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Muscatine, IA, 52761
It is quite complicated..I am on ssa/ssdi but because of the nature of the case when I applied i do believe there is a personal payee on my account which ssa will not advise me of. I have many questions and issues regarding this and I need some legal advice . I applied in 2009 which I was denied then in 2014 I got a phone call out of the blue saying my case was being reviewed. They paid me for 1 yr back pay but not back pay from 2009..

Linn, IA, 52402
I was previously approved for disability in 2007 due to my severe bleeding disorder (vonWillebrans Disease) and mental health issues (bipolar disorder, PTSD, antisocial personality disorder, severe anxiety). I received benefits up until July of this year. Unexpectedly I received a letter stating that the social security people were going to review my claim. Two months later they sent me a letter stating that my medical condition had improved and that I was capable of working now and they took away my benefits. My condition is permanent and has NOT gotten better nor has it "improved" any. I have been to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN and the hematology clinic at the U of I in Iowa City and they have repeatedly advised me that there was nothing they could do to help me. I want to appeal this decision but I don't have an attorney. I have filed the appeal and am now at the stage where I can request a hearing before an administrative law judge. It is my understanding that at this stage I am entitled to the appointment of a "representative" or attorney to assist with the remaining proceedings.

Warren, IA, 50211
Just aplying

Appanoose, IA, 52544
I have had 2 heart attacks mini stroke & angina attack. I also suffer from hypertension. I have had 2 stints & a triple by pass

Carroll, IA, 51401
my daughter is 19, she has Turner Syndrome, learning disabilities, large and fine motor skill issues, social skill issues

Keokuk, IA, 52591
I am continuously losing my vision and field of vision due to diabetes attacking my eyes. I have unmanaged diabetes. I had a small heart attack last summer. I also have a curve in my spine that causes great pain.

Black Hawk, IA, 50701
i am mentally retarded and have persnality depression.

Black Hawk, IA, 50701
i am mentall retarded

Black Hawk, IA, 50701
i am mentall retarded

Linn, IA, 52404
Back problems neck problems,anxiety panic attacks have filed an appeal would like to have an attorney's help.there are other things but we can discuss that later.

Polk, IA, 50314
I'm experiencing blindness from glaucoma.

Louisa, IA, 52754
disbute over weather or not im common law married just cuz i take care of someone that lives with me ive beentakin care of him for awhile he also collects disability he has physophrania really bad and needs someone to take care of him thats why i live with him and there tryin to say we are common law married i dont even use his last name opr sleep in the same bed can someone help me on this matter i need help thank you plaese i dont undrestand this plaes help me cuz ive been takin cae of for a long time and none else has say anything about and this state oof ia has i can better say it when u contact me plaese i have disabilty to a learning disablity and depression please contact me back

Black Hawk, IA, 50613
have numorous health issues file befor and sent review paper work with info on what ssa office has it is crpyted i am looking for lawyer to help i have fibro,athrits,chronic migranes, lung issue, Back problems, ocd,depression and ect. looking for help

Johnson, IA, 52240
i have extremly bad asthma, and been to the ER 8 to 10 times in the past 5 months

Scott, IA, 52802
Im ADHD, ODD/Bipolar. I am still in high school. I am easily distracted. I have anger issues. I cannot stay on task. I need constant reminders to do things. I cannot sleep that well at night. I have a a full conversation wiht somebody and forget what the conversation is about 10 minutes later. Social Security Administration sent me a letter stating that i will no longer be getting my SSi Check as of July 30 because they think that I am able to work. I honestly think i cannot work because of the fact that i do not get along with other that much and i have very low patience, and like i said before i cannot stay on task to save my life.

Muscatine, IA, 52766

Lee, IA, 52627
tryin to get on disability

Clinton, IA, 52732
i am 24 years old and i have seen a dr at bridgeview mental health clinic they told me i should apply for ssi or disability because i have 2 heart problems and i am mentally ill, i have auditory hallusinations sever depression and anxiaty it is hard for me to remember things i have learned it is very hard for me to be at work for long periods of time,i dnt knw how to get started to appling and would like some help. Thank you

Des Moines, IA, 52601
i have applied for ssdisability and have a psych exam 5-07-2012

Scott, IA, 52806
My 7 year old son was denied social security after having to repeat Kindergarten two years in a row. He was diagnosed with ADD and has a really hard time paying attention in class. He does not complete task in a timely manner and at one point was on medication for this, I discontinued giving him the medication because it is no longer helping him focus in class. He has a hard time cathching on to his work classwork and lately within the last 2-3 months he has behavior has taken a turn for the worse.

Chickasaw, IA, 50659

Scott, IA, 52802
i need help with my claim as widow

Polk, IA, 50322
Applied in September of 2011. They just keep saying they are waiting for more medical results. Had the mental evaluation but they have been saying they waiting on that. I have fibromialgia, ashma, DDD, Had cancer in 2006 and just had another lumpectomy in December and am getting ready to start chemo again. I have some other issues also but doctors cant find reasons for them.

Lee, IA, 52632
I work for Iowa Home Based Services and have a consumer who is trying to appeal social security for benefits and it is at the hearing phase.

Black Hawk, IA, 50613
9 years of epilepsy, age 26. Denied approval on first application.

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