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Union, OR, 97850
They denied me they want me to go to court I can't it is to stressful. I'd i To stressful to go to court. I C D Implant with defibrillator. Tachycardia syndrom included. Plus.

Multnomah, OR, 97220
back and leg pain mental health

Washington, OR, 97116
previous attorney lost my case and quit on me. ss denied my appeal

Coos, OR, 97458
I was on SSI for about 8 years. I was incarcerated for 2 years and now I'm fighting to get it back. I have advanced cardiomyopathy, there is no cure and I certainly haven't gotten any better over the past 2 years. I need some help fighting for my claim. Thank you

Clackamas, OR, 97086
I have been denied 2 times already been doing this for 4 1/2 years alferia where all the bioducts are not all formed at birth and now I have Cirrhosis of the liver I am goin in for a liver byosp here in the next month ...

Klamath, OR, 97625
I was sent a recon package, please respond.

Lane, OR, 97439
They stopped my payments

Coos, OR, 97420
My ex husband lied to SSI so he could get the money my son receives, and even after all the proof I had he was lying they continued to issue him the checks. His reason for the change was that I wasn't using the money for the intended purpose but instead buying drugs, there was never an investigation and I only just found out that was why they made him payee. I submitted everything I could to prove what the money was used for, even had witnesses. I even have texts of me asking/begging for help to buy the things my son needs from day to day after he became payee since his claim that he had our kids was a lie and he either denied any help or just ignored my requests. I reminded him that the support was for our sons needs and since the moment he started getting the check he basically stopped taking his weekend parenting time and in all the months he was payee he gave me $20 after asking many of times and only gave in after I told him otherwise I wouldn't be able to pick them up from his weekend visit. So I am not sure what I am to do whether it be I go after their father for fraud, SSI for not doing their job and for basically just tossing out my case with no regard of the truth because he said I used drugs. I have now as of June been reassigned as payee as I was also granted sole custody following a several month long custody hearing (due to his delaying by getting extensions claiming medical necessity till judge finally said no more) cuz he also tried to take my kids by filing for sole custody (I am assuming to be able to keep being payee) but because I had facts, truth and hard evidence against his " I have heard", his stabs at my appearance saying I am "haggard looking", and some family members of his testifying that "he loves his kids and he is a good father" and he got less parenting time for which he has also chose to not take advantage of. In all those months I managed to care for, cloth, and shelter both my sons with literally $0.00 thanks in large (basically entire) part to the kindness of a handful of people that believed in me , and my love for the 2 most amazing humans I have the honor of having in my life, or both? Any advice/help would be appreciated!

Baker, OR, 97834
medical retirement from federal service May 2011. I work on occasion for supplemental income. am age 59&2 mos. Military reserve retirement pending in 10 mos. have 5 stents in heart. Sailed ships for US Dept. Commerce and they would not let me do it anymore, granted standard retirement. collecting benefits.

Baker, OR, 97814
have had heart attack,have replacement arteries and defbirillater high blood pressure high cholesterol, bad thyroid crohns can't walk well and drs cant figure out why. Have a hearing coming up and need representation,

Washington, OR, 97123
I am a person who had a head injury in 1997. Because of this, I am now Bi-polar, plus different effects from my head injury. I am applying for social security now, I just think I made need a little help with my case since it was so long ago. I am able to work, but only part time, and would really like to get social security. Thank you.

Columbia, OR, 97016
I have recently became unemployed after 15 years at the same job. I have severe chronic pain from arthiritis and have had 2 back surgerys. Am now needing a shoulder replacement and hip replacement I hurt too much to work any job.

Multnomah, OR, 97209
back injury, three failed surgeries, neck problems, lots of side affects from pain meds

Lincoln, OR, 97380
have filed in 2006 &2008 was denied. I have degenerative arthritis in back, hips, knees, & shoulders. Have severe depression & anxiety attacks. Can't stand or sit for long periods of time.

Washington, OR, 97123
I am one month away from being 64 years of age, and I have no income of any kind, as work has slowed down to almost nothing. I neet to start getting my socil security benefits now.

Marion, OR, 97305
I have worked in the health care field over 30 years, I am now suffering from Fibromyalgia,seizures,Osteo arthritus and Rhemotoid arthritus in my back legs arms and feet causeing severe pain then, the drs perscribe medicines that after a few doses I end up suffering from psudo seizures causing me to lose my positions at work. I am unable to do my job any more due to my disabilities.

Multnomah, OR, 97219
Filing for Social Security Disability due to a neurological movement disorder Blepharospasm and Dystonia.

Lane, OR, 97478
Bipolar disorder/depression

Washington, OR, 97123
im on all kinds of mental health medicine for ptsd anxiety paranoia and depression i,ve never been able to work or hold down a job and haven,t had a job in five years would like help getting on disability please help me.

Multnomah, OR, 97220
I became ill in Sept. 2004, have no memory of 7 weeks and my husband had my Dr. release me to work at 10 weeks; my Dr. wrote that I was not to start 12 hr shifts and that I coukd only do no more two shifts in a row at 8 hrs., by the end of shifts I could not keep eyes open. I tried for 3 yrs before I applied for SSD first time in 10/2007. In 8/2005 I was hit as a passenger in my drive way, I had severe panic and anxiety, agoraphobia, neurological symptoms, diagnosed as B-polar rapid cycling. I have had restless leg syndrome before I heard the of the condition, I called it that bc of how it felt. I had a saliva test checked all my hormones, cortisol levels,thyroid levels and my hormones were and still are severely imbalanced, my back pain is severe; I have lost 2 inches in height in last 3-4 years. I have a Kyphosis w/ bulging disc, DDD L1-L2, and a scoliosis. I have brain scans dating from 1991- present shows holes in white matter of brain and recent one shows some spreading and demylination in front right parietal lobe. I still have panic & anxiety disorder, cortisol levels messed out, chronic fatigue etc...

Polk, OR, 97338
i was diagnosed with non-hogkins lymphoma, ive completed 6 rounds of hard chemo. many more complications have surfaced sinse then.ive since been denied, ive reaplied and heard nothing. ive been seen by one of the states doctors that sides with my case, i have that report. please i need some direction. thank you for your time.

Yamhill, OR, 97111
I need to appeal I got deneid

Hood River, OR, 97014
I have cirrhosis and esophageal varices

Clackamas, OR, 97086
i was on ssi all my life then i got married lost it i got a divorce im trying to get back on plus i got on job injury i have black outs neck pain i cant sleep to well cause of neck pain i have dizzy spells i have fallen down a fights of stairs carrying my daughter

Multnomah, OR, 97204
i have back pain

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