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Millard, UT, 84631
Need to transfer case from Ohio asap. If phone number does not work email or call 385-321-7468.

Weber, UT, 84404
I have my hearing on Nov 6 and no representation. I cannot lose this case. Please help me I qualify a million ways.

Weber, UT, 84404
Hi. I'm 40 years old and currently only have pcn as my insurance provider. I have my disability hearing coming up on November 7th and I have no representation. I've had two lawyers turn me away in the last two weeks because my medical records show drug abuse as current as 2016. I was hit by a car as a pedestrian hit when I was 14. It did massive damage and I've had many leg surgeries as well as since than I have a leg length discrepancy. I used to get cordozone epidural injection in my spine. I worked at the IRS for 17 years and was the insurance carrier for my family. In May of 2012 me and my husband split, I have suffered from severe depression, PTSD, and anxiety since I was 11. My first suicide attempt I was approx 12 years old. When I lost my husband of 17 years I literally snapped, and I know it, and I haven't been the same since. I tried for over a year to continue to work. I stepped down from my lead job than went from full time to part time. I finally had to resign in June of 2013. My depression went from severe to extremely suicidal, I locked myself away in my room for well over a year. I lost my insurance, my husband, my job my home, and wanted to die, so I turned to drugs in hopes they would be a effective quick suicide, but they didn't and instead they became my one and only friend. I currently still have addiction problems but I was in the hospital again in Sept for depression etc and I've been clean since. I have been admitted to the psych ward since 2012 7 times at 5 different hospitals. Now to give u a list of all my medical issues here goes. Orthopedic issues ( I seriously need insurance to see a specialist as my hips need replaced and they hurt severely) Arthritis Fibromyalgia Depression Anxiety PTSD Bi polar Schizophrenia Agoraphobia PUD ( in 2005 I had gastric bypass surgery and because of that surgery I now have several stomach problems that can only be corrected if I were to get a reversal of the surgery. In november of 2010 I ended up in ICU with perforated ulcers and again in April of 2016 for telescoping bowel obstruction. I know there's a lot to piece together here but I hope you can please help me. I will be homeless in a month, I have nothing left to lose with zero income. I cannot continue on like this and o refuse to live on the streets. So are these attorney's correct, that beyond my disabilities because of the drug abuse I'm regardless going to lose my case? Court is November 6th at 8:30 judge wolf. I want to request for a continuation and don't know how. I need an attorney, I need this case to be won, I've battled pain my whole life and now I've finally come to a point where it's taken over my independence. I lost it all and still losing. I want to give up and have wanted to long ago but I'm trying to show my kids quitting is not an option. Please help me. Thanks.

Grand, UT, 84532
I have been denied 2x and missed the appeal window due to changes in living adjustments/ situation because of inability to work and support self. Multiple disabilities: multiple head traumas, bipolar/ SMI, PTSD/physical abuse/crime victim, past alcohol addiction

Salt Lake, UT, 84117
I am a disabled veteran and the VA has put me on individual unemployability IU as of November 2016. I filed for Social Security and was denied.

Salt Lake, UT, 84104

Salt Lake, UT, 84121
Brain injuries axpysiated at birth,difficulty keeping a job because of short term memory loss ans exposure to harmful substances at workplace also divorced from abusive man who beat me on the head, Special needs daughter with SSDI

Salt Lake, UT, 84111
I had filled out social security disability packet and had mailed the packet in also found out my identity has been stolen I have called life lock and reported information to the Shoreacres and Laporte police department. That is located in Houston TX.

Weber, UT, 84401
been denied

Weber, UT, 84401
have been denied

Salt Lake, UT, 84103
I applied for ssii and was denied and i would like to apeal my case and need some help doing so could you please have an attorney call me Thank You for your time.

Weber, UT, 84404
I have applied once before and been denied dws was helping me then and have all info on it can you help me get it now please

Salt Lake, UT, 84123
Been denied twice. Diagnosed with being legally blind, schizophrenia and bipolar. I see my therapist once a month and my pill doctor every two months.

Salt Lake, UT, 84115
I have a prosthetic hip joint which presently is undergoing a claim on defection. However, my present job will terminate 2/28/13 and unable to find work that I can do or not have the skills to find work that I would be able to do with my handicap.

Emery, UT, 84528
got back broke in coal mine have had 2 back surgery.

Carbon, UT, 84526
i am bi polar and have degenerative disc disease i am unable to work any longer because of this. i am missing 3 discs in my lower back, i have no insurance to help me.

Salt Lake, UT, 84109
i was turned down just recently for benaftts . i am suffering from back problems . i was on ssdi from around the time of 1996 tell 2001 when i had learned how to walk again i tryed to go back to the work force and was able to keep trying for 11 years but now my back is so bad have hard time taking care of just basic chores around the house now let alone to work on dayly bases . i am now looking at going in and having surgury on my back in near future and this is all to say with out even bringing into my mental state depression , anxiety . thanks for your time .

Weber, UT, 84067
I have bulging discs. and I have ms and my body is just like an 80 year old and I can't work and it's hard for me to get around my house I need some help to get on so security and medical

Weber, UT, 84067
I have bulging discs. and I have ms and my body is just like an 80 year old and I can't work and it's hard for me to get around my house I need some help to get on so security and medical

Davis, UT, 84015
i have a learning disability have mild scoliois i was in resource classes in school i have been deneyed ssd

Salt Lake, UT, 84117
It seam that all of my old injuries from my time in the service are starting to become uncontrollaby painfull. I have trouble sleeping through the night, my shoulders, right hip and knee hurt most of the time. I have trouble walking and my shoulders hurt when I move them. If I stand for over 1/2 hour my right leg goes numb, and it has failed my before. I have, and currently have pain and numbness in my hands and arms. I go to bed about 10:00 -10:30 pm and usually cannot wake up until about 10:00 am and get moving untill about 12:00 noon. If I don't take a 10/500 Loritab at night I cannot get to sleep and I'm in pain most of the night! With these problems, what type of a job can I get with these limitations?

Cache, UT, 84321
Child srviver claim

Box Elder, UT, 84337
I have Cerebral Palsy, and A.D.H.D, I'm currently being helped with school and getting a job through Vocational Rehabilitation.

Salt Lake, UT, 84115
was denied again,letter makes no sense except I am denied,can not work,barely doing anything.have numerous health problems.need help.

Davis, UT, 84075
Seizures, 2 shoulder surgerys because of seizures,seizures have affected memory

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