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Autauga, AL, 11111
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Autauga, AL, 132423
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Autauga, AL, 144445
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Autauga, AL, 135342

Autauga, AL, 7110
Trying to get benefit for my grand daughter. They turn her down,but they said that I can appeal my case before they make a final decision.

Autauga, AL, 151442

Autauga, AL, 115213

Autauga, AL, 111223

Autauga, AL, L9k1k
Social Security Disability Case Denied

Autauga, AL, 20774
Disabled and would like to apply for SSI benefits

Autauga, AL, 201
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Autauga, AL, 2948
Need to appeal.

Autauga, AL, 41326
I apples for SSI for health reason and got denied and I really need it because my healh is really bad am uable to work and take care of my family

Autauga, AL, 945
I suffer from migraines and accute neck pain. Certian movements even m akes it difficult to drive. I see a neurologist on a regular basis. I cannot work. The past work I have done has been in an ofice. Those lights trigger the headache. Sounds and smellss will do the same.The doctor wants me off pain meds as much as possible which means I would have to tell my boss I would have to leave the environment to do whatever is needed to try to get theem undeer control. And, that is only if I can. That can be at any given time and the boss would not have any say over it. Social ecurrity's denial gave me no real explanation. The made reeference to a past job I held back in Dec. 2012. I was doing wire transferson the computer. I would get a migraine evereyday by 10-11 without fail and it would last until I went to bed. If I bend overfor at least 30 seconds, I'll get one too. I cannot stay on the computer too long anymore. Reading hurts after a while and makes my eyes blurr. Certain movements bother my neck. My right side is worse. I can't be in a posisition where I have to move it too much. I was in physical therapy, but no real progreesss was made. I just continue to see my neurologist and try to do what he suggests. It's been way over the 12 month peeriod Social Security requires that I have worked. Their letter suggestsed even part time, but I cannot predict, nor control, when the onset of amigraine will come on. I don't know what to do except to appeal and I don't have the knowledge to do it on my own. And, when I filed, the information stated said I may be able to claim SSI and/or disability. So I'm not sure which I'm suppposed to do. I am desperate. I have no income and i really some need some help. PS I get too any collectors calling. Please email to call if you are willing to talk to me. Even if it's a breif, "I saw your email about the SS claim. Call me at...." I check my my all the time as I get pop -up alerts on my phone.

Autauga, AL, 00200
iam Kenyan , come usa in 1999 , worked there till 2010 when I left voluntarily and iam not coming back, would like to claim all my SS contribution . PLEASE ADVICE IF YOU CAN HANDLE THE CLAIM FOR ME KINDLY ADVICE

Autauga, AL, 96546
I am living in Thailand and my initial application was denied and I am on the appeal part. I am 100% P&T disabled from the VA. can you help, thank you. My case went to the Philippines office then sent to Baltimore at the international operations office.

Autauga, AL, 37799
high blood pressure,diabetes,ostoarthritis in l1 toL4 high chololistrol

Wilcox, AL, 36722
my daughter gets SSI and I was working and one day I received A letter from Social Security stating that because of me working they had overpaid my daughter and like I told them how does one thing have to do with the other I mean I could see if I was getting SSI and got A job and like I told them how does one thing have to do with the other

Montgomery, AL, 36116

Autauga, AL, 58902
I am 39 year old former millworker. My back injury five years ago finally caught up to me and I couldn't do the lifting, standing and walking. I have a BA degree in economics from the university but never worked outside the mill. I got the job to help pay my tuition.

Autauga, AL, 89526
I was hoping for some assistance in receiving social security benefits. I was diagnosed with MS in 2008 and am currently a full time student at csu. I find that my disability limits my ability to find and keep a job. I also have issues with school but am receiving disability accommodations.

Autauga, AL, 20716
Broken leg in auto accident one year ago, and still don't have full mobility. Had a stroke last February, and have trouble operating and using hand tools. I have always been a mechanic, tech, mechanical trades.

Autauga, AL, 99623
I am trying to get reinstated after working for a few years. Some new health issues have become a problem and I was performing poorly on my job. My work totally drained me of energy and I became unable to take care of myself and keep up with duties of maintaining my home. When off work all I wanted and could do was sleep. I was losing weight. The original disability case was based on a total gastrectomy and partial removal of the small intestine and some of my abdominal lymph system. Since then I have spinal injuries requiring surgeries and deal with chronic pain neuropathy in my legs and arms. Two prostate surgeries, skull fracture and broken ribs in a car wreck, gall bladder was removed, and severe osteoporosis due to malabsortion of nutrients in digestion. Because of the osteoporosis my bones are very thin and I have broken ribs, toes, cracked bones in my arms from falling on ice. I have been having seizures and black outs because of a colloid cyst in my brain. During blackouts I have broken ribs, torn the labrum cartilage and muscles in my right shoulder during blackouts. Currently am taking medication for the seizures and the trembling in my hands. I have been taking pain medication on a daily basis for eleven years for the chronic pain. Meds are: Lortab, Elavil, Depakote, Primidone, Advil

Autauga, AL, 20747
i have a bullrt in my neck and a bullet in my knee and i have hepititis c

Autauga, AL, 20774
My daughter was born down syndrome

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