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Taylor, TX, 79605
I filed for my SSI and got denied in that time frame I went to the Betty Hardwick Center and got put on medication. I appealed my case and got denied once again. I was diagnosed with cronic back pain, Depression, Bipolar 2, migraines, and OCD. I need help getting approved. Please..

Taylor, TX, 79605
I have filed for my SSI and got denied then appealed it and got denied again. I need help getting approved.

Tarrant, TX, 76036
Manic depression all time osteoarthritis left side osteoporosis tingle in arms all the way down to finger tips neck surgery-4times left hip give out headaches

Calhoun, TX, 77979
I have hep.C,, chlorosis,,PTSD..I need cell transfusions..I have neuropathy

Haskell, TX, 79521
Need help applying for Social Security and SSI

Scurry, TX, 79527
I need help getting ssi/disability

Taylor, TX, 79605
Just wondering if y’all were doing any hiring.

Harris, TX, 77029
my son has been denied 2 times his case has been pending since april 2017 we had a hearding july 6 2018 it was denied he was getting disability they said he was not disabil anymore when social security sent him to a vision doctor the doctor stated that his dianosis is retinitis pigmentosa and stated that the older he gets he will only be able to see 10 ft in front of him i need help my son is going blind in one eye and he cant see if you are standing front of him

Haskell, TX, 79521
I filed for disability but received a denial letter. I have several health issue. Heart and a neurological issue causing constant dizziness that I cant pronounce.

Jones, TX, 79501
I have chronic venous insufficiency with severe leg swelling that doesnt go away and makes it hard to get around and is painful. Also I have had a venous stasis ulcer for 5 months that keeps spreading even with treatment. I also have sleep apnea that has led to hypertension.

Live Oak, TX, 78071
I was receiving SSI Benifits, then went to TDCJ. I have completed my sentence and need help getting my benefits back.

Taylor, TX, 79602
I am 100% disabled veteran since 2013. Was told by VA that I am not aloud to work since every uear my disability will get worse.

Coleman, TX, 76834
I had my initial injury in 1997-1998, with 2 back surgeries any many more day procedures done. I never was able to sustain myself completely after that depending on family and friends for help. I did have a brief few years I believe on and off between 2009 and 2015 where I was able to work again. In 2015 I was pulled out of work indefinitely due to major issues with my legs and arms, diabetic neuropathy, a fractured bone in knee, arthritis in both knees and back, and the list goes on. I had tried again to apply but the questions over the phone were confusing and was yet again denied. First time being in the early 2000s. I know I I have more issues but no insurance or ability to get. I need help..I just want to be better

Taylor, TX, 79601
Trying to get benefits

Taylor, TX, 79605
Diabetic insulin dependent cardiovascular disease in my right leg had two stints put in lost toe on right foot from poor circulation can’t stand for a long period fall risk.

Taylor, TX, 79601
I've been denied 3+ times for ssi, I'm looking for a lawyer to help win my case.

Taylor, TX, 79605
I have been denied disability five times, have no peripheral vision and generalized anxiety disorder. Also I have tried working but have been told am to slow with my anxiety.

Taylor, TX, 79508
I've applied for disability and was denied. I sent a request fur reconsideration in October and haven't heard anything about my case. What can i do?

Taylor, TX, 79601
I've been denied for ssi a few times. I have PTSD anxiety chronic depression chronic back pain sciatica ADHD. I need help winning my case. Thank you

Travis, TX, 78669
I have physical conditions that will not allow me to work and I need help.

Randall, TX, 79119
I just received an denial letter from SSDI on the 12-2-17.

Taylor, TX, 79603
I am Bipolar & can't keep a job

Harris, TX, 77338
My mother's SSI check was cut several years ago. The SS office sent a letter with explanations but we never fully understood it. We would like to see about recovering the lost amounts.

Taylor, TX, 79605
I have got scoliosis and it's really hard for me to stand for long periods of time, a and bending can be difficult

Burnet, TX, 78611
I'm likely short in time to appeal or change anything. Really need SSI benefits. I've been getting form after form after form to fill out with the name "Terry Sanders" attached to every form. I think it's apparent they're gonna deny me or already have. I absolutely need to succeed in aquiring SSI. Need guidance and advice on my situation as well as a lawyer who can dedicate the time to help me get these jerks to give me SSI. I'm pretty sure I qualify. Phone number sent is my grandmother's. She's far more likely to pick up the phone then I ever am.

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