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Contra Costa, CA, 94564

Douglas, NE, 68111
Please help, my daughter has been denied and I don't agree with that. my daughter has been in and out of Mental hospital since 2013 she is still in the 10th grade because she spend more time in the hospital both of her arms are full of cuts and burn marks from self harming she can not give you direction from one place to the other. please someone call me I really need help at this time we are in Charlotte Ne we are moving back to Omaha Ne in April please help I Don't know what to do

Mecklenburg, NC, 28212
My Daughter has been denied two times. Am not sure why she have been in and out of mental health Hospitals 2013 she have self harm her self many time both of her arms are scared. she is still in the 10th grade she can not tell you how to get to one place to the other. I really don't agree with this

Los Angeles, CA, 91016
claim for S.S.D. they said based on a review of your health problems you did not qualify for benefits.ovarian cancer stage 1; neuropatry in my hand and feet.and some other health problems.can you help me.

San Diego, CA, 92082
Need ninth circuit court appeal help.

San Diego, CA, 91950
I need to appeal an "unfavorable" determination

Wayne, MI, 48150
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Shawano, WI, 54166
I am disabled. I own my own home.June 23,2015 I took in a room mate who pays $160. Per month. Care Wisconsin who took over Social Security is trying to say he is paying me over $300 a month. With this amount they want me to pay any where from $635 to $825. Because of the Extra income they think I'm receiving they expect me to pay this money. I don't have to pay this extra money from the $160 I actually do get. I have RSD which went into stage 2 recently and is no cure for, Dystonia, And Parkinson's. They are threatening to take away my benefits. With all my medial conditions I have several surgeries, physical therapy, and many upcoming procedures. I cannot afford to lose my benefits and the stress of this is making my RSD worse.

Lee, TX, 78942
Have an impairment rating of 55% and was turned down for disability with Social Security need a lawyer asas .

Salt Lake, UT, 84121
Brain injuries axpysiated at birth,difficulty keeping a job because of short term memory loss ans exposure to harmful substances at workplace also divorced from abusive man who beat me on the head, Special needs daughter with SSDI

Taylor, TX, 79605
My doctors say I need surgery and social security has denied me twice! My family and I need the medical and financial help I've worked so hard for until becoming disabled.

Broward, FL, 33024
I have a developmentally delayed son who's 18. I tried applying for disability while residing in TX and was denied. Now live in Pembroke Pines, FL. Hoping for a local attorney and one that will collect fee once you win the case. I need to know where I can go and how an attorney can help us. Thank you.

Warren, IA, 50211
Just aplying

Fauquier, VA, 22712
I have applied and been denied twice and appealed 3nobths ago and haven't heard back. I had back surgeries 2 yrs ago and still live in constant pain. I tried going back to work part time a year ago and it didn't last long . I was unable to function at home with kids and family. Ending up in bed on most day off.

Waynesboro City, VA, 22980
I need a lawyer for my disability I appealed the appeals council I have bipolar disorder and depression, panic and anxiety attacks

Wayne, OH, 44667
I get s.s.i. now but I no I should be getting more income than what I get now. I want it looked into. everyone else gets raises but mine stays the same. I need more income please look into this for me.

Montezuma, CO, 81321
I would like to find out about my SS . When I signed up at 62 The SS administration said I could draw 245 dollars, but since i had a civil service anuity, they cut my SS in half calling it a wind fall profit, I wonder if this was right.

Pasco, FL, 33545
Need help with preparing for ALJ hearing....denied disability benefits

Merced, CA, 93635
I been out of work sence 5\23\2014 getting ready for back surgery in the spine the L4, L5 the Disc was so thin paper thin it was hurting so bad. I can't walk that good, stand up that long, bend down, or claim stair, the left leg is real bad, right leg it a little good. I use to do caregiving now I can't so what could i sitting it hard cause got to have my leg up

Pike, IN, 47590
Suffer from Fibromyalgia, Osteoarthritis, IBS, Gastritist, Depression, Anxiety. On 3rd appeal

Denver, CO, 80205
I was denied benefits, now I'm in a shelter. I'm now ready to loose my doctor no body believes that I'm telling the truth. I need help or I'm going to on the streets again I'm at Samaritan house I'm going to be discharged. Now I about to lose my d octor can you help me.

I am a disabled veteran,left lung removed,thyroid cancer,rhumatiod arthritis only getting 1.300.00mtly to survive on. I do not get any food stamps or Veteran disabilities,only trying to see if I can get any increase in SSDI.

Kitsap, WA, 98392
Have been diagnosed with post dramatic stress syndrome. Been imprisoned for 68 months. Have difficulty being in public. Filed for SSI and have court appearance date set for 4/19/16 in Seattle Washington. Currently residing in Kitsap County

Collin, TX, 75287
Was unable to work past 2005. SS denied my disability because I didn't have enough points after 2011. My spouse received SS disability and his earnings keep me from qualifying for SSI. I have medical records from 1996 - present.

Brown, WI, 54302
Physical and Mental Issues and the fact that I'm currently seeing doctors. I have P.T.S.D.(complex), depression, anxiety, my right leg goes numb as does my left arm. With all of this I also have severe migraine headaches.

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