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You are viewing Social Security Lawyer inquiries for the state of Mississippi.
Lowndes, MS, 39705
When I was 15, I went to live with me father. Month later, we was coming into my room every night...he ran his girlfriend off. He got me pregnant...I was his wife for next 5yrs.tried to get away,every time I said something, the courts give me right back.mey a man who got me and my baby away from that crazy man. Together 12 yrs. Mother and home maker of 5. Mom got sick was dying,so I came to be with her while he work, cleaning up after hurricane Ivan. He stop coming to see me...Met a cool guy,r so I thought. He went to prison. He uncle would help from time to time. One day he was working on my truck, me and my daughter just there. ...I woke up in hospital, I don't know what he did to me, only witness was my 18mts old daughter. I've been applying for today makes 9 yrs. Please somebody help me.they had to take my skull out so they swelling could go down. Lost hearing in left ear, really bad migrains for days at a time. And ibe been taking Nurotin every since, just for out brain injury patience are not suppose to have those... it's getting harder and harder to find someone to help me with my daughter. Thanks

Pearl River, MS, 39466
I applied for disability in april 2011 for my severe depression and need legal representation for my hearing

Marshall, MS, 38635
Autism/bipolar had job for 6 mths through Ticket to Work Program and lost it due to physical ailments caused by the job. SSA refuses to put client back on SSI because she didn't work 2 years.

Union, MS, 38652
I would like assistance applying for disability I have bone on bone arthritis in my knees. Painful arthritis in my hands and wrists. Hypertension. Depression and anxiety.

Pearl River, MS, 39466
I started drawing ssi in 2011 because ive had my left hip replaced and then 9 days later it was injured again and they had to do a total revision anyway i went to prison in march of 2015 and they canceled it well when i got out they turned around and was denied when i re applied then was denied again on the apeal so now i havr apealed it again and am waiting on a court date and would like some help because i cant work.

Leake, MS, 39051
Lumbar fusion L4-L5 surgery, Fibromyalagia, Arthritis joints, depression,

Rankin, MS, 39145
Don't live with neither of my parents and need financial help

Hinds, MS, 39209
I am looking for a lawyer here in Jackson Mississippi who deals with social security retirement overpayment. I also want to know is their fee and is this flat rate or by the hour thank you

Hinds, MS, 39209
I am looking for a lawyer who I can talk to about social security retirement overpayment now

Hinds, MS, 39209
every lawyer says they deals with social security or social security retirement, I am not looking for a lawyer that deals with neither but one that with overpayment, I need a lawyer where I can bring the material that they has sent me

Tippah, MS, 38610
I having been seeing a Dr. for the last 23 years for manic depressive bipolar,anger issues, and angxity attacks

Oktibbeha, MS, 39759
i had got out dhs cusatody an i was cut off my check an io was wonderin can i get help gettin back on...

Oktibbeha, MS, 39759
they said i was denied but i was currently in dhs an when i got out they had cut me off my income an ssi i was recieven so i wonted to get a lawyer to get started back on my mail...

Pontotoc, MS, 38863
I have a 13 y.o. with multiple disabilities and I need a lawyer.

Marshall, MS, 38611
I need help and I need a second opionion...My doctor is sending me back to work and I'm in great pain.. I had kidney cancer in June 2012 and Shoulder surgery in September 2012.. I also have lower back spasm...I believe to have a pinch nerve in my neck...

Washington, MS, 38704
he has problem with pts because of war . he got fired brcause he could not get alone with nobody

Leake, MS, 39051
My husband applied For social security and got denied. He dropped a transmission on his ankle and chipped the bone. He can't stand on his leg For very long. He also has something wrong with his hand and wrist. The doctor he went to For ssi, they sent him, he told my husband that he can't work. He has worked foe over 30 years if he was not hurt he would be working. Please help him with this case.

Quitman, MS, 38646
iam disable because i have artirish

DeSoto, MS, 38637
i field for disability because of my heart and lungs my hearts only works at 30% and my lungs are in bad shape

Lee, MS, 38866
applayed in june for disability.trying to find out status.

Covington, MS, 39479
I have been on SSI since March 2002 due to a car accident I had. I had an internal and external brain injury. I am now severing some seizures due to the accident not to mention the severe pain that I am in everyday. I was in a coma for a little over a month when I was hospitalized due to this wreck. I was caught off gaurd with a letter from SSI and me and my sister went to the hearing unaware that the meeting was determing weither or not I would still recieve my benefits. My sister is Memory Foles she helps me with all my paper work. Me and her together have filed and appeal and a form to keep receiving my benefits. Please help me.

Harrison, MS, 39507
I have a problem with depression and I also have ptsd. My mother did not continue treatment but kept collecting my SSI check till I turned 18 and she kicked me out. My best friend and his mom toke me in. After being reevaluated and told I still need to receive treatment, I started to try to start my treatment up again. In the meantime I received a letter from SSI stating I will lose my SSI after July 1 and my medicade will stop at the end of August. I believe I should still receive ssi because I still have the disability I was diagnosed with my ssi benefits started. Please help me.

Attala, MS, 39090
I have multiple mental diagnosis from doctors . One doctor wrote that I qualified for disability . Also I have arthritis fibromyalgia and hurniated disks in neck

Clay, MS, 39773
I have not been able to work in over a year now due to my lower back. (spndyletheosis, Degenerative Disc Disease, and other) The SSI has denied me twice and I want to appeal, Need help!

Perry, MS, 39476
I had a stroke on april6th 2011.I can't work cause of medicine an the heart condition that I have.if stressed it makes my heart act up more. This alsI has caused other problems as well.

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