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You are viewing Social Security Lawyer inquiries for the state of South Dakota.
Pennington, SD, 57703
Denied, filed appeal, awaiting hearing...moved Need New Lawyers. Need to send last year's Doctors records. Have Fibromyalgia, chronic pain, Lupus, Extreme Fatigue, Hasimotoes, Sjogrenes, Raynards,, COPD, Restricted Lung Disease, Migraines, Neuropathy, Depression, Slleep Apnea with CPAP, Insomnia, Positive SCL-70

Custer, SD, 57744
I want to file for disability. I've been seeking medical help for a year and have been diagnosed with CRPS/RSD. I haven't worked because of this in almost 2 years

Walworth, SD, 57601
I was turned down for Social Security Benefits because they said that I didn't have enough credits. But they sent me a letter stating that I do have enough credits and got denied. So now I have 60 days to appeal my case.

Pennington, SD, 57701
I am fully unable to hold a job after being medically discharged from the army. Please call asap and I will fill you in on the detail.

Pennington, SD, 57701
I have been on SSD since 1998. I have been cut off my benefits since July 2012. I need respreenation for reconsideration.

Minnehaha, SD, 57103
trying too get back owed money that seems too appear,then disappear,need help on a couple claims.

Lyman, SD, 57548
my son Tayron is ADHD and is still waiting on his claim from ssi.

Fall River, SD, 57747
I have 3 seperate service connected disabilities, and filed for social secrutiy last year but they want an aminstrative hereing so i need some help with you. I have a TBI so is why im so help with your help.

Beadle, SD, 57350
disability hearing dec. 13th 2011. 28 foot fall off scaffoling 10 myears ago on workers comp for 8 years. diagnosed with muscleskeletal pain, on cymbalta and tramadol. fused wrist, leg and back pain. toe cut off, put back together no bone in it, hurts all the time.

Davison, SD, 57301
Applied in Maryland in August 2009 and was denied, then reapplied in October 2010 and was recently denied. I've been being treated for schizophrenia and panic disorder with therapy and medication. I have been hospitalized for this condition in 2010.

Pennington, SD, 57719
SSA said there over payed my son 6000 and son is 5 year old and my son don't not work and may there are taking his checks

Fall River, SD, 57735
I was denied Oct. 29, 2010 for disability benefits due to herniated discs, spinal arthritis, degenerative disc disease, scoliosis, kyphoscoliosis, severe back injuries, and depression. Reason given: no condition that would severely limit the ability to work.

Meade, SD, 57741
Multiple Schlerosis, deafness, myalgia

Tripp, SD, 57580
had 2 heartattacks in 07, then in 2010 had a heartattack and stroke, as a result of stroke have limited sight, seizures, and a blood clot in front lobe..kidneys are at 45% and also have Diabetes.

Moody, SD, 57028
I am wasiting for a Law Judge Review(6months)I have had five back surgeries, I have a degenerative bone decease. I live with chronic pain. I have other health problems. I have supportive letters from several Dr's. I was approved for disablity by the VA several years ago. I qualify for a expidited hearing for financial reasons but have not been able to get that through to the SSA. I now have DisabilityGroup representing me but they have done absolutly nothing to this point. I would like to contact a lawyer that is going to do something. I have written my state senators several times asking for their help but all I get is lip service. I am a Viet-nam era veteran with service connected disabilities (artillery ears) titinitus,loss of hearing. I have had a stroke, heart attack, and suffer from diabeties. This is my second time applying for SSDI, the first time being in 2001. That is a quick overview of the matter.

Pennington, SD, 57706
I have been bipolar for most of my life but now i have bipolar,anxiety disorder(panic disorder) and boarderline personality disorder. I have been hospitalized twice. I have been waiting since nov of 09 and just got denied. They didn't include my records from my doctor in Hawaii which was one of many. It was an army hospital so it was hard to retain all records but it is a years worth. And I submitted them to the office for Hawaii and they did not send them to the office for South Dakota so I went down to the ss office here and submitted them myself w/ my husband but they were not included in my case. We move around every few years due to the military. I just need someone to tell me what to do because I feel i have been wronged. Do I need to fill out the appeals form or do you guys handle that?

Pennington, SD, 57702
I was injured by overexposure to radiation at Piketon Uranium Enrichment Facility, a DOE facility, located in Piketon, Ohio. The accident occurred 1980 and I was awarded compensation through the Federal Government in the form of a lump sum and some medical benefits but not 100% coverage. I have worked since performing short term contract work but am now unable to work due to my disability caused by the injury. The disability payments I could receive from SS will be the only income I will most likely have due to my 100% disabilty caused by this accident. The state of Ohio denies any claims for workman's compensation because of the federal settlement even though my employment was through an Ohio corporation and not the Federal Government ie. Department of Energy.

Minnehaha, SD, 56164
I have had my hearing, now i am just waiting on the judge, I do understand that he is a busy man with other people, but I am in need to know what he has said about my case. things are getting really diffacult to handle. ty

Moody, SD, 57028
Son with disabilities, denied SSI, SSDI

Davison, SD, 57301
I am a 33 year old male who was medically discharged from the military. I havedegenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, and depression. I currently take morphine, gabapentin, flexerill, and celexa. I can't sit, stand, or walk for more than a few minutes. I have a hard time concentrating on any task. I can't slepp for more than an hour or two at most. I have submitted an application for SSDI and it was initially denied. I then submitted an appeal and am waiting to hear the results. I would like to hire an attorney to help with the process because I am lost and could use all the help I can get.

Jones, SD, 39443
My Grandaughter who is 25 years old has been on social security since both her parents died when she was 11 years old, and she was considered a depressed child/adult for a long time. She went through special ed classes all through high school and got a certificate and she can not pass a driver's test to get a license to drive to get her to work, not to mention she has a severe pscorisis condition on her skin that causes it to flake if she gets around people which is a health hazard in some job related areas. She has never worked in her life and she has trouble counting money and telling time, she is a very nervous person, not to mention morbidly obese. She has seen a psychiatrist at pine belt in laurel for almost 7 years named Alese and now she is going to be taken off her social security expecting to get a job which she has never had and probably could not hold due to her condition an attitude. For them to make an assumption regarding my grandaughter to be just fine all of the sudden is very wrong when they have done nothing to prepare her to be taken off her income to survive. I am 91 years old and she lives with me and we have no one to help us in any kind of way regarding funding to support both of us. Please help if there is any possible way that we can fight this battle. Sincerely, Kelly speaking on behalf of my grandmother who is very incapable of taking care of my sister Amanda Nicole Rowell. I live in New Orleans, LA and there is no possible way I could contribute when I am in serious financial trouble now in my life. For my sister who to me has been disabled mentally all of her life and also severely depressed, never married, no children, no boyfriend, no friends and now no way of knowing how to support herself gets me why they just want to stop all of the sudden when nothing has changed. If this battle is not fought she will be on the streets in a couple of years when my grandmother dies, I am sure that this state does not need another victim to worry about due to improper diagnosing. Please contact my grandmother if you have a chance and possibly let her know what kind of costs will be involved if she has to hire an attorney for this case to be appealed. She has a hard time listening to people on the phone but please speak loud and clearly. Thank You, Kelly

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