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Jasper, IN, 47978
I have been out of work since last October. I filed for medical disability in April because I cannot work and am not sure when I will be able to. I have a doctor that has also written off on this. I have been sick since 2014 after a few surgeries. The past year and a half things have gotten worse. I currently have endometriosis, type 1 diabetes, neuropathy, gastropraesis, severe anxiety and depression. I currently take a lot of medicines that keep me from being able to do much as well. I have had to move in with my parents because I am too ill to be on my own. I lost my apartment anyways from losing my job by being hospitalized too often and am in the process of getting my car repossessed. I recently got denied for disability, so they already have all of my records.

Clay, IN, 47834
My 20 yr old son's dr feels he can win ssd. He is diagnosed schitzoaffective disorder. Hospitalized 8 days til this past Wed. He has til Aug 25 to file an apoeal for a judge to hear. I want him to win. Im worried he will feel hopeless and worthless if he doesn't.

Lawrence, IN, 47470
I filed a claim back on Sept 8th. I have been through a battery of test. I received a denial letter on 12/15 for SSD and SSi I believe I have grounds for appeal. This process has become something of a maze and I need help

Pike, IN, 47590
Suffer from Fibromyalgia, Osteoarthritis, IBS, Gastritist, Depression, Anxiety. On 3rd appeal

Decatur, IN, 47240
I have bi polar borderline personality disorder ADHD depression anxiety PTSD I also have some physical disabilities I was ran over by a truck roughly 7 yes ago and my pelvis on the left side was almost completely broke I also have neropathy in my left foot

Jasper, IN, 47978
wants medicade to pay all bills that medicare don't what changed in 2012 that now I have to pay some

Hendricks, IN, 46123
he has congestive heart failure diabetes and he's going blind

Hendricks, IN, 46122
I'm trying to help my fiance receive SSI benefits, since he has been turned down. He has applied for it twice and he has become very discouraged. He has a visual disability that makes it difficult to see details,and his depth perception is extremely impaired. His visionis so bad that he will get migraines that will debilitate him for up to 5 hours. They come at random and I check in with him constantly to monitor his pain level. These ailments are inhibiting his effectiveness at work, since he works at the local convenience store/gas station. I would greatly appreciate it if you would help us. Thank you.

Hamilton, IN, 46032
SSI disability is saying I am no longer able to recieve ssI because I have sufficient work. I have only worked parttime due to my illness.

Benton, IN, 47944
mental patient and now in the hospital fighting for my life cannot hardly with tubes in my throat helping me breath now

Benton, IN, 47944
mental patient and now in the hospital fighting for my life cannot hardly with tubes in my throat helping me breath now

Elkhart, IN, 46514
weigh 320 on 4"10 frame,have knees on bone on bone,severe pain, cannot stand for long,high blood pressure,bad back from spinal meningitis when a baby & old work injury, carpal tunnel in left hand,feet apathy,arthuritis in both ankles knees,back, bad rotor cups in shoulder due to repetive motions at work,presently have a hernia behind belly button hurts when bending over.

La Porte, IN, 46346
Bi-polar, severe anxiety. poly cystic ovarian disease, uncontrolled type 2 diabetes, history of mental ill ness, unable to work or keep a job, history of suicide attempts, psychiatric hospitalization, instability,

La Porte, IN, 46360
I am 65 and my husband is stiil working,and I havebeen approved for about $150.00 a month and we beleive something is we dont know if we should pay the medicare premium from this money. y husband has insurance on me from his job, please give us a call. thankyou

Whitley, IN, 46725
I have had multiple blood clots in my lungs and now I am on Warfan to thin the blood. My legs hurt all the time and the doctor tells me I need to stay off my feet. I also am bipolar and have asmtha. The doctor is trying to help me get disablity but I would like a consultation.

Vanderburgh, IN, 47711
unfavorable by ALJ

Jasper, IN, 46310
this is for my son he has asthma and and he also has a speech problem and he needs help maybe you can help me with this matter i only speak spanish so if you could please call me as soon as possible to discuss my case thank you

Hamilton, IN, 46032
i was diagnosed with lupus 3 years ago and i also suffer from many other health problems that im seeing a doctor for.

Lake, IN, 46307
Acute depression and anxiety

Kosciusko, IN, 46580
I was denied social security benefits.

St Joseph, IN, 46544
i am be turned down. i have 1 and a half lung and i am adhd and i have shortness of breathe i also have back problems

Marion, IN, 46219
instituionalized and medicated for the past6 years or so with bipolar disorder, P.T.S.D., a.d.h.d., i am disleksic, my right hand is permanently disfunctional and i have had a sevear head injury to my face.

Vanderburgh, IN, 47715
Applied before 3-4yrs ago was denied havent workef in asthmatic bypolar borderline personality back promblems been told havr 5 different personality disorders dont know what for sure

Lagrange, IN, 46786
I received a letter from the Disabilty Group that was handling my case saying I need to contact them within 5 day's . When I got the letter I called immediatly and they said they are not going to handle my case. I have a court date on Oct. 4th. Therefore I need some help.

Marion, IN, 46226
I have a serious . Heart conditions

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