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You are viewing Social Security Lawyer inquiries for the state of Kentucky.
Pendleton, KY, 41033
I need help with an appeal and a court case in federal court.

Letcher, KY, 41537
post traumatic stress disorder, severe clinical depression, aniexty and panic attacks

Union, KY, 42462
I have ruptured discs in my lower back. I have severe pain in my lower back and legs. I have arthritics in both of my knees. I can barely lift my right arm for pain. I have high blood pressure that is being controlled by medication. I have diabetes controlled by medication and high cholestrol.

Letcher, KY, 41824
T6-7hurniated t8-9 loss hight t11-12 c5-6 herniated nucleus impression on thecal sac lateral change at c4-5 and3-4

Kenton, KY, 41015
Two hospitalizations due to severe abdominal pain, weakness, nausea, etc., work disability paid claim, since then have deterioated physically with many symptoms, I suspect additionally heart damage, and damage from strokes, which have affected my ability to concentrate, and memory. I have been living on my savings while attempting to recover, however symptoms still remain, and savings are spent. Help !!! Thank You.

Breckinridge, KY, 40144
PTSD (work related) MDD cervical spondylosis with spurring thoracic spondylosis with spurring, upper extremity nerve pain lumbar spondylosis with spurring, stenosis, s/p lamenectomy l4/5, hips and lower extremity nerve pain. chronic tachycardia (with medication)

Jefferson, KY, 40216
My kids father was hit and killed by a drunk driver in 2007 and I have been so lost on what I need to do it try getting help taking care of my children... The excuses I keep hearing when I did try for help was he didnt pay enough taxes in but no one could ever give me a dollar amount or anything...I even said keep the back pay and just find a way to help me out...I am a single working mother and its very hard and im just looking for help or answers...Please give me a call and just let me know something...Thanks

Casey, KY, 42539
need appeal for over payment fron SS

Christian, KY, 42240
applying for ssdi due to mental disabilities

Clay, KY, 40962
my daughter has been on ssi for a while now they have taken it from her i need help

Floyd, KY, 41642
I haved been diagnosed with a seizure disorder, i am on depression medicine, my fingers and toes have no joints , every job i have worked, i end up hurting myself because i do not have strengyh in my hands, the doctor said i can't work or drive right now,

Boone, KY, 41042
My daughter is disabled, she was once on social security and then they took it away from her when she turned 18 along with her medical card

Hardin, KY, 42701
had two segerys on right shoulder been seeing pain manage ment for it

Fayette, KY, 40511

Franklin, KY, 40601
i have not yet filed. I have copd, high blood pressure, problems with cervical and lumbar spine, bi-polar dissorder. I am 50 years old. I have always worked physical labor. need help.

Casey, KY, 42539
degenerative disc and spinal stenosis

Grant, KY, 41010
Am helping a friend who has been denied and needs some guidance

Laurel, KY, 40741
I have had heart attack,stroke,and recently a toe amputation due to diabetes and I am not able to work.I have been off work for about a year since my stroke and I need help paying my bills

Kenton, KY, 41018
I filed for SSDI in January for mental issues, but I had not received treatment. I hadn't seen a doctor in over 10 years. Thanks to my DSS case worker, I found Northkey and have been seeing a therapist there since February. My therapist has referred me to their psychiatrist and I should see them in approximately 3 weeks. My therapist has listed a diagnosis of severe major depressive disorder and severe panic disorder with agoraphobia. In my initial denial letter it stats that my mental health problems prevent me from working in a public setting but that I should be able to work that does not require a great deal of contact with other people. I can't even leave my house without my father or my son with me. I have no insurance, no income outside of foodstamps and I don't know where to turn or what to do next. I'm hoping I can find an attorney that will take my case before I appeal for reconsideration.

Jefferson, KY, 40211
I began my ssi claim in 2004 and was denied. I began again in 2006 and was denied also. In 2009 I filed again and was aproved but it was stated that I could not receive my benefits because I had. A warrant from 2006. On july 2011 a law was past that said I could not be denied my benefits because of warrants and my case manager said I could get my monthly payments but backpay was still under investigation. Now they are saying that I have no backpay coming to me. I don't know what happened with my paperwork or the laws past. I need help, please!

Pike, KY, 41528
my son was not qualify for the payment and i want appeal it cause he takes seizures he has speech problems and he has trouble with his vision he see a dr for all of it

Jefferson, KY, 40219
I was denied once for reasons i did not comprehend and i was told i would lose if i appealed. Since being denied my bipolar disorder and depression has worsened and im afraid i may hurt myself or someone else without the proper help.

Hardin, KY, 40175
I have Crohn's and Chromic anemia. They say I can work in some capacity but I take weekly treatments and am tired all the time-not sure how I can work.

Rowan, KY, 40313
filled for ssi and was denied on 02/01/2012

Jackson, KY, 40447
I have spinal stenosis in my back & neck .I am still trying to work(construction) but my condition is geeting worse everyday.I have been seen by neurosurgian that surgery would not help and that it would worsen.They told me to try to get medical disability.

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