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Weld, CO, 80542
Have rec'd back benefits I am seeking further benefits from current denial rec'd 4-25-18

Costilla, CO, 81133
I filed,was denied.(schizophrenic form & PTSD apx.5/15/97..was rated unemployable. Relocated out of States.. back in US now for a couple of years. Also have other medical issues to add . Under medical advisement /Dr's care presently. Thanks for your assistance.

Arapahoe, CO, 80112
I filled out a appliocation almost two years and need to know my status

Montezuma, CO, 81321
I would like to find out about my SS . When I signed up at 62 The SS administration said I could draw 245 dollars, but since i had a civil service anuity, they cut my SS in half calling it a wind fall profit, I wonder if this was right.

Denver, CO, 80205
I was denied benefits, now I'm in a shelter. I'm now ready to loose my doctor no body believes that I'm telling the truth. I need help or I'm going to on the streets again I'm at Samaritan house I'm going to be discharged. Now I about to lose my d octor can you help me.

Fremont, CO, 81212
My case is in line to go in front of judge in pueblo

Weld, CO, 80631
I have been receiving disability for the past 21 years because of strokes and blindness. Now they are attempting to state that I am not disabled anymore.

Adams, CO, 80229
unfavorable AJL hearing decision on 3/18/14.NEED TO FILE FOR APPEAL COUNCIL ASAP. TO maintain continued SSI BENEFITS

Adams, CO, 80260
How can I get my SS money on the first of the mouth. I now get it on the second week of the mouth?

Morgan, CO, 80701
I was wondering if I could file Social Security benefits from my childrens father. He has been out of the country for 15 years and fleed US because he was going to federal prision for manditory 2 years sentence but fled the country instead. At this point I dont even know if he is alive. I have 3 children from him and was told to ask to see if I could get any of his benefits???

Arapahoe, CO, 80110
i have broke my shoulder tornen rotater cuff took a basball bat to mid back is broke off two vertabra and two left knee surgeries need a new knee torn acl and have asma bad left lung

Teller, CO, 80814
I need some information to when I should hire a Social Security lawyer.

Weld, CO, 80634
My husband walked out on me and 4 children ages 7 years to 9 months and I have no income. He give me some money once in awhile but it does not cover much. I get commodities for some food. I contacted Social Services and they said I do not qualify for any additional assistance. I have filed for a divorce and he has a job as a meat insector at the USDA. He has moved in with another woman so he is not coming back. Has very little interest in seeing his children.

Adams, CO, 80601
I'm interested in information about SS benefit from a former spouse that may have retired or passed away

Adams, CO, 80031
i thnk my wife is entitled to benefits = half my benefit. She has been collecting lower benefits based on her income. can we claim the unclaimed benefits retroactively ?

Weld, CO, 80603
truded down

Denver, CO, 80218
Have been denied every year for 5 years. I have to refile for SSI and SSDI next week. I would like for someone to go over the paper work that I have saved. I need help with filling out the SSDI correctly.

La Plata, CO, 81301
i want to file for my 6 year old son christian we lost his dad in a car accident. I have appled for benefits 2 for him and hes been denied.

Grand, CO, 80459
This case is for my wife, she has dementia and has not been able to work for over a year and a half. We filed for SS and was denied. We have a hearing coming up and I think we need some help with this.

Denver, CO, 80249
I allegedly have been over paid by disability by a very large sum of money within a three year period of time. I have been on dialysis since 1999 and have been on a work program through disability. Now they are penalizing me for four years without income. I just started back to work because I haven't worked in a year prior because of health issues. Also I haven't had any income since May of this year. the amount ssa claim to have over paid me does not add up to the numbers given. In fact the amount is mire then I've received.

Weld, CO, 80631
i have been on disablity and this past year three years i been waiting to have my disabilty change due to the fact i was told i was getting paid more for my ptsd that i was suposed to be on it since i was fifteen and they have been trying to say they never did that can you help me out

Arapahoe, CO, 80012
i have adhd i have been in 13 different foster homes i can not stay focused long enough to do anything they denied me for ssi and i need help

Montezuma, CO, 81323
Im 60 yr old carpenter with diabetes multiple surgeries at veterans hospital knee surgeries bone rplacement in neck major depression and anxiety cant get down on my knees

Arapahoe, CO, 80013
I had a kidney transplant in 2010. Before that, I was on dialysis for four months. I was told by a social worker that I should apply for SSI while I wasn't working. I did and was approved for $1,011.00 a month. I was origianlly told that I would be on the transplant list for years but got lucky and my sister ended up being my donor and I was back to work within six months. This was in April of 2010. In Jan of 2011, I got a call from the SSI office asking about my work status. I told them I was back to work by was in the middle of making a job change. Jennifer(the SSI agent) told me to continue the benefits and she would contact me later. Jennifer called me again in April. I told her I was working again and didn't think I qualified for SSI anymore she said not to worry about it and she would send me some paperwork to fill out. In July I was sent a form asking me for my work history and financial status. I filled it out and faxed it in. I called and confirmed they recieved the paperwork and waited. I recieved a letter in October saying I no longer qualified for SSI and in December I recieved a letter saying I owed back all of the money they had given me stating I never should have been approved. I tried to get a hold of Jennifer for months and finally reached her in Jan. Our conversation ended with her telling me that she would document our conversation and send me a waiver. About a month later, I recieved another letter saying that my wages were going to be garnished if I didn't pay off the full amount. I called the number on the letter and spoke to a lady and she said there was no record of me ever requesting a waiver or speaking to Jennifer. She ended up sending me the waiver which was just denied. I have an appointment coming up to view my file and another appointment for a personal conference. I feel as if I'm being punished for something that is not my fault.

El Paso, CO, 80915
I have been denied for the third time. I need legal help to appeal.

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