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You are viewing Social Security Lawyer inquiries for the state of Oklahoma.
Osage, OK, 74056
Bad back, poor circulation in right foot also gangrene. I can't walk more than a hundred feet at a time

Oklahoma, OK, 73131
I was on disability & was told I could work. Now they say I was overpaid & I went on social security in May 2017. Now they are going to take all of my SS check for the next 28 months. I am 65 & being forced to go back to work. Can you help

Le Flore, OK, 74953
I have osteogeniesimperficta brittle bone . My mother and my son have it as well as my sister. I've applied and was denied two times. I've broke my former multable times and my husband and I have 4 kids to take care of and I can't walk. My knee is messed up right now. I'm going to doc um morning.

Craig, OK, 74301
Have skull fracture to side of eye which makes eye not able to be used have been denied first attempt for ssi disability needing a good attorney to help me.

McClain, OK, 73031
Severe migraine, severe high blood pressure, bulg disk lower back

McIntosh, OK, 74432
denied benefits

Tulsa, OK, 74105
My child was diagnosed with server adhd in also has a learning disability in she takes meds has been taking meds for the past 3 years.

Oklahoma, OK, 73159
unable to stand and sit for more than 30 mins. at a time...when i push myself to stand and sit,,,i wind-up in the hospital,due to the pain getting out of hand....i end up in tears on a daily basis due to pain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have broken my back which causes excrusiating pain i was shot in my left shin,now i have a titanium rod running the lenght of my shin!!!!!

Oklahoma, OK, 73109
received letter from ssa re:class action suit against soc sec last dec 2012 have not heard anything since from ssa went online to view court order clark vs. astrue and case was won yet again i have not heard anything from ssa re: this matter need advice on what to do how to proceed with this or should i just forget about it and pray for a letter from ssa saying they will give me back my benefits and/or back pay

Tillman, OK, 73542
My son was born premature he only weighed about 2lbs.. He still has problems he has a history of siezsuers.. he is now 7 yrs of age.. and is not caught up with other children his age..

McClain, OK, 73095
I suffered a forklift injury in 1982 that caused severe lower bilatreral impairment (80%) and am now in need of knee replacements, but am too young for this proceedure according to the specialist, I have been diagnosed as bipolar, but have not received treatment in a few years. I am no longer able to work on my hands and knees and do to an eduction am "overqualified" for many positions. I was convicted of feloniuos assault on police officer in 2006 (but am awaiting the officer to go to court for his own felony charges in order to prove my own innocense) and can not find work in my feilds of study due to the DOC number I was issued. I have no income and am unable to obtain any employment that is able to meet my own medical, housing and legal obligations. There are many extenuating circumstances in my case and really need to speak with an attorney as to what I can and should do now. My Menatl Health councelor suggested that I apply for my disability about 3 years ago, but I tried to find a different way to work things out. I am now out of opptions and need help

Wagoner, OK, 74429
hospital stay in May of 2012

Choctaw, OK, 74743
I have mentle problems

McCurtain, OK, 74728
Filed for Social Security and was denied...they did not have information from doctor's that shows how mentally and physical unstable i am...I am ready to do something drastic..I can not survive..

Tulsa, OK, 74127
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Creek, OK, 74010
Have Hearing troubles- Plus work Injuries - back-leg-foot - injury.

Oklahoma, OK, 73129
i have multiple medical issues that prevent me from working to support my family. I have 4 children ages 4,6,8&9 . I have been married for almost 11 years and have been denied benifits both under SSD & SSI. Please contact me ASAP so that i can file an appeal or whatever needs to be done to receive assistance.

Oklahoma, OK, 73084
Have been denied benefits

Comanche, OK, 73501
waiting for a hearing by judge

Adair, OK, 74964
reappealed and was turned down

Choctaw, OK, 74743
Applied and appealed but turned down, SS even states I have the medical conditions but still refuse claim. Filed for chronic back pain, panic attacks, anxiety, and depression. I am on several medications that affect daily life. Need assistance to re-appeal claim. In Oklahoma I can not even get medical assistance without the SSI approving disability. Thanks!

Tulsa, OK, 74110
i was denied benifits

Grady, OK, 73018
have anerve problem and bad loss of msmery and other thangs

Oklahoma, OK, 73122
My son whose 18 but still in school has been diagnosed with bi-polar, social Anxiety, adhd, learning disability. We have applied for SSDI (adult) and was denied since he has never worked. I want to appeal. Also have applied for SSI, I received the denial letter 2/17/2012.

Bryan, OK, 74726
My husband has an aortic anurysm and a faulty aortic valve in my heart. We have been told by his heart specialist that he needs open heart surgery but was denied based on the fact that they claim he is still capable of working. He has some days when he is too weak to even get out of bed and is in constant pain so he can't focus most of he time. His regular doctor has told us that they beleive he is having mini-strokes so he has days when he loses three or four hours. By this I mean he forgets everything that happened. During these times he appears to be coherant but in pain usually with a migrain. He has no recollection later so often panics when these stages pass. He does have anxiety issues and is bipolar and has been institutionalized for these issues in the past, but these are not, in my opinion the primary cause of his disability. His last appointment with his specialist was January 11, 2012 at which we were told to expect a call within the next week o schedule his operation.

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