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King, WA, 98188
I was released from prison on 10-4-2012 crime of convention was child molestation in the first degree. One count while in prison I found out that I suffer from PTSD and Depression! Since being released, it has been found that I also suffer from bipolar disorder,anxiety disorder. I also have a torn meniscus in my right knee that requires surgery! I cannot work do to these problems ! I am now homeless because of these problems!!I now have no other recourse but too seek your help.

Essex, MA, 01950
hepitiac c ,asthma ,anxiety

Parker, TX, 76487
I have filed and I was denied

Kern, CA, 93307
I am epileptic and have grand mal seizures

Clay, AR, 72461
My first case is going into the 8th circuit court and the David Throesch law firm does not handle that so they said I had to find someone who did. They have a second case in process of going before the judge. I have Asthma, fibromyalgia, arthritis, pain in my lower back, hip, and legs daily, I have thoughts of suicide and have acted once on those thoughts. Spent five days at the Twin Rivers Hospital for the over dose and seeking some help. I still have the thoughts often. Can't afford insurance yet, I have a lot of bills that I can't pay. So I often suffer with my pain or what ever the day bring with out help except the medications the doctor has me on. If I would like to find someone who will call me often; on what is going on with my case.

Solano, CA, 94591
i am us /polish citizen before i arrive to us i had work in poland in police im 66 applied for ss benefits w totalization of polish earnings.they ss do know whot to do with my case.i did submitet all the valid papers to them no ansver

Pinal, AZ, 85132
I was denied benefits, I have hypertension, sugar diabetes, had 2 strokes and lose momentum in my left side of my body, lose of short term memory. mood swings. I take approx. 7 medications twice a day, also have neuropathy.

Salem, NJ, 08067
Currently on State Disability. Injuries to neck and back. Unable to perform work - Truck Driver

Autauga, AL, 37799
high blood pressure,diabetes,ostoarthritis in l1 toL4 high chololistrol

Wilcox, AL, 36722
my daughter gets SSI and I was working and one day I received A letter from Social Security stating that because of me working they had overpaid my daughter and like I told them how does one thing have to do with the other I mean I could see if I was getting SSI and got A job and like I told them how does one thing have to do with the other

Brevard, FL, 32901
I'm Bipolar, The VA put me at 100% My claim for SSDI was denied. I wasn't working when I filed my claim, I'm now working one day week. That's all I can handle. My own father fired me bc my symptoms got so bad. I'm making $300 a month.

Livingston, MO, 64664
I filed and was denied . My heart is flat on one side .I have 5stints in my heart .hypertension, my heart stops beats . I take nitroglycerin. The dr getting ready to put 4stint in each leg

Ventura, CA, 93003
agoraphobia with panic attacks

Denton, TX, 75068
applied for SSDI, SS said I am 4 credits short, have to make addtl 4800 to be eligible for SSDI. how can I work and make the 4800 if I am disabiled. SS said I could apply for SSI but SS was asking more about my wife income, etc than myself. they are wanting addlt info on my wife and adult disability form on myself but once again SS said I am not eligible for SSDI. So I am not sure whether to provde them the info on my self and my wife...

Marquette, WI, 53949
I filed for SSI and was denied and need help filing a appeal. They did not consider that I was on it before for my bipolar disorder and social anxiety disorder. Now I have been diagnosed with Hep C and Fibromyalgia also

Alameda, CA, 94606
A year ago I was diagnosed with diabetes. Leaving me with the inability to operate a motor vehicle.

Noble, OH, 45727
i applied for my son and he was denied. he has mild mr anxiety,depression,and had a bad drug addiction

Saint Croix, WI, 54017
I'm not receiving all the benefits I'm supposed to receive.

Maricopa, AZ, 85345
I just got my citizenship. I am 81 years old. I went to get my social security card with all my paperwork. They want me to go back to 1933 for school records, shot records, work etc. Back to 1933 is almost impossible. Some work places are no longer there, some doctors are dead. I don't understand after waiting for 2 yrs to get my citizenship that now I have to go through all of this. I just cant believe it.

McClain, OK, 73031
Severe migraine, severe high blood pressure, bulg disk lower back

Volusia, FL, 32114
I have had a broken hip and pelvis in nine places since March 2007 and social security keeps denying me my benefits trying to put me back to work when they know the condition that I am in and still will not approve my claim.

San Bernardino, CA, 92335
I was collecting both veterans benefits for over a year and soc sec decided to stop my soc sec benefits no questions asked please help

Montgomery, AL, 36116

Bell, TX, 76549
I need information or help with filing for ss disability. my first appointment the beginning of Feburary

Bartow, GA, 30103
Was in a car accident Jan 26, 2011, my left hip was shattered. I am still on pain killers and do not have full use of my left leg.

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