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You are viewing Social Security Lawyer inquiries for the state of Tennessee.
Blount, TN, 37886
I d o not have a disability. am 57 years old. my employer passed away, and rather than trying to find another job because its hard to find at my age, I was wanting to see if I could get ssi without disability

Shelby, TN, 38018
I want to see if I can draw my husband social security. AOYK

Robertson, TN, 37172
daughter 10 yrs old Scoliosis has metal rods hoooks screws. Just had a surgery where they removed brusitis

Rutherford, TN, 37167
1question, do you handle case that deal with the VA (Vetrans Admin)

Dickson, TN, 37029
I have bipolar depression and cardio myopathy . I havnt been able to hold a job for two years .

Cocke, TN, 37821
have congestive heart failure with pacemaker/defibulator. depression with anxiety attacks

Washington, TN, 37659
Wanting to file for disability. Heart problems, depression and anxiety. Heart attack five years ago three stents. taking 9 prescription meds.

Washington, TN, 37601
Bipolor/high anxiety

Houston, TN, 37178
I applied for disability in AL in 2010, I moved to TN in Feb of 2013 & got a different lawyer. My lawyer wrote & told me they could no longer handle my case. I have a hearing the first of Nov. 2013 & I need a lawyer ASAP.

Sumner, TN, 37075
ruptured disk that keep me form standing or sitting upright for long without severe pain and loss of function in left leg

Cheatham, TN, 37015
I am currently receiving Social Security disability and I want to go to work part time. Will I ever lose my benefits?

Lawrence, TN, 38464
Have. a nine year with. crohns disease pdd and eye problem and a two year born three. month early. has cerebral palsy. with myopia in eyes an developmental delays. don't no whst do need. help try to file for SSI

Sullivan, TN, 37618
I have two bulging discs in my lower back that cause me major pain and shoots pain through my hips and legs and cause my fingers and toes to go numb.I can't get around all that well and have to have help getting out of bed in the mornings. I also have Rheumatoid Arthritis and it causes me to be stiff a lot of the time and also causes me great pain. I have two small children and have a herd time taking care of them at times. I also have bad anxiety problems that I am seeing a doctor for. I worry constantly and have bad panic attacks that have even landed me in the hospital at times. I have all these problems and can't get the help I need to even feel any better much less work, I can barely move around much less work. I am trying to find an orthopedic surgeon now and I have already had injections in my spine with no relief. I am taking medication for my RA also with no relief. I am being treated for my anxiety also but in this case there is a small amount of relief, although I'm afraid the doctor may have to change my medication soon because they do not work as well as they used to. Anyway, I can barely function, much less work. If I can't get my disability I have no idea what I'm going to do. I am in bad shape and really cannot work anymore!

Davidson, TN, 37214
march of 2010 i was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. I had 6 months of chemo every friday. Then had 6 weeks radiation every day. Had Bi-Lateral Masectomy and Lymphnodes removed from right arm. The tumer was a sitting on my chest wall for they dont know how long. The breast cancer returned 1/2013 and came back in the mucsle with 2 different kinds of breast cancer Triple Negative like the previous and 60% estrigan posative. I am currantly receiving chemo through my port every 28 days. This is really taking a toll on me and the lymphadimia in my arm and right side. They are also going to put me on a chemo pill for the next 10 years.

Sullivan, TN, 37620
I hav been denied twce, this is my first appeal, would like help filing asap. thanks

Scott, TN, 37755
ive been told that ive been overpaid by ssi after i was unable to think of about a million different things and me in the shape that im in and in 2009 they done a review and they did not ask anything about rent it was of no importance at all before i was over paid i know that because they said that they did not ask and they have set me up by having somebody tell a lie and said that i worked for them when i didn't and now after having somebody to lie they have reduced my check to the point that i cant pay bills, buy groceries, buy clothing and other stuff a person needs to live and they buy $200 dinners the same amount that they are taking out of my ssi rent was of no importance at all when the problem could have been corrected before it happened and nowv since it will take a human being being starved to death literally them unable to pay the most basic of bills them having to go around naked its the most important thing that ever happened and they are the ones that let it happen so important they intend to take away things i absolutely need need is their anything that ou al can do to help

Shelby, TN, 38114
My son has been getting disability since the age of security states now that he is no longer disable.I totally disagree Because he is mentally disable

Greene, TN, 37745
into 4th appeal. broke bones in left leg and ankle-plates and screws. can't stand to work. headaches, depression. migraines,psoriasis, arthritis,intentional problems

Knox, TN, 37920
I recently was awarded my ssi benefits and was appointed a represetative payee. I want to know how I can get my check in my own name.

Sullivan, TN, 37660
cervical spondylosis -inability to lift over 20 lb. or carry 10 lb. continuously

Lewis, TN, 38462
nack and back injuries. permanent.

Cumberland, TN, 38572
SSI filed i do not quaify for disablility.

Shelby, TN, 38111
Try n 2 overcease my mom check b4 my evil aunt try2 b over it cuz she want her money and put her n a nursing home an i cant let that happen lord plz tell me help me as b n her daugter cuz i dont Know what 2 do

Shelby, TN, 38111
Try n 2 overcease my mom check b4 my evil aunt try2 b over it cuz she want her money and put her n a nursing home an i cant let that happen lord plz tell me help me as b n her daugter cuz i dont Know what 2 do

Sumner, TN, 37075
disabled after accident

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