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Saint Louis city, MO, 63111
just a ? can you file for ssi if you receive 808.00pr. mo. social security

Greene, MO, 65803
I am currently researching lawyers for a good friend that has several diagnosis including ptsd pcos bipolar and anxiety and also a lung disease that prevents her from working she has tried to work and due to health issues she had been forced to quit she has been denied 4 times and she hasn't been able to find help

Saint Louis city, MO, 63107
Got denied ssd

Franklin, MO, 63080
I have been denied twice for my SSI case despite having had 2 back surgeries, being on narcotic pain meds, 2 carpal tunnel surgeries and now foot surgery too. I NEED help but can't afford to pay and am not sure how much I will get for back pay though I did apply November 2012. apparently I didn't provide enough evidence because I thought they would request records. thanks for any help you can give.

Bates, MO, 64723
MS and back need to start process for some type of benefit since unable to work

Livingston, MO, 64664
I filed and was denied . My heart is flat on one side .I have 5stints in my heart .hypertension, my heart stops beats . I take nitroglycerin. The dr getting ready to put 4stint in each leg

Washington, MO, 63648
Child SSI appeal for my 12 yr old son ADHD ODD Bipolar

Clay, MO, 64118
Shaun is my daughter and has seizures. I tried to apply but was denied pretty fast. She has seizures. Has at least 1 a week now and stress triggers them. She was in an interview yesterday and seized. This is the 3rd interview and she has seized during or after each one. She also suffers from asbergers.

Jackson, MO, 64133
i have a lot of health issue that is t the point that the job i was doing it's harder doing it now i can no longer fulfill my job duties that i need to let my job go and i want to aply for my ssi but i know that most appication are turn down and i'm trying to make sure that it doesnt happen to me ause that income will be all that i have to live by

Wright, MO, 65717
need clairification on suvivor benefits. Social Security web site states the survivor / Widow or widower, could receive if, full retirement age or older -- 100 percent of the deceased worker's benefit amount; I have been deined this by ss.

Saint Francois, MO, 63640
Eight year old with ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, and Conduct Disorder turned down for SSI..reason disability not limiting enough

Callaway, MO, 65077
Received SSI as a minor. Applied 2 years ago and was denied. Have many mental problems. Treated while incarcerated and diagnosed with more issues. Got appt. to reapply but missed phone appt.

Platte, MO, 64151
Diagnosed with non-ischemic cardiomyopathy, hypertension and peripheral vascular disease. I am 38 years. Original App. date 5/2012 Denied 8/24/2012. I had not seen a doctor for this condition in over a year when I applied.

Saint Louis, MO, 63137
trying to get ssd for sickle cell and depression

Taney, MO, 65616
I have been denied for disability because I didn't have enough medical records.I would like to have help and reapply.

Camden, MO, 65079
I have high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and now due to a incident with local corrupt police I was tased and kneed in the ribs and have injuries in which I am unable to work. The details are lenghty but I cannot perform my job.

Vernon, MO, 64778
My wife has filed for ssi disability before, 6-7 years ago, for being bipolar, was denied. Jan.20th 2012, Lianne was involved in an automobile accident, sustained broken ribs and coup contra coup. Her Dr. has pressed again for her to file for disability, again she was denied.

Wright, MO, 65717
well i have been trying to get on disability. because i cannot work. I have bypolar and very depressed. I hurt all over and it prevents me from sleeping and doing daily activeties. i have sever alcers that effects my ribs. also my asthma.

Morgan, MO, 65037
i had a phone hearing and it came back unfavorable ihave 60 days to appeal

Camden, MO, 65020
denied disability

Stone, MO, 65611
I have been diagnosed by my Neurologist with inoperable back problems.

Cass, MO, 64080
I have applied for ss disability, but I was told I haven't worked the right amount of hours in the past 5 years. I am taking chemo for the 3rd time in my life and getting ready to start another round in April. I would love to be able to go to work somewhere, but noone will hire you once they hear about the situation. I really need to help pay bills around here, but I can't get a job. I paid into the SSD when I was working and I feel that money is mine and I should be able to get it. I have worked since I graduated high school, and I had no idea life was going to take a turn like it has. Could you please help??

Jackson, MO, 64057
my son was getting disabilty up ontell 2000. HE WENT to jail . ssi stop comeing . well we did not know that we work intittel to back pay from the can youdate released from prison . witch was feb 14 2ooo over 12 years ago. Talk to unemployment they said he my need to reapply again. need to no what is in my besr i

Boone, MO, 65256
I applied for disabitly for my son and they denied him which i think he should be aproved

Saint Louis, MO, 63141
Denial SSI

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