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Oconee, SC, 29693
Started SSA payments at age 62, rec'd 7 mont hs of payments, suspended payments, paid all "over payments"back to SSA. SSA now says that I will receive the age 62 monthly and not the age 66 payment since I did not "withdraw" my request but only suspended the request.

Marion, SC, 29571
SSA Overpayment

Laurens, SC, 29325
I have grandma sezuries an type 2 diabetes. Been fighting get back my disability for going close to 5 years.

Aiken, SC, 29841
Fractured t 12 vertebrae seizures ache depression

Lexington, SC, 29160
back pain

Horry, SC, 29566
I have type 1 diabetes have a hard time holding a job because of low and high blood sugars

Marlboro, SC, 29512
I apply for ss disability and was turn down

Lexington, SC, 29123
i an accident with a school bus on my motorcycle. school bus was at fault, t-boned me from the side an broke everything on my left side. 1yr later had my left leg amputated from below the knee, bone was not healing at the ankle witch was severed from my leg

Williamsburg, SC, 29556
Sensory-neural hearing loss, Asthma, Degenerative bones in back. Have never applied. Retired 2007. Worked full time until June 2012

Kershaw, SC, 29020
Sleep apnea, numbess in fingers, copd, chronic bronchilis, asthma,lower back pain incontince

Charleston, SC, 29449
I do not receive soc. sec. Because I donot have the 40 units that are required. This is because an employer took FICA out of my check and did not pay it in to the government. This was in the 80's.

Richland, SC, 29223
4 back surgery, COPD, high blood pressure, have pain all the time

Orangeburg, SC, 29112
I had knee surgery a little over a year ago from an accident I had at work. My doctor cannot do anymore for the pain I have in my knees. I might need assistance from an attorney to help me get the most out of social security benefits.

Orangeburg, SC, 29112
im diganoised with depression and my son disanoised with sickle trait and i applied for social security the denied me

Clarendon, SC, 29102
I want to terminate my use of a representative payee.My Dr. told me to go to SSA and have them send her a change of situation form.I did but she was transfered to another clinic before sending it back.I don't really want to wait another year proving my competence.I understand I can get a court order to change my situation,but I don't have a clue how or where to go about it.Any ideas ?

Aiken, SC, 29801
depression and anxiety

Horry, SC, 29526
Leaving this job in Law Enforcement, Blind in Right eye, uncontrolled Diabetes and Arthritis and do not qualify for further employment. Looking into Police Disability

Charleston, SC, 29418
swollen both sides of neck,left thumb stays stiff,right hands always swollen chronic lower back pain, knees hurts when walking

Richland, SC, 29223
well my name is jennifer and i have a very out of control daughter,tht dont listen cut classes and suicidel and talks about demons and killing folks.shes bipolo one minute shes fine the next minute she done flipp for no reason at all and talks about.her friend tells her to do things and so she listens to wht they tell her.and also she dont sleep at night she told the judge she use to hear voices.and see things all the time and dont listen in school are nothing and i just have my hands full so please give my child the help tht she needs.talks back drink alohol she use to she been rape and taken a vanish of at a younger age.

Richland, SC, 29210
My son was on disablity he has a speach promblem an unable read from some blockage of the brain, he wasn't able to speak until he was five. He have astma and other health problems

Aiken, SC, 29801
I have been fighting for SSI for nearly 4 years. I have been shot in my chest. I now have COPD, PTSD, depression and chronic pain. I also suffer with epilepsy, I am hard of hearing. I am in the second court appearance phase and I do not want to go in without representatin this time. I really need help with my case. I know of people winning thier case with just one of the many things that I suffer with. PLease help

Horry, SC, 29526
my daughter has been receiving SSi due to having short gut syndrome. I received a letter staing that she does not meet the requirements to continue her SSI payments. I have started my appeal and i need some legal assistance.

Anderson, SC, 29621
I filed for my son and I didn't get the paper there on time so the case was denied. My son has a learning disability

Richland, SC, 29223
Widow's Pension denied due to Civil Service Pension.

Aiken, SC, 29803
I have Kidney Disease,Scoliosis,Hepititis C,Back and Nerve damage to my lumbar and Right Leg area bladder reconstruction several times,operation after operation but not since 99 was last one i was Born Sick Born 3lbs in 1962 just went to the heart DOCTOR, My Dad was a Proud man he did not believe in hand outs or could of been recieving it long ago problem here they only go back 3 years on your case im not a slacker i just need help im scared of dieing without help and being sick all the time can help give you depression im not nuts!!!! i do not want no one in charge of this money if i win my case so please dont use mental as a reason. when i was younger and lived in ohio i had to go to the doctor once a week im in stage 4 kidney disease next is a darn machine i dont want this to happen, My husband and I are not living together anymore but he helps when he can..when i had insurance no doctors would help me at all once they seen the scars.

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