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The Social Security Disability Attorneys
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The Social Security Disability Attorneys
Sandra Mireles-Serra

, 01453
Phone: (800) 500-1985

Our Services

From the earliest stages of our case we can help and clarify the issues to the Social Security Administration (SSA).  We will handle every aspect of your case from start to finish:


· When you initially file a claim for benefits, you will be required to fill out a number of forms. These forms are very important to your claim and will have a lot to do with determining whether or not you will win. Therefore, it is important that these forms are completed correctly. We encourage our clients to allow us to be involved in helping them fill out these initial forms.


· We will monitor the progress of your case while it is pending before SSA.  We can keep on tract moving toward a fair decision.


· Gather medical and other evidence. We know what evidence is required to win your claim and we know how to present it.  It is simply not enough for treating doctor to write a note saying you are disabled from working.  There is specific information needed from your doctors and we know how to get that information.


· Analyze your case under Social Security regulations.


· Come with you to any hearing you have with the Social Security Administration.  Help you and your witnesses (if any) prepare for a hearing.  This is an especially important step.  An attorney who has handled hundreds of cases in the past is well equipped to let the client know what to expect.  Protect your rights to a fair hearing by objecting to improper evidence and procedures.  Present a compelling closing argument at your hearing.


· At the hearing an attorney may also cross examine the witnesses and help develop your testimony.


· We can review your Social Security Disability case and determine what additional medical evidence or development is needed.  This involves contact your doctor and explain Social Security regulations to obtain an opinion report consistent with the regulations to establish your disability.


· Refer you to specialist for further medical reports to answer questions raised by the Social Security Administration.


· For clients with no health insurance, we try to connect them with free medical clinics, mental health providers with sliding scale fees, and prescription medication assistance programs.


· Suggest that the Social Security Administration send you to a doctor for a consultative examination.


· Obtain documents from your Social Security file.


· Review actions taken by the Social Security Administration.


· Ask that a prior application for benefits be reopened to obtain more retroactive benefits for you.


· If you win, make sure that Social Security Administration correctly calculates your benefits.


· If you lose, requesting an appeal of your case to the Appeals Council.


With many years of experience in Social Security disability law, The Social Security Disability Attorneys can safely guide you through the maze of Social Security disability claims and benefits.


The huge backlog of cases is causing long delays for many applicants. Expert assistance in all phases of the process is critical to win your case and avoid having to start the process from the beginning when you are denied.  Read this NY Times article that illustrates the frustration and tragedy facing people already burdened with severe health and financial problems.

Please Call : 800-500-1985 

Main Page  Why HIRE US?  Our Services  Contact Us  OVERVIEW

  Types of Benefits  Disability Claim Process  FAQ

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