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Riverside, CA, 92509
3 herniated disks from 2 workers comp cases almost 90-100% disabled from calif workers comp cases-60 yrs old and am homeless for 2 yrs now

Taylor, TX, 79605
I have got scoliosis and it's really hard for me to stand for long periods of time, a and bending can be difficult

Burnet, TX, 78611
I'm likely short in time to appeal or change anything. Really need SSI benefits. I've been getting form after form after form to fill out with the name "Terry Sanders" attached to every form. I think it's apparent they're gonna deny me or already have. I absolutely need to succeed in aquiring SSI. Need guidance and advice on my situation as well as a lawyer who can dedicate the time to help me get these jerks to give me SSI. I'm pretty sure I qualify. Phone number sent is my grandmother's. She's far more likely to pick up the phone then I ever am.

Pierce, WA, 98372
chronic midline low back pain rightside sciatica,DDD,fracture lumbar vetebra,compression,sequela, fusion L4-L5 in 2003

Taylor, TX, 79603
I'm 62 and receive SS. I applied for disability and Medicaid buy-in. Was denied both. I work 16 hours a week at the home Depot. I have undiagnosed abdominal pain, swelling and rash on my face and abrupt onset diabetes. I missed 24 days of work in 24 months. I am a patient at Presbyterian Med Mission. I need a GI specialist. All is related.

Aransas, TX, 78382
In Nov.2014 I received a letter informing me that my benefits were being stopped because of my husband's wages. I immediately called the Social Security main number and was told that if our living situation changed then my benefits would be reinstated. I was told by 3 different 3 different agents I had till July of 2016 to change my living situation. My husband moved out June 1,2016 and I called that day to report the change and I was told someone had "jumped the gun" and but me in for termination for inactivity in May2016. I was never ineligible because my health improved, my health has only gotten worse since I was originally approved for SSI in the late 1990's.

Taylor, TX, 79602
I was raped at 9 yrs old i have mental health issues cuz of it n i have heart murmur and im anemia and im just messed in the head because of what he did to me.

Benzie, MI, 49683
Socoal security disability

New Castle, DE, 19808
I was approved for SSI and denied for SS disability. My case worker as SS told me to get a lawyer and appeal it due to my workmens comp case.

Burnet, TX, 78611
I applied for SSI benefits. Got rejected, but I'm pretty sure I'm qualified. Also I'm skeptical about what happened while I was filling out an online application. It timed out while I was active, and then on re-entry it said my information was wrong when I'm sure it wasn't. Despite my inability to finish the entire application I still recieved a rejection letter in the mail focusing on SSDI when I was applying SSI in the first place.

Harnett, NC, 27501
diagnosed with colon cancer 11/16. have had chemo, radiation and two major surgeries since diagnosed. presently receiving more IV chemo

Maricopa, AZ, 85212
I have been trying to get disability for over a year now. I have severe back problems & can't work. I have been through physical therapy, many shots in my lower back,and now am scheduled to coterize nerves in low back. I have been taking pain meds just to relax.If I try to lifting or bending down the meds Don't help. I have had an MRI and it shows herniated disc and spondalosis. Need help.Not good at dealing with this sort of thing,or people in general

Stillwater, MT, 59001
I'm inquiring if your firm drafts purcha­se and sales agreeme­nts for boat sales. Please respond if you do.

Taylor, TX, 79601
I was at United getting groceries, and I take my small dog with me every time. She stays in the carrier, and all the managers that have approached me, as to whether she's registered, have said it was fine. The last time I went in a girl approached me, after I checked out, saying my dog wasn't allowed, so I asked her to get the manager. Victoria came over, and she asked if I had a service dog, and I told her she's an ESD and she's registered. She was very rude, we were in the front of the store, at the Customer Service Counter. All the customers were watching and employees, I was humiliated. Victoria kept pointing to the small notice about service animals, saying an ESD was not the same as a service dog, and that I had to have physical and/or mental issues to bring the for in the store. I told her she didn't know what my issues were atleast 4 times, thinking she would ask me privately the 2 questions that can be asked. But, she just kept interrupting me, rereading the small sign. I asked if I could return the items I just bought, after she said I'd have to leave. I was so upset, and I said I would leave as soon as I got my money back, but she said she never said I had to leave, and I was so hurt and upset, but she kept denying she told me to leave, and then said I could return the items after I removed the dog. I got to my car and just broke down crying. I've never been treated that way, and I take my dog everywhere. I'm on disability, so my income is low, but I don't know what to do. I need groceries, but I'm afraid to go back to United. Other stores are further away, but 98% of the time, I don't have the energy to go anywhere else. I have physical issues, depression, as well as PTSD. Can you help me?

Ocean, NJ, 08757
I suffer from bipolar disorder and other ailments

Alameda, CA, 94536
been denied twice have dr letter stating i cant work due to transverse myelitis

Clay, WV, 25285
I was hurt on 1-29-1976, in 1984 I tried to get SS but was denied because of credits even though I was found disabled by SS Doct and a 3 panel Judge of SS. Now that I am 60 years old, and My wife has worked for the Schools systems as a teacher for the last 25 years, Now they say I am not disable and I do not have rights to her works credits.

Anderson, SC, 29654
I just started going to a doctor for deep depression anxiety and social problems.

Flathead, MT, 59901
I have sarcoidosis and I'm on 3 liters of oxygen all the time because of this disorder.

Shackelford, TX, 76430
Hi Debra You represented me back in 2008. I would like to use you're services again in regards to ssi. Thank you

Los Angeles, CA, 90247
Hi i been on ssi since a letter last month to go see a doctor i never seen before.Now got a letter that my benifits being stopped on 7/1/17.I got 10 days to appeal to keep check.Then 60 days to appeal in court..

Pearl River, MS, 39466
I applied for disability in april 2011 for my severe depression and need legal representation for my hearing

Taylor, TX, 79601
This is for my son, Matthew Casady. The end of July 2016 he collapsed, I took him to E.R. at Hendricks Medical Center in Abilene, TX. He spent 5 weeks there suffering from alcohol related neuropathy, malnutrition from IBS . He has hemrroids all in his intestines. He was very confused in the hospital not knowing where he was or why. He is better now but he has burning pain in his legs and feet. His right hand is damaged from an old injury and can not be fixed according to the surgeon. His suffers from anxiety and confusion. It is difficult for him to go anywhere. We filed and at the first of May we received a denial letter. I think he should appeal. A friend told us about Debra Wood, we would like to talk to her

Kern, CA, 93308
Ex SSI doctor looked at my MRI and told me I needed to file. Was denied but I know I have a case

Suffolk, NY, 11901
Been receiving SSI since 2006. Have since moved home with husband, who receives Suffolk Co. disability, pension etc, My SSI is being cut off saying thay my husband makes TOO much money in order for me to maintain my mental health benefits...this is SO lawyer so far wants to tuch my case saying they don't get invilved with "monetary issues". I don't know what to do next...they are also saying that I owe Social Security $5,000 in back bullshit. PLEASE could you steer me in the right die rection?

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