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Albany, NY, 12206
The first time I tryed to I disnt gwt no where they told me them self when I tryed I didn't know what I was doing they said no they said I have to I'm 22years old to do it again I don't know what I'm doing .

Kings, CA, 93245
I have had epilepsy for 13yrs now and still have yet to get approved for social security benefits.

Orange, NY, 12550
in 2004 march 18-19 in frankford philadelphia i was critically stabbed multiple times with illegal knives then arrested 3 months later all charges were dropped on me and no charges on my attackers. i am suffering from issues caused by my injures from that night. i have trouble sleeping eating keeping food down. constant chest stamache back and neck spasms and pain and more please help

Hunt, TX, 75401
2 broke feet and two broke ankeles and no job but use to get disabillity benifits like a check

Davidson, NC, 27299
I have Type 1 diabetes that I have a hard time keeping it regulated and I also have a cervical stenois which I was recently being tested for ms but the doctor has to do further testing. I was denied for SSI

Los Angeles, CA, 93551
I have these conditions and have been denied twice by social security, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Major Depression Disorder, Adjustment Disorder, Short term memory loss, impaired/loss of hearing.

Sussex, DE, 19958
both knees in bad shape mental problems too

Washington, MO, 63648
Child SSI appeal for my 12 yr old son ADHD ODD Bipolar

Weber, UT, 84404
I have applied once before and been denied dws was helping me then and have all info on it can you help me get it now please

Hennepin, MN, 55343
i would like to apply for early retired at 62 year olds

Sacramento, CA, 95828
I just had surgery for cancer and I will not beable to work right now can u help me with state disabilty

Cuyahoga, OH, 44142
My son has ADHD and POTS syndrom and I applied for ssi for him and was denied.

Cook, IL, 60607
I am a 47 year oldtype 1 diabetic that is also taking heart medication have been out of work almost 2 years now have always been employed but right now im having physical problems

Jefferson, TX, 77708
keep having to appeal

Shasta, CA, 96002
I have accumulated depression, sense I was laidoff,2 years I have bad circulation in my legs.

Broome, NY, 13905
Am a disabled vet already recognized by the Veterans Admin. Want to talk to someone in Binghamton N Y

Broome, NY, 13905
Am a disabled vet already recognized by the Veterans Admin. Want to talk to someone in Binghamton N Y

Yellowstone, MT, 59101
Homeless with three kids two minor children one on SSI. I have a state voucher moved back to blgs for my daughters medical needs. I was staying at my brothers until he wanted us out because my son restrained my brother from hitting his wife. I have called housing of what was going on. please if someone can give me a call for the details there is so much that has happened since oct 3. I am fourty five and I have never been out on the street or even asked to have someone co sighn when its medical and under ten grand. i need a roof over my familys head to establish myself here billings so i can start working. Hopefully at ybgr where i worked in the past for over twelve years.

Tensas, LA, 71375
I have been getting SS. It stopped. So please call. Thank u.

Stark, OH, 44705
Been in jail for 7yrs and cant find a job because of this emotional distress and a bad leg from a guy trying to rod me

Calaveras, CA, 95252
I need to appeal my claim in two weeks I called a lawyer last month but they said I needed a treating doctor so I had to wait till county doctor was available since I don't have insurance or money now.

Orange, FL, 32839
Iam mentaly and physcialy disable for about 5 or 6yrs doc already submit info to SS office stating I can't work for the rest of my life. I file 4 SS in Aug, wen to SS medical & physical doctors i'm waitin on a decision. Im afraid theymay denied me b cuz i dont have a lawyer i check status everyday on the web site I guess i need a lawyer b 4 they make a decision. Can you help

Merced, CA, 93635
I have fibermialga everything hurts really bad everyday.

Brevard, FL, 32920
Diagnosed with Grand Mal Epilepsy - convulsive epilepsy unable to work, required medication prevents me from being able to Concentrate, numbness in my toes and my motor skills are impaired to the point of dangerous in work situations. Had first denial but was confused about sending in appeal, they say I must start over. My Neurologist says I can't be to tiered, to hungry, to thirsty, don't work on my medication, avoid bright lights. I have lost my license due to episodes causing car crashes twice. Also have injured myself at home due to Grand Mal seizures.

Benton, IN, 47944
mental patient and now in the hospital fighting for my life cannot hardly with tubes in my throat helping me breath now

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