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Salt Lake, UT, 84117
I am a disabled veteran and the VA has put me on individual unemployability IU as of November 2016. I filed for Social Security and was denied.

Salt Lake, UT, 84104

Salt Lake, UT, 84121
Brain injuries axpysiated at birth,difficulty keeping a job because of short term memory loss ans exposure to harmful substances at workplace also divorced from abusive man who beat me on the head, Special needs daughter with SSDI

Salt Lake, UT, 84111
I had filled out social security disability packet and had mailed the packet in also found out my identity has been stolen I have called life lock and reported information to the Shoreacres and Laporte police department. That is located in Houston TX.

Weber, UT, 84401
been denied

Weber, UT, 84401
have been denied

Salt Lake, UT, 84103
I applied for ssii and was denied and i would like to apeal my case and need some help doing so could you please have an attorney call me Thank You for your time.

Weber, UT, 84404
I have applied once before and been denied dws was helping me then and have all info on it can you help me get it now please

Salt Lake, UT, 84123
Been denied twice. Diagnosed with being legally blind, schizophrenia and bipolar. I see my therapist once a month and my pill doctor every two months.

Salt Lake, UT, 84115
I have a prosthetic hip joint which presently is undergoing a claim on defection. However, my present job will terminate 2/28/13 and unable to find work that I can do or not have the skills to find work that I would be able to do with my handicap.

Emery, UT, 84528
got back broke in coal mine have had 2 back surgery.

Carbon, UT, 84526
i am bi polar and have degenerative disc disease i am unable to work any longer because of this. i am missing 3 discs in my lower back, i have no insurance to help me.

Salt Lake, UT, 84109
i was turned down just recently for benaftts . i am suffering from back problems . i was on ssdi from around the time of 1996 tell 2001 when i had learned how to walk again i tryed to go back to the work force and was able to keep trying for 11 years but now my back is so bad have hard time taking care of just basic chores around the house now let alone to work on dayly bases . i am now looking at going in and having surgury on my back in near future and this is all to say with out even bringing into my mental state depression , anxiety . thanks for your time .

Weber, UT, 84067
I have bulging discs. and I have ms and my body is just like an 80 year old and I can't work and it's hard for me to get around my house I need some help to get on so security and medical

Weber, UT, 84067
I have bulging discs. and I have ms and my body is just like an 80 year old and I can't work and it's hard for me to get around my house I need some help to get on so security and medical

Davis, UT, 84015
i have a learning disability have mild scoliois i was in resource classes in school i have been deneyed ssd

Salt Lake, UT, 84117
It seam that all of my old injuries from my time in the service are starting to become uncontrollaby painfull. I have trouble sleeping through the night, my shoulders, right hip and knee hurt most of the time. I have trouble walking and my shoulders hurt when I move them. If I stand for over 1/2 hour my right leg goes numb, and it has failed my before. I have, and currently have pain and numbness in my hands and arms. I go to bed about 10:00 -10:30 pm and usually cannot wake up until about 10:00 am and get moving untill about 12:00 noon. If I don't take a 10/500 Loritab at night I cannot get to sleep and I'm in pain most of the night! With these problems, what type of a job can I get with these limitations?

Cache, UT, 84321
Child srviver claim

Box Elder, UT, 84337
I have Cerebral Palsy, and A.D.H.D, I'm currently being helped with school and getting a job through Vocational Rehabilitation.

Salt Lake, UT, 84115
was denied again,letter makes no sense except I am denied,can not work,barely doing anything.have numerous health problems.need help.

Davis, UT, 84075
Seizures, 2 shoulder surgerys because of seizures,seizures have affected memory

Salt Lake, UT, 84123
i have schizophrenia and bipolar i have violent tendency and thoughts i have violent visons and i have find it hard to tell whats reality and what is not reality.

Salt Lake, UT, 84095
I have a broken back since 1988 supported by 3 harrington rods, I alwasy pushed my limits to support my family, however I am no longer able to sit, stand or lay down for long periods of time. I can no longer seek employment with the high dosage of pain meds I am on for safety reasons. I have been asked to stop lifting above my head. Please call me if you have any further questions.

Salt Lake, UT, 84119
I have just denied SSI benefits, can you help me with appeal

Salt Lake, UT, 84119
I applied for SSI and have been denied

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