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Sharp, AR, 72542
I have been receiving SSI for several years and am unable to work. I recently started receiving partial annuity payments from an inheritance. How does this affect my SSI?

Arkansas, AR, 72160
I Have Been Diagnosed With Bipolar, Schizophrenia, Major Anxiety Disorder, Personality Disorder, PTSD, & Manic Depressive Disorder. I Am Needing Assistance In Getting My Disability Started Please.

Union, AR, 71730

Phillips, AR, 72390
Social Security approved my son to received back pay from 2013 from his father but they said that he can't receive his money now because his father is receiving the money I don't understand if he is approve why can't he receive his money.

Phillips, AR, 72390
I applied for disability in June 2014 because my daughter got sick and was diagnosed with severe pulmonary hypertension. Until later on was diagnosed with developmental delay by doctor and theraphist because of a 2 month stay at childrens hospital FOR BEING VERY ILL. i applied for ssi but it took social security to deny her claim for 6 months. so I file for an appeal but it took me longer to file the papers because i didn't have any help. So now they are saying I have to refile. I don't agree.

Sevier, AR, 71841
I just recently got released from prison and tried to reapply for ssi with my case being changed to my name because of my grandmother passing away when my grandmother passed my cousin Deanna Bass and her husband Cameron Bass stole several cards from my grandmother before she passed Im needing to make sure they are held accountable for the wrong doings .Im not sure who I need to speak with to make sure I don't have to pay any money back to ssi cause it will be there picture shown on atm getting money.

Pope, AR, 72801
Been diagnosed with hepatitis C

Pope, AR, 72801
Been diagnosed with hepatitis C

Clay, AR, 72461
My first case is going into the 8th circuit court and the David Throesch law firm does not handle that so they said I had to find someone who did. They have a second case in process of going before the judge. I have Asthma, fibromyalgia, arthritis, pain in my lower back, hip, and legs daily, I have thoughts of suicide and have acted once on those thoughts. Spent five days at the Twin Rivers Hospital for the over dose and seeking some help. I still have the thoughts often. Can't afford insurance yet, I have a lot of bills that I can't pay. So I often suffer with my pain or what ever the day bring with out help except the medications the doctor has me on. If I would like to find someone who will call me often; on what is going on with my case.

Pulaski, AR, 72076
My son is 9 years old and have asthma very badly and keeps being denied. Also he has to see another doctor for allergies and has to have shots everyweek. Also has acid refluxes.

Washington, AR, 72764
I was in a car accident Oct. 13, 2012. I sustained a brain, neck, and back injury and am unable to drive because of brain injury.

Benton, AR, 72715
had a series of spinal injections done in 2009 two of the injections were done incorrectly and my back l4 and l5 has slowly been failing ever I cannot work even though I have tried I am now disabled.i was denied social security on 10-24-2011

Chicot, AR, 71640
I have a son that was born with adhd and he been put on meds. ever since he started going to school and i have been trying to get more help on trying to get his disability and he have been denied two times and i am trying to what do i have to do for them to approve him for his disability cause i have been told that he should have been getting his disability because he was born with it and he have not made any inprovement on getting better

Polk, AR, 71945
i have cronic joimt pain and also arthids in my back i walk with a limp i have trouble walking and working

Cleveland, AR, 71665
I was denied. I have copd and am on oxygen and updrafts.

Hempstead, AR, 71855
I was drawing Social Security benefits from my first husband. We have a disability daughter. I remarried in Febuary 2003. I reported by phone to Social Security that I had remarried, the person from social said I was still entilted for benefits because I was over the age of 50 when I remarried. Now they tell me I have to pay the money back. after finding out they thought I was the one disable. they said they send letters each year asking if I had remarried. I never recieve that information all of these years. Now they are going to take her money until it is paid back. I was going on what that had informed me when I called them. I am not working and her check is the only income we have. My husband and I separated in 2005. I was going on what they had told me.

Lonoke, AR, 72176
I was turned down on my SSI claim last week and need an attorney for the appeal process

Jefferson, AR, 71601
Need help with an appeal,Disability Benefits,stoped/notice of reconsideration.I am a cancer survivor .

