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Durham, NC, 27701
Social security has been denying my overpayment appeals and when I go to the building they have made statements that would justify their negligence in recording overpayments which has caused my emotional state to worsen. They have been aware of financial crisises throughout even the ticket to work program and have used it against me and caused more grief as if I was not deserving of assistance. I feel they are not willing to work with me and are abusing policy at local office and have made mistatements

Lake, CA, 95457
I need to produce more info to my case. Please will explain in further detail

Taylor, TX, 79605
I have been denied disability five times, have no peripheral vision and generalized anxiety disorder. Also I have tried working but have been told am to slow with my anxiety.

Los Angeles, CA, 93551
*Congestive heart failure with cardio myopathy. I can't walk more than a few minutes at a time without resting *Post operative hernia from surgery for a Fistula between my liver and my gal bladder during which they removed my gal bladder, appendix and a section of my colon which gave me IBS. *both knees crackle and pop from fragments under the knee cap. It goes with the trade, I was an electrician for 30 years. *supinator muscle in my right arm (I'm right handed) was torn from the bone and after surgery never took hold. *tinnitus in both ears is getting much worse. *arthritis in both hands has gotten worse.

Union, AR, 71730

Taylor, TX, 79508
I've applied for disability and was denied. I sent a request fur reconsideration in October and haven't heard anything about my case. What can i do?

Taylor, TX, 79601
I've been denied for ssi a few times. I have PTSD anxiety chronic depression chronic back pain sciatica ADHD. I need help winning my case. Thank you

Travis, TX, 78669
I have physical conditions that will not allow me to work and I need help.

Orange, FL, 32703
Disability said i need a lawyer

Costilla, CO, 81133
I filed,was denied.(schizophrenic form & PTSD apx.5/15/97..was rated unemployable. Relocated out of States.. back in US now for a couple of years. Also have other medical issues to add . Under medical advisement /Dr's care presently. Thanks for your assistance.

Stark, OH, 44601
Hello, I've been filing for SSD and haven't gotten any where. I have a lot of ongoing problems like lumbar and cervical degenerative disc disease with radiculopathy and myelopathy, synovial cyst. It's worsening.

Nassau, NY, 11758
Inquiring for SSI benefits for my 18 year old high functioning autistic daughter, with corresponding mental issues

Contra Costa, CA, 94565
I had already applied for disability & denied. I hired a lawyer to take my case. It eventually went to the ALJ but I was denied by the judge. I would like to know if I can reapply again for disability.

Barron, WI, 54868
I've spent most of my life in prison. I have PTSD and social anxiety disorder. That makes it hard to deal with daily life. I've been out of prison for about one year. I have not been able to keep a job because of it. Its hard to even go out to deal with public. And I have a bad hip. This keeps me from working. I've also become so depressed from dealing with the issues.

Autauga, AL, 151442

Linn, IA, 52402
I was previously approved for disability in 2007 due to my severe bleeding disorder (vonWillebrans Disease) and mental health issues (bipolar disorder, PTSD, antisocial personality disorder, severe anxiety). I received benefits up until July of this year. Unexpectedly I received a letter stating that the social security people were going to review my claim. Two months later they sent me a letter stating that my medical condition had improved and that I was capable of working now and they took away my benefits. My condition is permanent and has NOT gotten better nor has it "improved" any. I have been to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN and the hematology clinic at the U of I in Iowa City and they have repeatedly advised me that there was nothing they could do to help me. I want to appeal this decision but I don't have an attorney. I have filed the appeal and am now at the stage where I can request a hearing before an administrative law judge. It is my understanding that at this stage I am entitled to the appointment of a "representative" or attorney to assist with the remaining proceedings.

Oklahoma, OK, 73131
I was on disability & was told I could work. Now they say I was overpaid & I went on social security in May 2017. Now they are going to take all of my SS check for the next 28 months. I am 65 & being forced to go back to work. Can you help

Autauga, AL, 115213

Autauga, AL, 111223

Lawrence, OH, 45680
I've been getting check since I was 12 I'm 30 now they took it need to file an aapesl

Randall, TX, 79119
I just received an denial letter from SSDI on the 12-2-17.

Siskiyou, CA, 96025
I was approved for both SSDI and SSI and when the local office prepared my SSDI they failed to give me my protected onset date which was my SSI application

Clay, IL, 62899
I have a learning disability. I graduated hs in May. But filed for ssi and got denied even though my denial paper said I am considered disabled they said I can work

Rockbridge, VA, 24555
I filed for disability, SSI, and Survivor's Benefits. Today I got letters denying the disability benefits and survivors benefits from my wife. A second letter saying I was approved but not for what I assume ssi however they say to wait on a second notice before any appeal. The other letter says I have 60 days. I'm confused and need help.

Riverside, CA, 92539
I need both knees replaced I also have diabetes and sleep apnea my feet have nerve damage and my vision is now 20/40

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