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Ventura, CA, 93003
agoraphobia with panic attacks

Denton, TX, 75068
applied for SSDI, SS said I am 4 credits short, have to make addtl 4800 to be eligible for SSDI. how can I work and make the 4800 if I am disabiled. SS said I could apply for SSI but SS was asking more about my wife income, etc than myself. they are wanting addlt info on my wife and adult disability form on myself but once again SS said I am not eligible for SSDI. So I am not sure whether to provde them the info on my self and my wife...

Marquette, WI, 53949
I filed for SSI and was denied and need help filing a appeal. They did not consider that I was on it before for my bipolar disorder and social anxiety disorder. Now I have been diagnosed with Hep C and Fibromyalgia also

Alameda, CA, 94606
A year ago I was diagnosed with diabetes. Leaving me with the inability to operate a motor vehicle.

Noble, OH, 45727
i applied for my son and he was denied. he has mild mr anxiety,depression,and had a bad drug addiction

Saint Croix, WI, 54017
I'm not receiving all the benefits I'm supposed to receive.

Maricopa, AZ, 85345
I just got my citizenship. I am 81 years old. I went to get my social security card with all my paperwork. They want me to go back to 1933 for school records, shot records, work etc. Back to 1933 is almost impossible. Some work places are no longer there, some doctors are dead. I don't understand after waiting for 2 yrs to get my citizenship that now I have to go through all of this. I just cant believe it.

McClain, OK, 73031
Severe migraine, severe high blood pressure, bulg disk lower back

Volusia, FL, 32114
I have had a broken hip and pelvis in nine places since March 2007 and social security keeps denying me my benefits trying to put me back to work when they know the condition that I am in and still will not approve my claim.

San Bernardino, CA, 92335
I was collecting both veterans benefits for over a year and soc sec decided to stop my soc sec benefits no questions asked please help

Montgomery, AL, 36116

Bell, TX, 76549
I need information or help with filing for ss disability. my first appointment the beginning of Feburary

Bartow, GA, 30103
Was in a car accident Jan 26, 2011, my left hip was shattered. I am still on pain killers and do not have full use of my left leg.

Middlesex, VA, 23169
chronic arthritis ,and bone spurs

Bexar, TX, 78203
I just relocated from Colorado to san ANtonio and I have hearing scheduled and I need a attorney I had one in Colorado but he is no longer on my case due to me living here in San Antonio so I really need to find a attorney for my case.

Marion, IL, 62854
I was on ssi all my life I went to prison for 10 years I got out they deneyed me on dec 18 I just cant be around people no more it just dont feel right I was raped in prison and I just dont know what to do.

Saint Joseph, MI, 49093
I have had 3 back surgeries, the last 2 were fusions (lumbar), and I currently need more fusion in my cervical area. I haven't been able to work since April, 2013. I do not have insurance, but have applied for Medicaid and cash assistance. My doctor has resigned, so my case is still pending. I also have sleep myoclonus, depression, HBP, chronic pain in lower back and right hip. The issues in my right hip have not been resolved with injections and PT. I can't sleep at night from pain, and can't maintain a normal schedule. I've been denied 3 times for disability.

Geary, KS, 66441
90% va disabled

Baker, OR, 97834
medical retirement from federal service May 2011. I work on occasion for supplemental income. am age 59&2 mos. Military reserve retirement pending in 10 mos. have 5 stents in heart. Sailed ships for US Dept. Commerce and they would not let me do it anymore, granted standard retirement. collecting benefits.

Orange, CA, 92658
My SS was stopped after I went to work & reported all my income. They are claiming I was overpaid. I thought my benefits were protected & do not agree that I was overpaid by them.

Providence, RI, 02909
Yes hi i was just denied ssi with is bull shit i have three doctor declearing me disabled ive had two surgurys on my back and have hip and nerve damage

Yates, NY, 14837
spondalolethesis birth defect lower spine. causes pain in back and legs and now suffers from migrains that may or may not have anything to do with the spine.

Keokuk, IA, 52591
I am continuously losing my vision and field of vision due to diabetes attacking my eyes. I have unmanaged diabetes. I had a small heart attack last summer. I also have a curve in my spine that causes great pain.

Washington, TN, 37601
Bipolor/high anxiety

Jefferson, KY, 40216
My kids father was hit and killed by a drunk driver in 2007 and I have been so lost on what I need to do it try getting help taking care of my children... The excuses I keep hearing when I did try for help was he didnt pay enough taxes in but no one could ever give me a dollar amount or anything...I even said keep the back pay and just find a way to help me out...I am a single working mother and its very hard and im just looking for help or answers...Please give me a call and just let me know something...Thanks

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