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Stark, OH, 44601
Hello, I've been filing for SSD and haven't gotten any where. I have a lot of ongoing problems like lumbar and cervical degenerative disc disease with radiculopathy and myelopathy, synovial cyst. It's worsening.

Lawrence, OH, 45680
I've been getting check since I was 12 I'm 30 now they took it need to file an aapesl

Ashtabula, OH, 44003
I began with $1020 as a monthly benefit, the amount is down to $177, why?

Wayne, OH, 44667
I get s.s.i. now but I no I should be getting more income than what I get now. I want it looked into. everyone else gets raises but mine stays the same. I need more income please look into this for me.

Montgomery, OH, 45426
I was on SSI as a child all up until I turned 18, can I reopen my case?

Clermont, OH, 45122
I had disability and went to jail for 8months due to child support now they said I did not make enough money to get my disibality back

Lake, OH, 44077
I was denied once. I have multiple sclerosis and I recently had a flare up. I have a lot of problems with my hands, arms, feet, legs, neck and back. I have not worked since 2004.

Lorain, OH, 44035
DDD (Degenerative disc disease) (722.52) Lumbosacral neuritis (724.4)

Knox, OH, 43014
SSD Turned down 04/03/14

Hocking, OH, 43135
I have a letter of denial. I been treated by a Dr. but the Dr. was not willing to fill out papers. I been diagnosed with PDTS and Depression. I have not worked since March of 2011 because of my depression is severe. I been Hospitalized for 3 days. But right now looking for a new Dr. I had a Lawyer but he said since my Dr won't fill out any papers he could not help me.

Noble, OH, 45727
i applied for my son and he was denied. he has mild mr anxiety,depression,and had a bad drug addiction

Franklin, OH, 43207
had binder n binder and lost everything need to reapply don't want to be a number and want to win ty

Franklin, OH, 43204
I have oustoarthites in my back and knees. I have a hard time going to work some times I can't get out of bed

Ashtabula, OH, 44030
Car accident March 2013 he is now a quadrapledgic c-4 c-5 spinal injury complete.claim denied should be close to a month?i am his girlfriend in fl. hes in Ohio,so have to ask him of course I'm writing thing for him because he was told he did not work enough.

Cuyahoga, OH, 44142
My son has ADHD and POTS syndrom and I applied for ssi for him and was denied.

Stark, OH, 44705
Been in jail for 7yrs and cant find a job because of this emotional distress and a bad leg from a guy trying to rod me

Franklin, OH, 43081
Severe depression, Anemia,

Belmont, OH, 43950
I have various medical and mental issues that make it very difficult for me to work or even function in society at times.

Lake, OH, 44057
I have a sone who was on ssi in 1999. I was going to retire and went to the ss office to see how much my ss would give me per month. When I recived my first check it was 500.00 less then what I was told at the ss office. When I questioned ss as to why it was less then quoted I was told that when I applied for ss that my son would no longer receive ssi but would now receive $ 500.00 of my ss. Was this a correct interpretation of the law.

Clermont, OH, 45120
I have a learning disability, i whase in special ed classes. I have been dignosed with depression by a psychologist and his name whase James J Rosenthal his address is 502 Farrell Dr Covington KY 41011 and his phone number is 859-331-3292. i whase denied of ssi last month on July 25th of 2013, now im getting ready to do a appeal.

Cuyahoga, OH, 44070
I applied for social security and was denied oct 23 2012 I was struck by lightning I now have medical and mental problems I have panic disorder post traumatic stress syndrome some heart issues spine issues and I am oxygen at night I also take zanex and celexa

Summit, OH, 44310
i hade been on ssi since aproxmaley 8 years of age till I was about 20 years of age and I got cut off and thin hade court hearing march 21 2013 and I hade got some papper work for them earlier this week and I don't quite under stand it and I was hopeing you culd help me and if I not getting on ssi I want you to help me with that also

Hocking, OH, 43138
I just got denied Social Security and needing help to appeal the decision

Portage, OH, 44266
$3609.00 (3 monthly checks) withheld because I owed S.S. $2631.00. $960.00 over what I owe. How will I be reimbursed this overpayment?

Summit, OH, 44203
This claim is for my son. He is almost four years old. He has lost one eye to retinoblastoma. He has seizures, Migraines and two congenital abnormalities a spinal syrinx and a cavernous hemangioma in hos midbrain. We also suspect that he has ADD or ADHD....but we are in the process of assessing those and seeing if he may need maintenance meds for his migraines. He has missed pre-school due to his headaches before but not often but they have been escalating in intensity. We have been denied SSI for him and I am looking for a lawyer to help with an appeal.

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