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Polk, FL, 33881

Polk, FL, 33853

Brazoria, TX, 77584
I've been diagnosed with severe depression as ADHD since the age of 13 or 14. I cannot hold onto a job for very long, and go through phases of working extremely hard/motivated to being physically unable to get out of bed and dreading that I have to wake up another day.

Orange, CA, 92651
My disability benefits have been stopped and Social Security is claiming that they have overpaid over $18,000.

Walton, GA, 30655
bad arthritis from the neck down to legs,spot on long ,told i have epilepsy ,skitsoeffective

San Bernardino, CA, 92284
I have multiple diseases which make it impossible to work. I've been denied social security benefits twice now and need to appeal my case. I only have 45 days to do this.

Shelby, TN, 38018
I want to see if I can draw my husband social security. AOYK

New York, NY, 10040
I'm bi-polar, have PTSD and ADHD. Lost my 10 year teaching career directly due to my disabilities. Applied, denied and appealed SSI, no court date but in the system. Currently receive wellfare- their doc says I'm disabled and need to go federal. Looking for back SSI/SSID payments as well as future payment. Please have experience with MENTAL ILLNESS

Maricopa, AZ, 85304
I have a hearing on 7-4-16 at 9:30 am. I need an attorney to be able to represent me at this hearing because the judge requested that I have one. I have all my paperwork & discs to review. I know its last minute notice but If I go to this hearing without an attorney the judge will automatically deny my claim because he insisted I get an attorney. Please only contact me if it is possible to attend this hearing.

New Haven, CT, 06401

Peoria, IL, 61523
I have scoliosis and had herrington rod surgery in 1977.I have had pain for most of my adult life but it has gotten so intense now that i am unable to stand or sit for long periods of time. I can no longer lift items that i needed to for my job. I will be having surgery again on Aug 3rd to hopefully relieve at least some of the pain.

Wake, NC, 27613
I am 66 in August, Have worked for 45 years. I sell furniture full time and I asked for my ss at 62. I made 30,000 each year and my monthly amount was stopped for the last 8 months. I get a letter saying the payments would be resumed in August 20167 but I owe another $8700 due by October 19, 2016. I have no way to pay this and I need the ss to live on. I have diabetes, have high blood pressure, a arthritic knee and have sciatica. I thought I would be able to go maybe part time in August but now they will cut off my ss again to repay the 8700. I NEEDED THE SS at 62 is why I asked for it. I had to stop taking out payroll taxes for 6 nmonths to try to compensate for no ss. Now I owe the IRS #approx. $4000 and the state

Montgomery, TX, 77356
I have been denied for disability. I am a type 1 diabetic. I have gastroperisis, bipolar disorder, high blood pressure, and severe nuropathey. I also have problems with my eyes. I am often in the hospital in diabetic keto acidosis. I need help with an appeal.

Salt Lake, UT, 84104

Washtenaw, MI, 48108
denied again, but disabled. Do I have to divorce my wife?

York, ME, 04048
Hi, I just got my denied letter back from my ssdi and need help. Had a back fusion in 2011 then in 2015 ruptured my disk

Santa Cruz, CA, 95005
We filed an SSI claim for our daughter who id developmentally delyaed and a San Andreas Regional Center Client. We have been denied and are seeking to appeal. We feel we will need support with this. She just turned 18 and we are set for our Limited Conservatorship hearing on July 8th. We need to file the appeal by the first week of August.

San Bernardino, CA, 92363
I am a substitute party to a deceased claimant. The case had been denied. I went in front of an ALJ a week ago and was granted a postponement to find legal counsel. The claimant was diagnosed with seizures,anxiety, panic disorder. I can be contacting by e-mail for the next few days. Thank you

Lafayette, FL, 32066
I have currently been denied SSDI and I am at the ALJ hearing process but have been waiting for an extended long period of time to have a hearing. I have neck pain issues related to surgery, lower back pain related to previous surgery at age of 11 and right hip pain as well as ankle pain associated with recent surgery. I am currently seeing a pain management specialist but have been unemployed since 3/2015 due to absences related to medical issues. I have also been diagnosed with Bi-Polar Disorder, Depression and Anxiety for which I am currently seeing a psychiatrist to assist with these issues. I need a representative to help me because every time I call SSA I am asked if I have a representative since they will be able to better access my records. The best way to contact me is via email at this time. Thanks you for your help!!

Comanche, TX, 76442
I had a car accident November 8, 2015 resulting in a lot of back pain and I cannot do the things I use to. Thank You for your help.

Baltimore city, MD, 21206
I applied for disability myself. i have bipolar disorder and ADD. I'm looking to hire an attorney to help with the appeals process. I need to appeal by june 29, 2016.

Wichita, TX, 76302
I have both shoulders that need rotator surgery, I have sleep apnea, peripheral neuropathy in my legs, heel Spurs, flat feet, arthritis in both feet, planters fasciitis in both feet. I had neck fusion surgery twice in 2006, which qualified me for SSDI then, but I went to college and changed careers and cancelled it when I returned to work. Now I have more health problems and can't get work.

Contra Costa, CA, 94507
The claim of overpaymentgoing back to 2004-2005has been decided already in court in my favorin 2007. They are in violation of the court decision by stopping the payments for the purpose of collecting the same amount.

Otsego, NY, 13796
I was wondering if somebody can call me a.s.a.p I had applied for disability and got denied because of my mental condition

Otsego, NY, 13796
I have recently applied for disability for my mental conditions and got denied

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