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Saint Louis city, MO, 63111
just a ? can you file for ssi if you receive 808.00pr. mo. social security

Newport News City, VA, 23607
Need Social Security disability benefits.

East Baton Rouge, LA, 70811
I have applied for disability and have been denied. I have had 2 back surgeries within 1.5 years and have been advised by 2 surgeons, I will need a fusion within the next couple of years

Uinta, WY, 82939
Well I haven't filed anything yet I just done the question that u fill out for it and it said I didn't qualify for disability so I thought I would contact a lawyer and get his opinion on it to see if I qualify or not it would be easier to tell him than to type it all down Its been a while since I've been in my Email so I don't even know if I can get in just to let u know Thanks

Stillwater, MT, 59001
I am writing in hopes of talking to an attorney in your firm who handles business transaction matter. If it makes sense to talk, let me know how your calendar looks.

Sacramento, CA, 95841
Diagnosed with non Hodgkin lymphoma 2015 in Nevada. Relocated to Sacramento . Hired counsel . Looking for counsel that has my best interest in mind

Riverside, CA, 92240
Back in 2015 I was diagnosed with moderately severe degenerative spinal osteoarthritis which has got worse in the past 18 months. I also have peripheral neuropathy. I will be 63 in July and I am still working but with great difficulty. I do not know if the workers over 60 grid would apply to me but my choice right now is to keep suffering or quit my job and become homeless.

Buchanan, VA, 24639
I have mental and physical problems that limit me from being able to work

Washington, OR, 97116
previous attorney lost my case and quit on me. ss denied my appeal

Orange, FL, 32817
I have dementia and it's getting worse

Grays Harbor, WA, 98569
I am in a lot of pain due to back injury. I've recently had X-ray and then MRI .

Sacramento, CA, 95608
Overpayment dispute

Grant, WI, 53811
Was denied even though have heart problems. Had open heart surgery in June 2016. Had clamp placed in mitral valve in January 2017. Have to undergo another surgery to have valve replaced. Cardiologist has placed me on medical leave and recommends disability.

Haskell, TX, 79544
I Have A Learning Disability, And Scoliosis In My Lower Back. And I Have Arthritis In My Right Knee.

Salt Lake, UT, 84117
I am a disabled veteran and the VA has put me on individual unemployability IU as of November 2016. I filed for Social Security and was denied.

San Bernardino, CA, 92405
I was severely traumatized during my military service. I have been unable to work due to this disability. I was disapproved for social security by letter on March 22nd.

Fort Bend, TX, 77471
Do you handle common law marriage survivor ss benefits ? Need an attorney in Fort Bend County. Thank you

Stanislaus, CA, 95307
I have severe arthritis in my back I also am having back surgery on April 25, 2017 and my sciatica is being pinched

Coleman, TX, 76834
I am trying to get my disability the lawyer i had has stopped representing me

Marshall, MS, 38635
Autism/bipolar had job for 6 mths through Ticket to Work Program and lost it due to physical ailments caused by the job. SSA refuses to put client back on SSI because she didn't work 2 years.

Los Angeles, CA, 91321
I am already on SSI and was on SSDI but have switched SSDI to Survivor Benefits. I am only receiving $362 for SSI and $421 for Survivor Benefits and am interested in looking into see if I can get more. I was only getting about $300 from SSDI that's why I switched to Survivors. I am Bi-Polar Type 2 Manic Depressive. Im 31 and have been receiving all this since I was 18, my mother is my beneficiary but only because of my voluntary choice when I first was accepted when I was 18 and am now locked in, but by her being so I am also on her health insurance.

Stillwater, MT, 59001
Does your firm draft sale agreement and taking new clients? Respond and let me know when you are available to discuss details.

McPherson, KS, 67428
My son 8 years old, just got denied SSDI. Now am needing to appeal his case as he has Craniosynostosis, ADHD, and Idiopathic Short Stature, & slow memory processing speed.

Cass, IL, 62611
I have a hearing comig up on May 8th. I just had to let my lat attorney go ... Citizens Disability for the simple fact they did absolutely nothing to help me prepare for my hearing. I believe I am more than prepared and I am willing to do whatever it takes to get añy more evidence to help support my disability claim. I have several seizure episodes that last for a few days to a few weeks. During these episodes I am unable to walk, talk, and my memory function is very liw. EEG monitoring shows low brain activity. I also have severe vertigo. My drivers license has been revoked. I suffer from bipolar mania, depression, sleep disorders, adhd, social anxiety, hypothyroidism, high blood pressure, urinary incontinence, obgyn issues among, asthma among other things

Wise, VA, 24219
Been denied once and now have a court day on April 13 2017 lots of problems

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