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You are viewing Social Security Lawyer inquiries for the state of Vermont.
Rutland, VT, 05701
RN unable to work in Utilization Mgt since 3/16 due to vision loss- cant read electronic medical records /s/p bilateral cataract surgery3/16 ,scheduled for judicial review 11/13 in Burlington Vermont having been denied SS disability 3 x since 3/16, appealing but they are using vocational counselor to probabley tell me I can still sweep floors or be a walmart greeter so I am now seeking legal consultation having come this far on my own. I need a lawyer present on 11/13 in burlington to help me win this case. only 1 more appeal, I will be 65 in 2018 and due for full benefits in 2018

Chittenden, VT, 05401
Need assistance appealing my case for social security disability income

Rutland, VT, 05701
I suffer from anxiety/depression/panic attacks from tinnitus (April 2012) 8000db in my head, 24/7. Diagnosed in March of 2014 with heart disease and coronary artery disease which result in a Stent in my LAD and a balloon angioplasty.

Washington, VT, 05641
I have fibromyalgia and depression, I've been struggling on a daily bases just to do things that need to be done. I've had fibromyalgia for about 3 years now and I have applied for disability 3 or 4 times and I have been denied every time. This will be my first time appealing the decision and I am overwhelmed and need assistance. I would not keep applying if I didn't need it. I need to appeal the decision before the end of august. Please help me.

Windham, VT, 05301
I have been diagnose with a few mental disorders. I also had back surgery about 12 years ago, some days I can barely get out of bed. On top of that 4 years ago I started having seizures. When I have a seizure I miss anywhere from 3-30 days of work. I am on meds, but continue to have seizures in my sleep., which leaves me feeling sick and disoriented upon waking. I have been denied for ssi twice, was wondering if I had a case.

Bennington, VT, 05255
i have worked as a chef for 40 yrs. I can't do the work anymore due to knee surgery's and a replacement.other medical issues. haven't worked for past 2plus yrs. have appealed on my own 2 times

Essex, VT, 05904
about a week ago i filed for disability because of obesity,pinched nerve in back,depression and post traumatic stress

Windham, VT, 05146
i don't know what do to i have knee, hip pain mental health

Lamoille, VT, 05464
My father past away about 1year ago. He had left me as the beneficiary. I'm on Ssi due to bi polar disorder. I'm not sure what to do because of being on Ssi. He left me $30,000? I know it may sound funny but I do not want the money because of fear of it interrupting my benefits. I have been quite Ill and not up to par to handle this on my own. Thank you please help me.

Orleans, VT, 05860
My conditions make it very hard to do my daily routine. I was working at a hospital in Newport VT, but I was not able to keep my job because of the wide spread pain from fibromyalgia, constant stomach problems from esoughageal and stomach ulcers, and depression mood swings. I’ve applied for SSI but I was denied several times. I am always in pain from my neck all the way to my feet, it’s hard to walk, lift and carry anything unless i have someone home to help. I’m unable to sleep well at night. I wake up with sever leg and arm pain, and I’m unable to go back to sleep.

Bennington, VT, 05201
i have been denied three times for social security disability and I need help to get my disability.

Bennington, VT, 05201
I have applied three times once in masschuttes and twice in vermont and I have been denied all three times and I know that I can get disability due to a number of mental problems from my past and I cant seem to get any help.

Chittenden, VT, 05404
filed 3 times been denied all times have back problums 7 knee surgerys spin problums althritis in knee an hands mygrains cant read or write well an cant do math

Windham, VT, 05101
I have been diagnosed manic, bi-polar, PTSD, OCD, severe anxiety, as well as being an in recovery alcoholic/addict.

Chittenden, VT, 05452
I am a single mother; my daughter has pdd-nos. Social security told me that she qualifies for benifit but no monetary benifits. I make $16 per hour and work 44 hours a week; apparently I make too much for her to get monetary benifits which I need to help with her daycare costs. She needs high energy childcare that not only challenges her physically but mentally as well. She is a highly active little 4 year girl.

Bennington, VT, 05201
I was diagnosed by chronic and severe PTSD, social anxiety and depression in 2000. I did not know that I could apply for SSD until 2006, at which time, I did apply. I was denied SSD and granted SSI due to the what I was told by Lee Wilson at SSA that there was no question that I was disabled; however, I applied too late; i.e., after ten years from the date I quit work. Then, I was told by another SSA agent that it was because I was not found to be disabled. I filed an appeal, which was heard by the agent who found me not to be disabled. I question whether this was due process. However, I have medical records dating back to 1994. I quit work in 1992 due to my obstetrician finding me to be high-risk in my pregnancy and putting me on home rest. After having my daughter, the childhood trauma resurfaced and caused me great pain and suffering, which I have medical records to validate. I currently have aBoudreau on December hearing scheduled before Administrative Law Judge Debra 2.

Windsor, VT, 05032
Looking for a reputable attorney to help me receive disability payments.

Windham, VT, 05301
denied disability letter would like to appeal and be represented.

Orleans, VT, 05853
I applied for disability back in May of 2006 and I have been denied numorous times. I have had Jim Torrisi for my lawyer and I was told from that if I wanted I could find a different Lawyer to help.

Addison, VT, 05740
no computer,no cell. i have applied and have consultivtive exam on mon, october 26 1030 am at battel block main st middlebury. depression, blindness.

Chittenden, VT, 05495
Looking for consultation [regarding W.E.P.]before claiming s/s. Not disabled. I now claim part of my s/s [Pension] from UK. I also draw a Private Pension from Uk. Is this in your field? If not could you point me in the right dirction.

Windham, VT, 05301
I'm looking for a disability lawyer in the Brattleboro area. I have had 3 surgeries on my spine. I'm unable to work.

Chittenden, VT, 05482
ssi was denied

Orleans, VT, 05855
I am now on the ADJ, portion of appeal, and do not hope you would think your going to charge me as a fresh case. I was disabled back in 95 and returned to work when I could in 99. Suffered 2 nervous breakdowns since and need help. I suffer from mental disorders, heart problems, and can not breat easily more than 50 feet. Please call

Bennington, VT, 05255
I have been denied social security disability, though my doctors have said I am disablied.

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