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Sacramento, CA, 95670
I'm ready to go on disability for my autoimmune diseases and need help navigating social security

Lake, CA, 95457
I need to produce more info to my case. Please will explain in further detail

Los Angeles, CA, 93551
*Congestive heart failure with cardio myopathy. I can't walk more than a few minutes at a time without resting *Post operative hernia from surgery for a Fistula between my liver and my gal bladder during which they removed my gal bladder, appendix and a section of my colon which gave me IBS. *both knees crackle and pop from fragments under the knee cap. It goes with the trade, I was an electrician for 30 years. *supinator muscle in my right arm (I'm right handed) was torn from the bone and after surgery never took hold. *tinnitus in both ears is getting much worse. *arthritis in both hands has gotten worse.

Contra Costa, CA, 94565
I had already applied for disability & denied. I hired a lawyer to take my case. It eventually went to the ALJ but I was denied by the judge. I would like to know if I can reapply again for disability.

Siskiyou, CA, 96025
I was approved for both SSDI and SSI and when the local office prepared my SSDI they failed to give me my protected onset date which was my SSI application

Riverside, CA, 92539
I need both knees replaced I also have diabetes and sleep apnea my feet have nerve damage and my vision is now 20/40

Orange, CA, 92646
Social security reduced me benefits claiming i have been collecting Australian pension for the amount of $460.00 since 2010. The facts are I started my Australian pension when I reached the age of 65 in July 19 2016. And I qualified for $75-$80 depending on the exchange rate. I have provided all the proofs and documents to validate my claim. I was born on July, 19 1951. Retirement age in Australia is 65... In 2010 i would have been 59.... In the aftermath of the financial meltdown, i lost my business and could not find work here in the USA so I decided to temporarily join my family in Australia and work until the US economy picks up. While I was seeking employment i qualified for an employment program called NEWSTART allowance. It is an allowance to help job seekers with their expenses until they find a job. however, i was not successful at landing a job si I came back to the US. So, I was on this program for 6 or 7 months. I believe SS examiners assume this was a pension.... I need an attorney to represent me and I have more than enough documents to back up my case. I am willing to pay for your services. I am not looking for free attorneys.

Los Angeles, CA, 90002
regarding divorced surviving spouse benefit overpayment and current benefit entitlement

Riverside, CA, 92509
3 herniated disks from 2 workers comp cases almost 90-100% disabled from calif workers comp cases-60 yrs old and am homeless for 2 yrs now

Alameda, CA, 94536
been denied twice have dr letter stating i cant work due to transverse myelitis

Los Angeles, CA, 90247
Hi i been on ssi since a letter last month to go see a doctor i never seen before.Now got a letter that my benifits being stopped on 7/1/17.I got 10 days to appeal to keep check.Then 60 days to appeal in court..

Kern, CA, 93308
Ex SSI doctor looked at my MRI and told me I needed to file. Was denied but I know I have a case

Sacramento, CA, 95841
Diagnosed with non Hodgkin lymphoma 2015 in Nevada. Relocated to Sacramento . Hired counsel . Looking for counsel that has my best interest in mind

Riverside, CA, 92240
Back in 2015 I was diagnosed with moderately severe degenerative spinal osteoarthritis which has got worse in the past 18 months. I also have peripheral neuropathy. I will be 63 in July and I am still working but with great difficulty. I do not know if the workers over 60 grid would apply to me but my choice right now is to keep suffering or quit my job and become homeless.

Sacramento, CA, 95608
Overpayment dispute

San Bernardino, CA, 92405
I was severely traumatized during my military service. I have been unable to work due to this disability. I was disapproved for social security by letter on March 22nd.

Stanislaus, CA, 95307
I have severe arthritis in my back I also am having back surgery on April 25, 2017 and my sciatica is being pinched

Los Angeles, CA, 91321
I am already on SSI and was on SSDI but have switched SSDI to Survivor Benefits. I am only receiving $362 for SSI and $421 for Survivor Benefits and am interested in looking into see if I can get more. I was only getting about $300 from SSDI that's why I switched to Survivors. I am Bi-Polar Type 2 Manic Depressive. Im 31 and have been receiving all this since I was 18, my mother is my beneficiary but only because of my voluntary choice when I first was accepted when I was 18 and am now locked in, but by her being so I am also on her health insurance.

Los Angeles, CA, 91342
Spina bifida, memory issues.

Placer, CA, 95648
Denighedbugged once

Placer, CA, 95648
Denighedbugged once

Siskiyou, CA, 96064
Been denied 3 times for disability and I am missing my right leg.

Imperial, CA, 92231
I'm tryingvto get my son back on ssi

Ventura, CA, 93003
Been denied 2 times for disability

Merced, CA, 95340
I had initially developed fungal infection in 2009 which was exacerbated while working in a lab with large windows but no shade. I had to teach while standing in the sunlight which made me sweat a lot and made the infection worse. Then I developed a number of skin problems including urticaria, spongiotic dermatitis. Then I became really depressed. Sometime after that I started developing GI problems with constant diarrhea and IBS, and starting in 2010, I started bleeding rectally from internal hemorhoids. So I dropped out of PhD program, tried to see if things got better. But they really haven't. So I filed for worker's compensation which they denied. Then I filed for social security disability which they also denied. Currently I'm on food stamps, and get medi-cal but the medical care I can get from that is limited. And I'm living on my savings, which will run out sometime in the next year or 2. And because of all the stuff and depression, i literally haven't cleaned my apt since all this began. I haven't even been able to change my bedsheets in that time. And my conditions cycle, when I'm in better condition, I can get somethings done which is why I filed for social security disability again, which they deny it again. I need some help.

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