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Newport News City, VA, 23605
i have ssd. they are taking 3 of my checks for some overpayment that supposedly accured over 20 yrs ago. when i was a minor. but they cant even tell me what yr it happened.

San Luis Obispo, CA, 93430
I am unable to work and according to my doctors will not recover I have had 2 major heart attacks have had stents in heart twice and recently had de fib and pace maker placed I have two complete shoulder tears in both shoulders and have routine cortezone injections now I have 4 bulging docs in lower back and advancing arthritis narrowing my spinal cord I Cabot stand or sit for any length of time and am constant pain my doctor says he will claim i am did abled for life on all three of these conditions i have a 17 year old daughter and wife living with me who rely on my support please help

Weber, UT, 84401
been denied

Weber, UT, 84401
have been denied

Taylor, TX, 79605
I was denied

Orange, CA, 92704
I have been diagnosed with chronic back pain i have extreme nerve pain in my right leg, i have been diagnosed with schizophrenic.

Orange, CA, 92801
I have been diagnosed with chronic back pain, i have been diagnosed as schizophrenic,i have extreme nerve pain in my right leg.

Jones, TX, 79525
I was diagnosed with cancer in Oct and have been undergoing radiation since January, after two surgeries, rendering me unable continue employment. I applied for disability income and was told I had to go to Christian counseling before they would review my case. I refused. Can the state of Texas force me to go to Christian counseling and deny me benefits for refusing.

Lake, FL, 34788
I'm 55 year's old and a licensed plumber. I have a 3 inch pin in my right hand that is now starting to disable my right hand. Seems that I can not find work due to age and arthritis.

Pima, AZ, 85748
I'm a 3 time kidney transplant recipient and have been on and off SSDI over the years as I would get back to working after transplantation, then back on SSDI when I would have another kidney failure. I had my last transplant in 2007 and have been off SSDI since 6/2012. I am now getting letters from SSDI saying they made mistakes in the past with payments and want repayment. Any help and clarification would be greatly appreciated

Oswego, NY, 13126
I have numerous factors which prohibit me from working including cardiac issues, anemia, incontinence, Hypsertension, Edema, Pulmonary Embolism, Hypothroidism, Depression, and mordid obesity. I am on multiple medications, and I am contanstaly dizzy, sick feeling, and toatally can't stay alert, sleep most of the day, I also have endrometreosis and bleed a lot. I can not work. I often coll asp. I can not walk far. I need a handicap parking sticker. I have horridly high blood pressure and have neared stroke level - been ordered to stay relaxes and quiet. I also was denied back when in MO - moved here in Nov. 2013 case was transferred but I need serious help to get awarded SSDI - the last time I worked was 5/2011. I have tried to work since but can't even get through an interview without an incontinence problem or becoming incoherent or unable to get up the stairs. I need help.

Worcester, MA, 01504
My brother lives in Brazil and has applied for Social security disability benefits, initially denied not having filed income taxes for 4 consecutive years. He has filed income taxes filed for request for reconsideration in 7/13 and still no reply from the social security arm on his application. Please help

Los Angeles, CA, 91604
my wife has Alziemers. forcing me to be a caregiver. I need to know if she qualifies for SSDI?

Lorain, OH, 44035
DDD (Degenerative disc disease) (722.52) Lumbosacral neuritis (724.4)

Liberty, GA, 31320
I have ulcerative colitis as well as ibs and fibromyalgia

Walworth, SD, 57601
I was turned down for Social Security Benefits because they said that I didn't have enough credits. But they sent me a letter stating that I do have enough credits and got denied. So now I have 60 days to appeal my case.

SSA found my (5) year old granddaugher disabled in 2002 and paid Child & Family Services. I received a letter stating that SSI needed a payee on record. Once I gave them the information they are saying that she is not eligible to receive disability because she is not an adult. However, money has been paid out since 2010. She has anoxic brain damage, special needs kid, she needs more surgery when she gets older. She was severely burned at 10 months from the waist down and received skin grafts. There is no flexibility in her feet which keeps her off balance. SSI does not have her medical records and I would like to know how the determination was made and why now that she is ineligible.

Knox, OH, 43014
SSD Turned down 04/03/14

Honolulu, HI, 96816
I had meniscus surgery on both my legs spinal fusion and a shatter shin bone on my left leg and sciatica pain going down my right leg I have a hard time walking far 10 minutes is hard I'm in therapy now and it's still hard to stand and walk long

Inyo, CA, 93514
lower back injury,L4-L5,HERNIATED BULGING DISC,2major surgeries been performed,screws,bolts,titanium hardware installed,released 2005,have tried to work,to many restrictions on me cannot perform even simple work without causing pain.Applied for ssdi&ssi1/31/14,turned down for both on 3/18/14.Other atty's wont take case,because DLI is,12/31/07 even though i worked,2008-2009.Been told to seek SSI medical attorney only.I need a no recovery no fee attorney.Live 200 miles N. of L.A. Ca.,I will drive to see an atty from mojave into L.A. if needed.50 days left to appeal.Spent 10 days so far talking to referall services 2 atty's called but there from backeast.I need help!

El Dorado, CA, 95762
In Feb 2012, I was forced into early retirement due absenteeism resulting from several health conditions. Heart disease, 2 heart attacks, chest pain, shortness of breath, back pain and depression are some of the conditions and I have not improved any in the last 2 years.

Bates, MO, 64723
MS and back need to start process for some type of benefit since unable to work

Salt Lake, UT, 84103
I applied for ssii and was denied and i would like to apeal my case and need some help doing so could you please have an attorney call me Thank You for your time.

Edgecombe, NC, 27886
whiltley gets socialsecurity and she works parttime but they say she makes too much she has toom pay them back i dont uncerstand shes part time

Marion, SC, 29571
SSA Overpayment

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