain

Saginaw, MI, 48722
Born with a right clubbed foot, transferred between 2 hospitals and had surgery done to correct the clubbed foot only after the first hospital botched the first surgery. Like all clubbed foots pain and stiff pressure will always meet you in the teenager years. For me it's been quite different. working 6 months for the mcdonalds down the road taught me a valuable lesson. 6000 hours of testing and hypothesis i've learned that employers do not give the breaks i would need to move past constant pressure and pain. Employers are also look for efficiency in standing jobs, something I strive for but was let go for not being fast on my feet.

Danville City, VA, 24541
I have several bulgeing discs, arthritis in my back. Bipolar,ADD,anxiety disorder

Winnebago, IL, 61102
its about my son disabity i got some questions i would like to ask

Brevard, FL, 32909
I have a now 6 year old daughter whos father ( jacob) passed away may 16,2011 in a car accident at the age of 19 ,i have applied for my daughter to recieve survivors benefits but have been told he was one credit short of her being eligible, we get no chold support, no housing, no medicaid , and no help from his parents. I am curious if age has a factor on the way they determine the" credits" earned , he had turned 19 January of that year , i find it hard to belive we have no more options . Please help us if you can my daughter and i have gone threw the tragity of losing her father and deserves to have everything she needs , with or with out her father here .

Orange, CA, 92845
I was just medically retired from the Army for PTSD tbi migraines and partial loss of use of my right arm. I received 70%army and 80% va

Hennepin, MN, 55422
I retired from the United Nations. Because I receive a pension from the UN, my Social Security is reduced by that amount on a monthly basis. Even though I voluntarily paid into Social Security when I worked for the United Nations. I believe I am entitled to my full Social Security Benefit and would like to challenge the reduction of my monthly Social Security Benefit. I am 76.

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