Jefferson, AR, 71601
social security benfits appeal and i am a cancer i was diagnosis with squamous cell carcinoma and on 3-20-12 was diagnosis with hyperthyroidism

Craighead, AR, 72401
i was dignosed with i forget the name but is inflmation around my heart i also have scholeois in the back i was working at chillis and suffered chest pain went to nea baptist hospital were i was told i had a slight heart attack months later i had another issue where i was taken to st. benards hospital in jonesboro arkansas where i was told that i had influmation around the heart which is somthing that can go away but will come back and the only way to make it a little better is have open heart surgary at this point i am still having pains and complications not able to work and support my family is stressful so i would like to look into applying for disability please help

Johnson, AR, 72839
I been struggling to keep my job for many years now and have managed to maintain it. despite my chronic pain and ability to the physical aspect of my job. It has now caught up with me. I am a customer service and recently been told that I take a layoff or go to manufacturing and perform a job that I know I can not do. This makes me realize I am disabled

Carroll, AR, 72631
I have fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, and Hearing inpaired, and other conditions. I have applied for ssdi back in 2010, had a lawer who dropped me when my case was denied..He felt there was not a strong enough case.and my medical records are thin. .I did go before a judge.. I have been in alot of pain and it is very hard for me to have a normal life. I need to speak with someone and hope to go forward. I don't want to give up.

Union, AR, 71749
I have my husbands P.O.A. on everything. When we filed for SSI Disability, my husband gave them permission to speak to me as if I were him. Now, this is our problem. My husband worked for a Chemical Plant for 30 years making a deadly chemical that affects everyone differently. My husband first was taken to the hospital with almost no blood pressure and a pulse that they could not find except with a scope. It was deadly low. We could not find out why but this started happening all the time. He would pass out because of it. After a time he started having great difficulty breathing, a CT scan was done and he had a lung mass. We went to the physicians that we were referred to and it was found that he was full of blood clots. He had many clots in both lungs, and both legs. He was in ICU for a long time, and on blood thinners for a year, During this time, it was all up and down, he might have 2 good days and then fall out and have a week of bad days when he could not even walk. He tried to go back to work even after they recommended that he file for his disability then. He started forming clots, all over. He has been in and out of hospitals for the last 2 1/2 years but the last year has been horrible. They put in a pacemaker to make sure that his heartrate would not bottom out.. They had to put in a greenfield filter to try to keep the clots from going to his heart, brain, or lungs. Well the circulation in his legs got so bad that they started turning dark, and swelling horribly. He developed what they called a "saddle" which is a complete clot that goes from the bellybutton area and down both legs. He was blue. The filter was in the bellybutton area, and it was so bad that it was squeezing tiny clots through and releasing them into his body. He was in critical condition, with clots noted in his lungs, one in his heart and tiny ones in his brain. They told me he was going to die if something was not done, and they recommended Cleveland Clinic Hospital in Cleveland Ohio. We had to check him out of the hospital here and take him to Cleveland Ohio for treatment. They did some things on him that was very risky, but extremely necessary. He would have lost his legs if this was not done, and he would not be here with us if they had not done it. They took him down for a procedure where they ran a rod down his groin and tried to break up the clots and suck them out with the rod. They needed to go in through the legs but they were so full of clots they were like concrete. They flooded him with TPA and heparin. Very risky, but it made his blood thinner than water and he was even sweating blood through his pores. Well, that was the events leading up to this. He is on high doses of blood thinner, he can not work, he has permanent damage to one leg and some in the other. He still has clots and always will. Some days he passes out at any time. Cobra ran out, and we are paying cash for everything while we wait for the disability to come through. I just pray that we don't have to admit him before I figure something out. We have used up almost all of our resources. Please help.

Pulaski, AR, 72204
i have a grandchild is DevelopmentalDelay.when she was born she were 3months premature via C-section.n weighing4lbs 20z she been receiving physicaltherapy for 2 continuous years now.she where attending Charles Bussey Child Development Center sinceMay2006 she is really Developmental Delay,prematurity. her case is pending. i call them but they tell me the same thing ever time i call.

Crawford, AR, 72956
well ive had 2 surgeries on my l5 s1 discectomy and fusion each one making the pain worse to the point i was fired from my job and is hard to walk

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