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Leon, FL, 32304
I'm a veteran trying to get Disability

Placer, CA, 95648
Denighedbugged once

Placer, CA, 95648
Denighedbugged once

Autauga, AL, 20774
Disabled and would like to apply for SSI benefits

Jones, TX, 79501
Back in May of 2016 i was injured at work slipping in oil and breaking my left kneecap well workers comp is paying the medical bills but i have cerebral palsy on my left side and after surgery repairing the kneecap i know have what is called patella alta with my left kneecap. I also have clonus, foot drop and mild dystonia in my left ankle and foot. I have a brace on my left knee and ankle and i use a crutch or a walking cane. I have applied for SSD and SSI in June of 2016 and they haven't made a decision yet. Do i wait until a decision is made or do i get an attorney. What are my options. Thank you

Kitsap, WA, 98337
Currently getting SS disability, SS is trying to deny me and take me off it. i need an attorney...

Cumberland, ME, 04084
I just bought a house in Dec of 2015. I have tried to get work but now have been told by my PCP not to work. I am a 61 + year old female. I have a disability. I have been told by my PCP not to work due to severe stenosis in 2 of my vertebrae another 1 with moderate stenosis and 1 other with mild stenosis. I have an appointment with a neurosurgeon on Dec 2, 2015 after already seeing a orthopedic surgeon. I have major walking, standing, sitting and bending issues. I stumble, legs giving out, severe pain, not being able to walk. I have received a denial letter today from SSI. What should I do from here? Can I get some help from you?

Siskiyou, CA, 96064
Been denied 3 times for disability and I am missing my right leg.

Erie, NY, 14170
i have a 39 yr. old son who was born with a developmental disability that we made a mistake of not having him tested to be qualified for services when he left BOCES. he works part time but does not earn enough to cover independent living expenses. he dosnt know how to manage his money and has no concern for consequences of over spending or not pay bills ontime

Imperial, CA, 92231
I'm tryingvto get my son back on ssi

Gwinnett, GA, 30519
My wife had all the ligaments in her feet cut because she had Hammer Toe, and has Diabetes with extreme neuropothy in her feet. She also has arthritis in her back, and had surgery in January that left her with a 12 inch open wound on her abdomen that remains open today and has caused several bacterial infections that have had a mental effect. I need to get SSI/D and Medicaid for her.

Ventura, CA, 93003
Been denied 2 times for disability

Wayne, MI, 48150
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Arapahoe, CO, 80112
I filled out a appliocation almost two years and need to know my status

Howard, MD, 21044
I've had fibromyalgia for the past 10+ yrs. Today, severe physical problems, anxiety, panic syndrome and depression. I am 51, a professional baker/pastry chef. Planning to file my claim still this month of October. Please only contact me if you have an office in the Baltimore/Columbia, MD areas. Thank you.

Ashtabula, OH, 44003
I began with $1020 as a monthly benefit, the amount is down to $177, why?

Essex, NY, 12852
I slipped and fell at work in June of 2011. I reported it to my superiors and went to the doctor's. Long story short I ended up having to have surgery on my shoulder and elbow. NYS(my employer) fought me on covering the elbow & shoulder issues and subsequent surgeries. They eventually agreed that the elbow issues and surgery were due to my fall but refused to cover anything related to the shoulder. I tried to continue with work in April 2014 after suffering my way through work in 2013(I needed the money, I'm a single mother). I worked in a kitchen and by 2013 I could no longer perform all my tasks without help(ex. I could not put pans in the oven and remove them at times without the help of another worker and I also couldn't lift 15 lbs. of bacon without dropping it). My boss retired in 2013 and the employer did not hire anyone to replace her until the spring of 2014, so more responsibilities fell on my shoulders i.e. cooking 50-75% more than I had been. I had been more of a kitchen helper and cooked occasionally when my boss took time off. I tried to work April 25, 2014 and I just couldn't do it...I was in too much pain and couldn't perform the way I needed to. I had shoulder surgery August 29, 2014 and elbow surgery June 3, 2015. I have not worked since April 25, 2014. I applied for disability because of the injuries and surgeries I was not able to work from April 2014 until after my elbow surgery when I was released by my doctor. I was denied by Social Seurity. Worker's Comp did pay me compensation for a while after my elbow surgery and did pay me a small settlement this past June because I am now considered 20% disabled in that arm. I had the Legal Aid Society of Northeastern NY representing me in my appeal to Social Security but they just wrote me telling me that they had to cut cases due to lack of funding. I am now seeking another lawyer to represent me. I have just received paperwork from Social Security about updating my file and I jut received the CD they sent. I assume that means that the denial hearing should be approaching? I am just trying to seek payment from the time I could not work and anything I may be entitled to now that I am considered 20% disabled in that arm the rest of my life. My doctor told me I can not return to my former job(which is okay because they essentially fired me—I have an email where they told me I never made the job a priority so they no longer needed me!) so I finished college and I'm now seeing a Teaching Assistant or Teacher's Aide position in a school. If you can help me I would very much appreciate it. I have the CD I can send to you and I can sign any releases for information you may need. Thank you for your time.

Douglas, KS, 66047
its very hard to type it i would like some help i have been fightin to get my disablity back since i lost it when i was 18

Hampton City, VA, 23669
Severe liver failure, needs transplant. Has worked the last 10 years self-employed doing lawn care and odd jobs. Social security has denied him because they say he has not paid into the system. He will be homeless in the next month if he doesn't start getting some benefits and he can't get get his needed meds cause if the denial.

Hillsborough, FL, 33565
Valve for disability Evan filing disability for four years and they have told me I am disabled but not disabled enough I have refiled and now I have to send them another letter of refiling

Stillwater, MT, 59001
I need you to please confirm you handle business transactions like drafting of Bill of sales and sales agreement.

Queens, NY, 11106
I have a 3 year old son with Severe Autistic Disorder, Preschool Student with a Disability.

Pinal, AZ, 85194
Denied SS Disability on September 23. I have a 40% compression fracture of vertebrae L-1, sustained in a motor vehicle accident on May 1, 1990. After a constant battle for the past 26 years, this injury has crippled my ability to live as I once did.

Merced, CA, 95340
I had initially developed fungal infection in 2009 which was exacerbated while working in a lab with large windows but no shade. I had to teach while standing in the sunlight which made me sweat a lot and made the infection worse. Then I developed a number of skin problems including urticaria, spongiotic dermatitis. Then I became really depressed. Sometime after that I started developing GI problems with constant diarrhea and IBS, and starting in 2010, I started bleeding rectally from internal hemorhoids. So I dropped out of PhD program, tried to see if things got better. But they really haven't. So I filed for worker's compensation which they denied. Then I filed for social security disability which they also denied. Currently I'm on food stamps, and get medi-cal but the medical care I can get from that is limited. And I'm living on my savings, which will run out sometime in the next year or 2. And because of all the stuff and depression, i literally haven't cleaned my apt since all this began. I haven't even been able to change my bedsheets in that time. And my conditions cycle, when I'm in better condition, I can get somethings done which is why I filed for social security disability again, which they deny it again. I need some help.

Pendleton, KY, 41033
I need help with an appeal and a court case in federal court.

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