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Nassau, NY, 11758
Inquiring for SSI benefits for my 18 year old high functioning autistic daughter, with corresponding mental issues

Suffolk, NY, 11937
I have chiari malformation-My brain is being forced downward into my spine. Crushing my spine slowly. And causing severe pain on my back. There is no cure for this. I also have the following conditions. Spinal Stenosis, Hearing loss in one ear. Diverticulitis, Lupus, diabetics, sjogren's syndrome Angina- heart is not getting enough oxygen. Chest pain and discomfort. My case has been appealed currently in the Falls Church VA . I need a lawyer to represent me. I have been trying to get my benefits since 2013. Thank you for your consideration.

Wayne, NY, 14502
saying I have earned more then supposed when i sent in paid stubs for yrs and they never said anything til now

Suffolk, NY, 11901
Been receiving SSI since 2006. Have since moved home with husband, who receives Suffolk Co. disability, pension etc, My SSI is being cut off saying thay my husband makes TOO much money in order for me to maintain my mental health benefits...this is SO lawyer so far wants to tuch my case saying they don't get invilved with "monetary issues". I don't know what to do next...they are also saying that I owe Social Security $5,000 in back bullshit. PLEASE could you steer me in the right die rection?

Nassau, NY, 11756
re-current abdominal hernia repair and constant pain 1 year later

Columbia, NY, 12173
I have applied for Disabilty multiple times over the past, almost, 10 years & have consistently been denied. I recently applied again a few days ago & just received another denial. I need help please to appeal or start this process again. Thank you.

Monroe, NY, 14420
My name is Tammy Glass, I am inquiring for my 18 year old son which was getting ssdisability from his dad and it stopped when he turned 18. I am trying to get where he could stay on it cuz he has multiple problems which one is where he doesn't talk to people, plus hearing loss, speech impairment, ADHD, emotional disturbance. He was turned down and I'm trying to find a lawyer close to Brockport that would take his case. Thank You.

Monroe, NY, 14420
My name is Tammy Glass, I am inquiring for my 18 year old son which was getting ssdisability from his dad and it stopped when he turned 18. I am trying to get where he could stay on it cuz he has multiple problems which one is where he doesn't talk to people, plus hearing loss, speech impairment, ADHD, emotional disturbance. He was turned down and I'm trying to find a lawyer close to Brockport that would take his case. Thank You.

Erie, NY, 14170
i have a 39 yr. old son who was born with a developmental disability that we made a mistake of not having him tested to be qualified for services when he left BOCES. he works part time but does not earn enough to cover independent living expenses. he dosnt know how to manage his money and has no concern for consequences of over spending or not pay bills ontime

Essex, NY, 12852
I slipped and fell at work in June of 2011. I reported it to my superiors and went to the doctor's. Long story short I ended up having to have surgery on my shoulder and elbow. NYS(my employer) fought me on covering the elbow & shoulder issues and subsequent surgeries. They eventually agreed that the elbow issues and surgery were due to my fall but refused to cover anything related to the shoulder. I tried to continue with work in April 2014 after suffering my way through work in 2013(I needed the money, I'm a single mother). I worked in a kitchen and by 2013 I could no longer perform all my tasks without help(ex. I could not put pans in the oven and remove them at times without the help of another worker and I also couldn't lift 15 lbs. of bacon without dropping it). My boss retired in 2013 and the employer did not hire anyone to replace her until the spring of 2014, so more responsibilities fell on my shoulders i.e. cooking 50-75% more than I had been. I had been more of a kitchen helper and cooked occasionally when my boss took time off. I tried to work April 25, 2014 and I just couldn't do it...I was in too much pain and couldn't perform the way I needed to. I had shoulder surgery August 29, 2014 and elbow surgery June 3, 2015. I have not worked since April 25, 2014. I applied for disability because of the injuries and surgeries I was not able to work from April 2014 until after my elbow surgery when I was released by my doctor. I was denied by Social Seurity. Worker's Comp did pay me compensation for a while after my elbow surgery and did pay me a small settlement this past June because I am now considered 20% disabled in that arm. I had the Legal Aid Society of Northeastern NY representing me in my appeal to Social Security but they just wrote me telling me that they had to cut cases due to lack of funding. I am now seeking another lawyer to represent me. I have just received paperwork from Social Security about updating my file and I jut received the CD they sent. I assume that means that the denial hearing should be approaching? I am just trying to seek payment from the time I could not work and anything I may be entitled to now that I am considered 20% disabled in that arm the rest of my life. My doctor told me I can not return to my former job(which is okay because they essentially fired me—I have an email where they told me I never made the job a priority so they no longer needed me!) so I finished college and I'm now seeing a Teaching Assistant or Teacher's Aide position in a school. If you can help me I would very much appreciate it. I have the CD I can send to you and I can sign any releases for information you may need. Thank you for your time.

Queens, NY, 11106
I have a 3 year old son with Severe Autistic Disorder, Preschool Student with a Disability.

New York, NY, 10040
I'm bi-polar, have PTSD and ADHD. Lost my 10 year teaching career directly due to my disabilities. Applied, denied and appealed SSI, no court date but in the system. Currently receive wellfare- their doc says I'm disabled and need to go federal. Looking for back SSI/SSID payments as well as future payment. Please have experience with MENTAL ILLNESS

Otsego, NY, 13796
I was wondering if somebody can call me a.s.a.p I had applied for disability and got denied because of my mental condition

Otsego, NY, 13796
I have recently applied for disability for my mental conditions and got denied

Bronx, NY, 10458

Queens, NY, 11005
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Jefferson, NY, 13603
For over 10 years I have been misdiagnosed and told my cervical spinal stenosis was mild arthritis. I was properly diagnosed 2 years ago and applied for longterm disability as I have not been able to work these past 10 plus years. I've also been diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I also deal with depression and anxiety.

Suffolk, NY, 11729
I filed for disability in 2011 , I have been denied numerous times , denied also after law judge. I am at this time waiting my appeal to see another law judge. I have Lupus, Antiphospholipid syndrome, Coronary Artery Disease (was told from lupus) Major depressive disorder/anxiety, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholestrol, brain cyst , chronic pain. also have back and hip problems

Queens, NY, 11106
I have tried to appeal for social security benefits but i received a letter in the mail stating that i was denied again. I was told I have to apply for a civil case.

Bronx, NY, 10460
I applied or SSI in August of last year and they denied me in last month and I want to appeal their decision. Please if you could any help would be greatly appreciated.

Westchester, NY, 10705
Depresion back problem woking problem

Montgomery, NY, 13452
I have a pinched nerve 4 slipped disk in my back. degernerative detioration in neck arthritis in neck and back

Montgomery, NY, 13452
I have degenrative deteration in neck arthritis in neck and back I have a few slipped disk in back and a pinched nerve

Nassau, NY, 11710
need to speak with an SSI Lawer

Bronx, NY, 10457
I have a overpayment and can not afford the adjustment because it will affect my living arrangement.

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