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You are viewing Social Security Lawyer inquiries for the state of Washington.
Grays Harbor, WA, 98569
I am in a lot of pain due to back injury. I've recently had X-ray and then MRI .

Kitsap, WA, 98337
Currently getting SS disability, SS is trying to deny me and take me off it. i need an attorney...

Kitsap, WA, 98392
Have been diagnosed with post dramatic stress syndrome. Been imprisoned for 68 months. Have difficulty being in public. Filed for SSI and have court appearance date set for 4/19/16 in Seattle Washington. Currently residing in Kitsap County

Pierce, WA, 98387
I've been diagnosed with congenital myopathy. I've scheduled an appointment, unfortunately missed it due to a emergency. My father was hospitalized for burns to his face, nasal passages, throat and lungs.

Clallam, WA, 98382
S.S. is requiring my wife and my son to pay back $8000 each in legal benefits they have already recieved. WE NEED AN ATTORNEY-NOW!

Snohomish, WA, 98037
Need experienced attorney for a reconsideration case coming up. We live in Lynnwood Washinton 98037 Thank You,

King, WA, 98121
I was just denied and I need another att. to help me apeal and get some help .

King, WA, 98121
I was just denied and I need another att. to help me apeal and get some help .

King, WA, 98188
I was released from prison on 10-4-2012 crime of convention was child molestation in the first degree. One count while in prison I found out that I suffer from PTSD and Depression! Since being released, it has been found that I also suffer from bipolar disorder,anxiety disorder. I also have a torn meniscus in my right knee that requires surgery! I cannot work do to these problems ! I am now homeless because of these problems!!I now have no other recourse but too seek your help.

Pierce, WA, 98402
back problems Dr said I should not be working

Thurston, WA, 98513
About overpayments paid to the SSA

Pierce, WA, 98439
My children and I have been denied twice.

Clark, WA, 98665
my daughter has chiari malformation she suffers with sezures and headaches and stomach pains she has missed alot of school it is very hard for me to keep jobs due to having to pick her up and the doctors apointments

Klickitat, WA, 98673
MRI shows that my lower back area bones are closing in on the area my spinal cord goes thru! (no explanation why), also 5 other major (disk- related) Problems, Also had a spinal cord surgery in 2005 to have a small syst removed from the lower part of it! I also have severe problems in and with my left hip, and joints, x-ray's show that there is absolutely zero mesh/type substance in between the joints/bones, throughout the entire left hip

Pierce, WA, 98335
was denied benifits on 12/18/12

Pierce, WA, 98335
I was denied benifits.

Snohomish, WA, 98223
I have Alzheimers and cannot work. I need help.

King, WA, 98071
My Mother passed away in June 2012 and Social Security is now asking for approximately $29,000.00 for over payment of benefits from Nov. 2008 through June 2012. I visited the local office in 2008 and explained to them that I thought she was being over paid by they confirmed the amount was right. However they did not give this to me in writing even though I asked for it. Mon has no estate and was in assisted living and nursing home care from Nov. 2008 until her death. She has approximately $1300.00 in checking, which I reported to SSI. I went to the SSI office on Dec. 6th and they gave me a form that needs to be completed and returned with 30 days contesting the reimbursement of funds. Should I attempt to continue handling this myself or seek legal consule?

Whatcom, WA, 98226
No case just have a question many years ago I was told that with the meds I take Phenytoin (Dilantin) that I could get ssi is that true?

Walla Walla, WA, 99362
Severe knee ostioarthritis at 62 years of age. Can not put it a work day anymore. Pain is constant and very high.

King, WA, 98148
I filed for social security disability in the end of 2011 and was denied. i am looking for help in getting my benifits.

Pierce, WA, 98391
I have type I diabetes, which has been managed fairly well until I started having trouble with my back. MRI studies show multiple problems, old fractures,disc degeneration, in several areas of my back. Of course I was advised to have injection therapy, or surgery. The diabetes is a factor that is a conflict of some of the treatments advised. I am 61 years old, I was going to just retire at 62, but cannot get medical until I am 65, and with the other health problems I need the medical coverage. Right now I mainly work so we can pay for our insurance. My husband retired from his first position, and is now working a second job just so we can have insurance. I broke my ankle about 2 years ago, and am finding it harder and harder to work a job. I work in an office, and am not sure how much longer this will last and cannot see starting a new job even if I could find one. I cannot lift much over about 15 pounds, and cannot do that often without paying the consequences. I really need help getting my disasbility so that I can for one quit worrying about things, and 2 stop working so I do not continue to tweak my back doing things I am not able to do.

Snohomish, WA, 98258
In 2003 I fell off a ladder while working. I had screws and a plate attached to my foot to facilitate rebuilding it. I am in almost constant pain from this surgery, after a few hours of work, the pain can become almost unbearable.

Yakima, WA, 98907
yo necesito mi seguro social porque porque mi dolor esta empeorando cada vez mi columna me duele mas mi espalda la cintura y mi braso izquierdo tambien y el ombro izquierdo tambien y el pecho y cada vez me siento devil y cansado mis piernas las siento deviles no puedo caminar mucho ni puedo estar parado ni sentado mucho tiempo nesesito therapys y medicamentos ;pero no puedo continuar con ellos porque no tengo; medical para todo eso cadaves me siento cansado y devil mis piernas no puedo seguir asi necesito el medical y ayuda monetaria para los medicamentos como voy a comprar mis medecinas soy diavetico alta presion ;el acidente del carro me dejo todo quebrado de mi cuerpo no puedo trabajar cosas pesadas voy a buscar trabajo no me quieren dar trabajo porque no estoy el 100% bien yo antes de mi acidente tenia buen trabajo ganaba bien ustedes ya miraron lo que ganaba antes ;yo gano mas trabajondo que la ayuda del seguro social pero no tengo otra manera para ayudarme solo el seguro social; si me dan ayuda para un entrenamiento para un trabajo mi yo estoy dispuesto cualquier ayuda gracias por todo espero respuesta pronto deveras que si necesito la ayuda por favor gracias.

Snohomish, WA, 98036
I am in the process of appealing a decision for disability benefits for my minor child and need help.

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