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Fauquier, VA, 22712
I have applied and been denied twice and appealed 3nobths ago and haven't heard back. I had back surgeries 2 yrs ago and still live in constant pain. I tried going back to work part time a year ago and it didn't last long . I was unable to function at home with kids and family. Ending up in bed on most day off.

Waynesboro City, VA, 22980
I need a lawyer for my disability I appealed the appeals council I have bipolar disorder and depression, panic and anxiety attacks

Wayne, OH, 44667
I get s.s.i. now but I no I should be getting more income than what I get now. I want it looked into. everyone else gets raises but mine stays the same. I need more income please look into this for me.

Montezuma, CO, 81321
I would like to find out about my SS . When I signed up at 62 The SS administration said I could draw 245 dollars, but since i had a civil service anuity, they cut my SS in half calling it a wind fall profit, I wonder if this was right.

Pasco, FL, 33545
Need help with preparing for ALJ hearing....denied disability benefits

Merced, CA, 93635
I been out of work sence 5\23\2014 getting ready for back surgery in the spine the L4, L5 the Disc was so thin paper thin it was hurting so bad. I can't walk that good, stand up that long, bend down, or claim stair, the left leg is real bad, right leg it a little good. I use to do caregiving now I can't so what could i sitting it hard cause got to have my leg up

Pike, IN, 47590
Suffer from Fibromyalgia, Osteoarthritis, IBS, Gastritist, Depression, Anxiety. On 3rd appeal

Denver, CO, 80205
I was denied benefits, now I'm in a shelter. I'm now ready to loose my doctor no body believes that I'm telling the truth. I need help or I'm going to on the streets again I'm at Samaritan house I'm going to be discharged. Now I about to lose my d octor can you help me.

I am a disabled veteran,left lung removed,thyroid cancer,rhumatiod arthritis only getting 1.300.00mtly to survive on. I do not get any food stamps or Veteran disabilities,only trying to see if I can get any increase in SSDI.

Kitsap, WA, 98392
Have been diagnosed with post dramatic stress syndrome. Been imprisoned for 68 months. Have difficulty being in public. Filed for SSI and have court appearance date set for 4/19/16 in Seattle Washington. Currently residing in Kitsap County

Collin, TX, 75287
Was unable to work past 2005. SS denied my disability because I didn't have enough points after 2011. My spouse received SS disability and his earnings keep me from qualifying for SSI. I have medical records from 1996 - present.

Brown, WI, 54302
Physical and Mental Issues and the fact that I'm currently seeing doctors. I have P.T.S.D.(complex), depression, anxiety, my right leg goes numb as does my left arm. With all of this I also have severe migraine headaches.

Brown, WI, 54302
Still seeing doctors, therapist, counselor, and am unable to perform the work that I do as a heavy-equipment operator/laborer. I have been diagnosed with P.T.S.D.(complex), depression, and anxiety. just received letter stating that they will not honor my disabilities?

Decatur, IN, 47240
I have bi polar borderline personality disorder ADHD depression anxiety PTSD I also have some physical disabilities I was ran over by a truck roughly 7 yes ago and my pelvis on the left side was almost completely broke I also have neropathy in my left foot

Tazewell, IL, 61611
I've applied twice and got denied I have Fibromyaliga, Arthritis, Depression, Headaches, Stressed, Anxiety,and I have problems Sleeping. It's hard for me to find a job with all this pain all day everyday.

Bradford, FL, 32091
I have an open case with your firm. Have not heard from anyone referring the status of my case. Please have someone respond to my request for information please. NH 590 22 4034

Queens, NY, 11005
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Brown, TX, 76801
Appeals Council received appeal 21 Dec 2015. Unfavorable decision mental health and physical issues. Requested audio tape. VE stated I could not keep a job 1 being late for work because of medicine 2 missing days of work from depression.

Camden, NJ, 08108
I suffer from severe anxiety and ADD/ADHD, along with OCD and depression.

Clackamas, OR, 97086
I have been denied 2 times already been doing this for 4 1/2 years alferia where all the bioducts are not all formed at birth and now I have Cirrhosis of the liver I am goin in for a liver byosp here in the next month ...

Tazewell, VA, 24630
Have been turned down two times on my case with s.s.d also have let the 60 days pass i have been on medical leave for all most two years now could you please help me ?

Siskiyou, CA, 96094
I have been denied twice, I have ulcerative colitis, with severe excema. My doctor has written me a letter stating my conditions and that I am able to work 12 months or longer.i have routine bloody, painful bowel movements that keep me in the bathroom most of my time, very depressed . anxiety and mentally losing it because of this disease

Orange, CA, 92630

Oconee, SC, 29693
Started SSA payments at age 62, rec'd 7 mont hs of payments, suspended payments, paid all "over payments"back to SSA. SSA now says that I will receive the age 62 monthly and not the age 66 payment since I did not "withdraw" my request but only suspended the request.

Los Angeles, CA, 90813
Im bi.polar on meds and im always jumping from moods to different moods my mind in consitly running about 95.miles min.

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