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You are viewing Social Security Lawyer inquiries for the state of West Virginia.
Greenbrier, WV, 24970
i had try to get it in 2014 and i was turn down 4 times i had jan dills but they seem they did not care you will have to get my files from them

Kanawha, WV, 25201
I have rheumatoid arthritis in my back , knees, shoulders, and handsAVJL

Clay, WV, 25285
I was hurt on 1-29-1976, in 1984 I tried to get SS but was denied because of credits even though I was found disabled by SS Doct and a 3 panel Judge of SS. Now that I am 60 years old, and My wife has worked for the Schools systems as a teacher for the last 25 years, Now they say I am not disable and I do not have rights to her works credits.

McDowell, WV, 24801
hey i was needing a lawyers to help me get my ssi were i been denied 3 time and i have adhd and i have biploar and i had heart surgery.

Boone, WV, 25529
It is for my 21 year old son. Was diagnosed with ADHD as a child, later told it was not ADHD but Aspergers or High functioning autism. His first claim was denied. We appealed but was again denied as they said they felt he could obtain gainful employment.

Mingo, WV, 25678
I was running a small beauty shop, when suddenly I noticed that I was getting very tired and my feet was starting to swell,and I was getting tired very easily, so I went to my doctor and he told me that I had high blood pressuse, and he told me that I was borderline diebetic. I also have H. Pylori. which is a form of ulcer. I get very tired easily. I cannot stand very long on my feet.I am on medication for high blood pressure.I take chlosterol medicine also I take medicine for H. Pylori.I am going through menopause, i have mood swings, I get very irritable at times. I have bad nerves I even have weird dreams. Please can you help me I think my working days is over.

Cabell, WV, 25701
I was recently turned down on 12/3/2012. I was turned down for SSDI and the reasoning was that I could not be found disabled on or before 12/31/2010. I was also turned down for SSI and the reasoning was although they did not have sufficient information to determine whether I could adjust to past work; based upon the evidence in file, they determined that I can adjust to other work. It is for a mental health disability. I am interested in appealing the decisions and I'm looking for an attorney that works on a contingency basis.

McDowell, WV, 24828

Brooke, WV, 26037
Degenerative joint disease, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis hands, depression

Raleigh, WV, 25878

Monongalia, WV, 26508
I was denied ssi disability. I may need representaton.

Kanawha, WV, 25312
My 83 year old father was placed in a state mental hospital November '11. He received SS benefits for three months until the SS administration ended them. SS now wants $7,635 paid back for his being in a state facility those months before his bebefite were ended. I contested, but lost. I am unemployed and cannot repy what Ss demands. Both my parents are elderly and have a limited income. I am at a loss and do not know what to do. Can you offer some direction?

Hancock, WV, 26062
my ex husband is receiving disability and i want to see if i can get it for my daughter since he is unable to support her financially

Cabell, WV, 25701
well i havent filled yet again they have turn me down in pass i lot pain in my back knee and hips to where i can barely walk and i suffer from depression

Braxton, WV, 26621
denied ssi and filing new case

Mingo, WV, 25661
Like to get my Re Social Security

Berkeley, WV, 25404
My am writing for my mother, Lelia V. Butts D.O.B 12/31/1925. She retired in 1987 and was told she had to pick either her pension from the VA of her SS. Obviously she chose the pension. She does receive a small amount of SS but nothing compared to what she should. This does not seem right to me who can I contact about this?

Berkeley, WV, 25404
i need a laywer to look at my sons ssi case

Cabell, WV, 25537
I'm 19 years old, I have never worked. I have Mixed Connective Tissue Disease and SLE.

Mercer, WV, 24701
I am thirty three years old and have several coniditions that have made me unable to work and in need to file my claim. At thirthy two i suffered a heartattack, I have torn cartlidge in my left and right knees that make it hard to stand or walk, in my back t6-t12 are fused together and I recently discovered I have type 2 diabeties which has made my body very weak.

Harrison, WV, 26301
I have extreme pain in my back and neck , frequent migraines, also I have been diagnosed with anxiety, agoriphobia, depression, and A.D.H.D., I am on medication for my phsycological conditions, but am unable to afford a family doctor because of no insurance and lack of work. My mother has to buy my medication for me and says she is not able too anymore after this month. I cannot function without my medication, i barely can when i'm taking it. I do not want to get bad again i dont think i could go through it again. i need a medicaid or medical card bad so i can get to a doctor for pain and a dentist and optomologist. My pain and migraines stem from an incident earlier this year when my jaw, eye socket, and 3 or 4 bones in my face were broken. Also my sinus cavity was crushed. I am not sure what is causing the migraines but they put me down for days at a time, PLEASE help me.

Cabell, WV, 25705
i applied for ssdi and was denied. i would like to file an appeal and try to win my benefits. I can still work but with limitations but its hard for me to comprehend what people tell me. I filed for ssdi because of my mental state and physical pains. I lost my job in april of this year because i couldn't keep up with the job because of the pain. I eventually got fired from my job because my energy level dropped so quickly. I couldn't keep up with my work. Ive got multiple personalities and possibly bipolar, Posttraumatic stress disorder,and borderline personality. My depression and disorders really affect my life. Its hard to keep my mind focused on one thing without my depression getting in the way. whenever i do have a job its hard for me to keep them because i get too weak and have to sit down. I cant stand on my feet for long periods of time. My physical pains are caused by polycystic ovary syndrome and endometriosis. the pain is so bad sometimes im bent over holding my abdomen. when i had a job i always had to lift heavy boxes and that interfered with the pain from my abdomen, legs and back.

Hancock, WV, 26047
have a SSI case filed for couple of years have multiple diagnosises, and have had four surguries in the past year. Presently expecting to have another soon to repair my bladder sling and possible complications from past three surguries. Have been on the court dockett since last Dec.awaiting to go infront of judge case not assigned to anyone yet. need assistance.

Berkeley, WV, 25404
SS approved at 62 but was held up for two years, while paying fines and getting a warrant removed. Lost over two (2) years of SS payment, now 65, everythings paid and settled, and they still paid me as if I were 62. Can I get my back pay?

Wayne, WV, 25704
I tried to apply for disability several years ago. Due to my mental state I left after a year and was not here for the hearing. I have not worked in over 10 years so no longer qualify for disability I think. Can you help me get SSI instead? I am unable to work, physically and mentally. I suffer from back, neck, knee, elbow and wrist damage and I have severe depression, PTS and general anxiety disorder.

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